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Mending a Shattered Heart


1: Broken


It has been over a year since that bitch walked into this school, stealing my future away. That was supposed to be me hanging off his arm, kissing him, and planning our future together.

I gave Noah everything—my love and then my virginity after we were together for six months.

I was promised to be in his life for the rest of our lives, then die of very old age when he changed me to his species.

All of that changed when that damn bitch walked into our class last winter as a transfer student from another pack.

He always told me he’d reject his true mate, taking me as the potential mate to put all of our dreams and planning into action.

His mother had started training me on handling pack activities, being a Luna, how to help out pack members when the Alpha was busy, and all the responsibility that would come with the title.

The day Jasmine walked in, he dropped me like yesterday’s news, going straight to her, kissing those lips in front of the whole class.

I watched in horror as he did this while everyone in the class turned to see me totally lose my heart that day.

Since then, I’ve built a cage, walls, and everything else I can around my heart to become a broken person without any more feelings.

I know that I’m human, but why does it have to be like this?

“Hey, girl!” Summer waves her hand at my face, snapping me out of the trance that I was just in.

“If you glare at the back of his head any longer, you won’t burn a hole in it. Damn, I thought you had moved on from him.”

Summer is a werewolf who’s the daughter of the Beta. Noah’s dad is the Alpha of the Sunset Ridge Pack. Then Summer’s dad is his Beta.

Giving her a small smile, I say, “Sorry, I was thinking. I can’t believe all that’s happened last year. Are you going to the winter dance at the end of the week?”

Dawn plops down on the other side of me with her cup of blood and a huge tray of food. “No, we’re going to my place for a real party.”

Looking over at her, I raise my eyebrow. “What are you talking about?”

“The Vampire King is throwing his son a birthday party Saturday. Both of you are invited since it’s an invite-only party too.” She points at each of us with her long, skinny finger.

“I have the clearance to bring five people.” Dawn is the daughter of a high advisor to the King himself.

Her dad has the ability to see the future. He’s also a very successful businessman, so the King looks to him for multiple things to help run his kingdom.

Everyone here is wealthy or beyond rich; that’s the only way you can live in Sunset Valley.

Both the King and the current Alpha have to approve for you to move into this community. They work very closely with each other, making sure the packs don’t wreak havoc on anyone here.

We all live in peace with each other, with each race knowing what the other is.

“Come on, girl, you used to come to the packhouse all the time for parties. We need to get you back to your old self,” Summer pleads with me.

“This hole you’ve dug and buried yourself in is very depressing. Our best friend’s no longer here, just this shell of a person,” she adds.

Taking a long breath, I know that I’ve wrapped myself up in a cocoon, not wanting to get close to another person ever again.

Looking at their sad faces, knowing they miss the old me, I slowly nod. “Fine, I’ll go for a few hours.”

Dawn laughs.

“This is a huge ordeal. He’s turning five hundred, so it’s a full-blown party. Both of you will also spend the night with me for the weekend because this party will go well into the morning hours. We’ll be going to bed around dawn, so you’ll have to stay with me in the extra rooms we have.”

I drop my head into my hand, knowing I don’t want to do this. I used to be big into the party scene, but I don’t do it since I lost my heart that day.

My whole life, attitude, and demeanor changed that day.

These two have been trying to pull me out of the hole that I dug, then basically jumped into not ever wanting to come back out into the real world.

Looking up at them, I see they’re smiling. They know Dawn has me in a corner that I can’t get out of. “What do we need to have for this party of yours?”

Her smile grows bigger, if that’s even possible.

“It’s a full formal dress event. We need brand new dresses and shoes and will get our hair done and our nails. You’ll need to spend the weekend with me.

“We’ll go to get our dresses after school today, then Saturday morning, we’ll get the best done with ourselves. We’ll look so hot. It’ll be fun too.”

Groaning to myself, I turn back to glare at Noah’s head one more time as Jasmine drapes herself all over him like a blanket.

Dawn pulls me out of the chair with all her strength as we walk to put our trays up then head to the lockers.

I get the rest of the books that I need for the next two classes then put back the two that I have in my hand.

We don’t ever have homework here, and it’s so nice; our teachers make sure all of our work is done before leaving the class.

Their excuse is that they have other things to do when school lets out since most of them here also hold some type of rank in either the packhouse or castle.

The Omegas are at the bottom of the chain but are treated with the utmost respect. They do the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen.

Each pack member is responsible for their own rooms; they don’t have servants to wash their things.

Now the castle is totally different. The Vampire King has maids who clean the rooms, cooks that make all the meals, and they give their blood freely to each of the vampires who live there.

No one is forced to do anything they don’t want to, basically, but if you don’t donate blood as a human, then you’re put to work in the castle to help with daily chores.

Each person has a job then they’re done for the day. There are three shifts of cooks who make each meal; the maids are assigned one room to clean each day, so life is easy.

They’re paid for their work which is a good sum, but most do it because they’re bored and really have nothing else to do.

Being rich is nice, but after staying in the house daily, some people get bored, wanting to seek jobs to fill their empty lives.

“Sky! Come on, girl, we’re going to be late if you stand there looking into that locker any longer.” Dawn punches my shoulder.

“Coming,” I say, shutting the door with a clang, then taking off down the hall with them to our next class.

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