The Morretti Brothers - Book cover

The Morretti Brothers

Jessica Morel

She Must Be Good in Bed

Eddie had been seeing Parker for roughly four weeks. Of course, she didn’t dare tell Luca. Parker was a sweet guy. A little nerdy, but cute, with a hot body.

The two had a lot in common, especially since they were both studying engineering.

Eddie was one of the only girls in the course at Boston College. She often wondered why, but it didn’t really bother her. Guys were easier to get along with anyway.

Eddie and Parker had hit it off straight away, joking and flirting. He asked her out for coffee, and she accepted almost immediately. Since then, they had been on about six dates and were texting each other every spare minute.

Eddie found Parker interesting. Not that Luca wasn’t interesting. Luca was smart. He was actually studying medicine, which some people were shocked to find out.

The difference between Parker and Luca, however, was that Luca only had sexual relationships, something Eddie definitely wasn’t ready for. Parker was simple. Parker was no stress. Parker was Parker.

“I still can’t believe you live in such a fancy area,” Parker said as they drove toward campus. “I really want to see inside. The place looks brand new.”

“You really don’t want to see inside. My roommate is a slob,” Eddie said quickly.

“She is messy, huh? I don’t believe it!” Parker laughed. Eddie hadn’t told Parker that Luca was a guy. She had mentioned Luca several times, but Parker just assumed that Luca was a girl’s name.

It had gotten to the point where Eddie was too scared to correct him. She knew she would have to eventually, especially if she ever wanted Parker to spend the night.

Maybe Luca will go out of town...

“Are you busy tonight? Maybe we can have dinner?”

“Oh, Luca’s parents are in town. They are having dinner with us. I’d blow them off, but they are lovely and kind of own my house.”

“Tomorrow, then.”

“Yeah, tomorrow.”

Parker and Eddie held hands as they walked through campus to their first lecture of the day. Once in the lecture hall, Eddie pulled out her notepad and pen, eager to receive the day’s knowledge.

Parker did the same, and the two sat in comfortable silence, waiting for the lecture to begin. Halfway through the professor’s speech, Eddie’s phone buzzed in her pocket.

The RoommateWhere are you?
EddisonAre you drunk?
The RoommateI don’t think so… where are you?
EddisonI’m in class you idiot what the hell do you want?
The RoommateEddison Jenkins where are your manners…
The RoommateMom ordered a cheesecake from the Bakery in Boston Common. Can you pick it up?
EddisonWhy can’t you?
The RoommateBecause I’m going to be ‘busy’ before dinner. I’ll owe you.
Eddisonalready do.
The RoommateLove you too!

Eddie let out an exaggerated sigh, and Parker turned to look at her.

“Everything okay?” he asked, putting his hand on her thigh. She noticed straight away that her leg didn’t tingle under his touch, and she turned to face him.

“I’m fine. Just my lazy roommate. Any chance we can stop at Boston Common before you drop me home this afternoon?”

“Yeah, sure. Why?”

“I have to pick up a cheesecake that Luca’s mom ordered.”


Luca sat at the coffee shop on campus with Kate opposite him. She was whining to the waiter about her fat-free, half-almond milk, half-soy, Arabic bean “coffee” as Luca sat back and people-watched.

A waitress passed and winked at Luca, and he made a mental note to slip her his number.

“Argh! Some people are useless,” Kate sighed as she sipped her poor excuse for coffee.

“Maybe if you drank normal coffee, people wouldn’t get your order wrong,” Luca muttered under his breath.

“Don’t, Luca! I’m still angry at you about this morning.”

Luca rolled his eyes and rested back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest as Kate started her lecture. He tuned out, not bothering to listen to her ridiculous screeching.

Looking out across the quad, he spotted a familiar petite brunette. At the sight of Eddie’s toned ass stretching through her skinny jeans, he remembered the black lace panties he saw this morning hiding just underneath the denim.

Luca sat forward in his chair as Eddie wrapped her arms around a strange guy. He realized straight away that it was the guy from the pickup that morning and once again felt his hands ball into fists.

The guy had blond surfer hair. He was taller than Eddie, but that wasn’t hard. As Luca sipped his coffee, the guy pressed his lips to Eddie’s. Luca choked on his coffee, accidentally spitting some on an unsuspecting Kate.

“Oh my god! Luca, what the hell?” Kate followed Luca’s eye line to where he was looking out over the quad.

“Oh, it’s Eddie! You didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend.”

“She doesn’t,” Luca snapped.

“Well, clearly she does. Oh, I know who that is! That’s Parker Collins! He’s in Gamma Kappa Pi.”

“He’s a frat guy?”

“Um, only the hottest frat guy on campus. I wonder what he is doing with your roommate. I mean, Eddie is so… Well, I guess she must be good in bed.”

Kate laughed, and Luca’s face hardened. Eddie was innocent. Eddie was still a virgin. At least, he thought she was.

Luca looked at Kate as she bad-mouthed Eddie and realized he had finally had enough of her. He got up to leave, not bothering to put money down for the bill. She had used him for his money for too long.

“Luca Moretti, where the hell are you going?’


“You haven’t paid!” Her voice came out as a panicked squeal.

“This one is on you, Kate.”

“Luca, if you walk out of here, we are done!”

“Fine by me,” Luca said, walking out of the cafe without looking back.

It was time for a change.

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