My Brother's Roommate  - Book cover

My Brother's Roommate

M. Thompson

Chapter 2


I turn off the shower and wrap my towel around my body. I don’t bother to dry my hair because I don’t know what time the party starts and I’m sure I don’t have time.

I open the door the exact same time Brandon was about to. He looks at some exposed skin on my body that then travels to my dripping neck. He looks over my whole body before meeting my super red face.

“Did you forget I’m a guy?” he asks. “You’re lucky I’m not attracted to you at all,” he adds.

Ugh, that kinda hurt. Not because I wanted him to be attracted to me but because he just said that out of nowhere. I move closer to him and hit his chest with my fist.

“How dare you say that to me. You’re not cute what so ever so what makes you think I want to be attractive to you,” I protest angrily, and he just smirks.

“You think this is funny. This is why I hate you,” I say angrily before walking out.


Shit, seeing her in that towel made me want to forget about my best friend and give her a lesson. I wanted to make her think twice about wearing a towel in front of me again.

Her small, sexy body squeezed into that towel turned me on so much. But I know I’m not supposed to get with her. My best friend made it perfectly clear she’s off limits to all his friends.

He wants her to be with someone her age and respectable. Everyone knows I’m the bad boy who loves trouble.

I want to get into trouble with her every night. I want to make her moan under my body. I want to make her climax on my member but most of all I want her.

I want to taste every part of her but she’s off limits. I didn’t know how bad I wanted her until now. Heck, I’ve always been mean to her. She probably hates me.

I start to brush my teeth as I think of ways to stay away from her.


I put on a short sleeve black shirt and some dark blue jeans. When I’m ready I walk out. Brandon then walks out of his room with his favorite clothes on including his black jacket.

“Why do you always wear that jacket?” I ask.

“Because my mom gave it to me before she died,” he says, gripping onto it.

I never hung around Brandon so I don’t know much about him. But the little I do know is enough. What I did find out is he had tattoos all over his torso and some on his arm.

“Are you ready to go?” he asks. He doesn’t even wait for me to answer, he just leaves.


We finally arrived at a party full of people. There was a pool and a large house full of college students.

As soon as we walked through the door all the girl’s eyes were on Brandon. They were whispering about how we arrived together.

A bartender walks past with a tray of shots and I take one. I was about to drink it when Brandon grabbed it out of my hand.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I protest, trying to get my drink back.

“You’re too young to be drinking,” he says.

“Stop treating me like a kid,” I say, reaching for the drink.

He suddenly gulps the whole thing down. Ugh, I hate him, he won’t even let me drink.

“You can go now, I don’t need you hanging around me,” he says.

I walk away angrily. How dare he just tell me to leave him alone at a party I don’t know anyone at.

I grab another drink from the bartender and gulp it down. This wasn’t a shot, it was something stronger. I suddenly feel very drunk and stumble into someone’s arms.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble.

“It’s okay,” a tall handsome guy says. “Are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine,” I say, standing upright trying to fight the drunk.

“Hey guys, we are playing Truth or Dare in the backyard. Come join if you want to play,” a guy yells from the back.

I head for the back thinking it will be fun. The guy that caught me earlier also heads to the back.

When we get back, there is a group of 6 people including Brandon that joined the game. He has his arm wrapped around a girl who is kissing all over him.

The nerve he has to do that in front of me. So gross. I sit down onto the log next to the guy from earlier and Brandon glares at him.

“So guys, let’s start the game,” the guy from earlier says. “Someone volunteer.”

The guy I bumped into spins the bottle. “All right, Lance, you have to truth or dare the mystery girl next to you,” the manager of the group says.

“All right, what’s your name?” Lance asks me.

“Layla,” I say.

“All right, Layla, truth or dare?” he asks.

“Dare.” I glance over to Brandon. I’m drunk from that strong drink but I don’t think he could tell.

“Kiss me,” he says with a smirk and I’m surprised for a second. I lean over and kiss his cheek. Everyone laughs at him and the look on his face. Eventually, he just smiles at me.


“I’m gonna go, I feel a little dizzy,” I tell everyone before leaving the house to the front yard.

Shit, why the hell did I even drink?

“I told you not to drink anything, let alone anything strong,” Brandon says, walking out of the house.

“I’m an adult now, Brandon, so stop treating me like your little sister,” I say, walking to the car, but he grabs my arm and pulls me close.

“I’m not treating you like my little sister, I just don’t want you to get too drunk at these parties and do something you might regret,” he says.

“I’m 21 now, I’m sure I can handle myself.”

“I know and you do not understand how bad I wanted that kiss to go on forever,” he says and I look him in the eyes.

“Brandon, you shouldn’t be talking like this right now. You’re drunk,” I add, and he just pulls me closer.

“I don’t know if I should be in the same house as you in this state,” he says.

“It doesn’t matter, we can talk more when we get home,” I say and we walk to the car together.


Throughout the car ride, I realized he was getting drunker as if someone put something in his drink. We made it home safely but he was showing his feelings more and more.

Once we get inside, he has me pinned to the wall. I squirm under his body from just him glancing at me. That kiss made us both confused about this situation.

Brandon doesn’t hesitate and slowly pulls off my shirt. I can’t believe I’m just letting him do this to me.

I move my neck to the side as soon as he sucks on it, giving him access to every part.

“Brandon,” I moan and it makes him smirk.

He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his lower body. He carries me to his room and once we are in it he closes and locks the door.

Then he lays me on the bed while taking off his shirt. I pull off my pants. He gets on top of me getting in between my legs. I feel his big length push AGAINST my clit.

“Ahh,” I moan by accident, which just turns him on.

He takes off his pants before kissing my chest. I unbutton my bra and he sucks on my boobs. He takes his time nibbling on them. I can tell he’s very experienced from how he’s caring for my body.

“Brandon,” I moan.

He bites his lip as I feel him slide off my panties. He moves down and starts sucking me.

“Ahh huh ahh ahh,” I moan as his mouth moves around.

I feel a sensation move through my body as I climax on his mouth. He then moves back up lustfully claiming my mouth as he rubs his member against me.

I moan into his mouth as he thrusts between my thighs, rubbing against the outside of me. I squeeze my legs together.

“Ohhh,” I repeatedly moan until we cum together.

“Brandon,” I moan for the last time while digging my nails in his back as I feel pleased.

We are both out of breath and sweating. He gets off of me and lays next to me. He then pulls me onto his chest and holds me close.

“That was amazing,” I say before falling asleep

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