My Possessive Mate - Book cover

My Possessive Mate


Chapter 2


“Shit!” I heard as I woke up slowly. “Milly, I’m late! I missed the bus! You need to drive me! Why the hell is your door locked?” I heard as pounding hit my door over and over.

I groaned and shrunk into my blankets and pillows, the warmth and comfy space.

The door wasn’t locked. It couldn’t lock. It’s just broken a little from all the times it has had to deal with the pressure of me pushing it one way and Natalie on the other, trying to get it open again.

“Ask one of the boys!” I yelled out.

“No! They’ll rape me!” she shouted back and I groaned again. They wouldn’t. Most of them are gentlemen with a hobby of riding.

She was being overdramatic.

“You got your ride last night!”

“Okay, I’ll stay home and you can explain to Dad when he gets back why I’m here,” she replied and I groaned again as I got out of my heaven.

I threw on jeans, grabbed my phone and keys before I slipped on my slippers and pulled the door open hard.

“Where was your alarm?” I asked.

“I slept through it!” she replied, pulling me into a run down the hall and upstairs. “I was up all night too. And now I’m still exhausted.”

“I don’t care! I’m exhausted too and that’s your fault!”

“Sorry! Not my fault though if you missed your nanny nap yesterday evening.”

“I was at work!” I yelled back and hit her arm hard. She slapped me back before we walked outside and I unlocked my car and got behind the wheel.


I parked in the parking lot of my old school and looked at all the students walking in.

“You’re not even late.”

“Thanks to you! Bye and I’ll see you later.” Natalie smiled as she hugged me a little. “Love you!”

“Bye,” I muttered, watching her slam the door closed before she started towards the building, meeting a few people on the way.

I shook my head softly before I looked towards the screen when Dad’s name came up. I answered as I got out of the car park.


“You at work?”

“No,” I replied, starting onto the street. “Nat missed the bus so I had to drive her,” I said and then he was gone.

I bit the inside of my cheek for a moment before I just turned on the stereo and continued to my favorite café a few blocks away.


I was sitting in a booth with a chai latte when I noticed someone familiar walk through the glass door, setting off the small bell.

I shrunk back a little, watching my former bully from school as he ordered at the desk. I looked away as his eyes scanned the room as if he sensed the eyes on him.

I took a shaky breath as I took my mug and sipped my drink before I looked back down at the book I was reading and halfway through.

I got a few lines in before I was disrupted.

“Little Milly Marshall.” His voice was as deep as I remembered, humor in it a little. “Never thought I’d see you again,” he said, sitting opposite me as I looked back at him.

He was taller than me. A muscular boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes—I would have called them beautiful if his heart wasn’t so ugly.

“Ryder,” I replied before I looked down at my book. I felt his shoe tap mine under the table a little and I looked at him, saw him smirking down at my slippers.

“Just wake up, Marshall?” he asked, looking back at me as I looked at the takeaway cup he had as well as a plain fresh bread roll.

“Girl’s gotta have a good cuppa,” I replied, gesturing down to my chai. He grew another smirk and I went back to my book. “But, please, don’t let me keep you.”

“You are. But I don’t mind.”

“What do you want, Ryder?” I asked, looking back at him softly but desperately.

His eyes met mine and I watched him shake his head a little.

“What?” I asked.

Mate,” he growled, getting up with his stuff. “Come with me now.”

“Um, no,” I replied and he growled again.

I looked at him in shock. “What are you? An animal? Go away, you jerk,” I muttered, looking back down at my book.

I heard him make that noise again before he walked away. I looked up, watched him walk out before I just frowned and shook my head.

What the hell was that? ~


When I got home, the place was full and someone had stolen my spot. I groaned a little and drove to the back, where Dad usually kept his truck.

I parked and got my things, the groceries I got, and made my way inside.

It was loud and I could hear younger boys laughing as well as my dad’s loud voice ordering people to do whatever.

I moved through the back and into the kitchen. I put the two bags on the bench before I looked up at Sawyer as he came in, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“I can’t deal with you right now. Please leave me alone.” I sighed a little and he came to me.

Sawyer was that kind of boy that when he liked a girl, he made sure he got her. He was a jerk. But he was charming too.

He’d done Natalie and I. As well as every other girl he’s seen.

I walked away and around the bench when he almost reached me. I knew that if he touched me, I wouldn’t be able to stay strong and we’d end up in a very messy state like usual.

“I have to put the groceries away.”

“I can help.” He shrugged, moving to the bags.

I took a small and silent breath before I started too. I got the blueberries, raspberries, and all my berries and fruit, put them in the fridge as well as my coconut yogurt—literally the best thing in the world.

He did everything that went into the pantry and soon enough we were finished. I put the bags in the cupboard before I froze up when he placed his hands on my waist.

“Sawyer, get your hands off my daughter,” Dad snapped as he walked in.

“Sir,” Sawyer backed away, “I-it-I didn’t mean anything,” he said, rubbing the back of his head and I moved away from him and got a glass from the cupboard.

“I’m sure,” Dad replied. “Scat, the boys are heading out and you’re going with them.”

“Yes, sir,” he nodded and made his way out quickly as I smirked into the glass of water. I finished it and put it into the empty sink before I caught Dad’s glare.


“You working tonight?”

“Yeah.” I nodded and then rolled my eyes a little as he turned and left. “Want some lunch?” I called but then frowned when Natalie came in. “You’re home early?”

“Yeah, I kinda got into trouble and had Tom drive me home.” She winced a little but then groaned as she hugged me. “Let this year be over already. Then we can be doing nothing forever.”

“No, we can be working,” I replied and she huffed as she reached the fridge.

“No, in the future, I’ll be the stay at home mum while my husband works his ass off for us,” she replied and I laughed a little.

“Sounds good,” I smirked but it faded when I heard people yelling and swearing outside.

I looked back at Natalie as she looked at me before we were both racing out. Everyone was rushing but I could see flames outside.

We got outside and I stopped short, gasping at the sight. A motorbike on fire, about to blow up.

I pulled Natalie back as Dad was yelling for everyone to back away.

“Whose bike is that?” I asked, whispered, and she looked back at me for a moment.

“I think Sawyer’s,” she replied, looking back and I looked around for Sawyer.

I found him, sitting on the ground with a few other boys around, looking over his burnt arms, his neck and one side of his face.

I looked away and looked back at the bike as water was thrown onto it by the hose.

“Stay here,” I told my sister before I moved through the crowd and to Sawyer. “Let’s get you to the hospital, hey?”

“I’m fine,” he replied angrily.

“What happened?” Dad asked, coming over.

“I don’t know. I started her and she just caught on fire,” he replied as he was helped up. “I’m fine though.”

“You don’t look it,” I replied and touched his arm. He winced and pulled away. “Go cover it up.”

“You’d be best for that, little lady,” Dad replied and I glared at him for a moment before I walked away with Sawyer.

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