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Not the Daddies She Expected


The Contract Marriage

He was an old man!

The man whom she would be spending the rest of her life with and whose children she would be carrying as her father had ordered was an old man.

He looked so old that Anna was sure that he must be over forty.

Cruel, so cruel! Her father was so cruel to her.

She should have known that her soon-to-be husband wouldn’t have any good attributes because her father would never allow her to be happy or be with someone who could make her happy.

What had she been expecting? A young, rich, and handsome man? Pfft…

She should consider herself lucky that her soon-to-be husband was just old and not crippled or downright ugly. Because looking at him now, she could still see traces of someone who had once been handsome on his face.

“If you are done scrutinizing me, I’d suggest you enter the car because I don’t have much time at hand. Today is the only day I have to go to the registrar,” the old man countered when he saw that the young girl, who couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, was still staring at him.

Her father had shown him a picture of her earlier, telling him that she was his daughter, and she was ripe enough for him to marry, and in place of the debt he owed he would give his daughter to him in marriage.

He wouldn’t have accepted except that he knew that he had to start having kids. He was a divorcé, and his ex-wife hadn’t given birth to any children before their divorce.

Upon hearing the urgency in his voice, Anna quickly entered the open passenger door because she was scared of irritating her soon-to-be husband. If she could avoid physical pain from him, she would do that because she didn’t want to be abused and maltreated by the man she would be spending the rest of her life with.

“Your name is Anna, right?” the man asked immediately.

Anna was firmly seated beside him as he drove off. “Yes, my name is Anna, sir,” she replied in a trembling voice as she held her pack in her shaky hands.

“Don’t call me sir, call me Peter. I’m Peter Danish. You will soon be Mrs. Danish, so you should get used to the name,” Peter said gently as he saw that Anna was trembling and wasn’t comfortable around him.

He didn’t care too much for her state of mind; all he wanted was an obedient girl who would voluntarily stay in his mansion and give birth to his kids while he went on his business trips to make money.

“Oh…okay, Peter,” Anna replied again, still trembling.

Even though she wasn’t receiving any manipulative vibes from him, she was still scared of him. He was someone that her abusive father knew and sold her to, so he wouldn’t be of good character. She was certain of that.

“We are going to the registrar now, and I wouldn’t want you looking scared and forced, so stop shaking and put the goddamn pack you are holding on to in the back seat,” Peter let out when he saw that his soon-to-be-wife looked like a puppy who was whipped and knocked out.

Anna hurriedly fulfilled his command and reminded herself to stop shaking or else the man—no, Peter—might hit her as her father did.

“Put a smile on your face too, you look forced. Do you want me to send you back to your father?” Peter asked.

He didn’t want an unwilling wife. If she was forced into this, he would gladly take her back to her father and demand all the money he owed him.

Immediately, when Anna heard that Peter said he would take her back to her father, she flinched and quickly forced a smile on her face. She remembered her father’s last comment, that she mustn’t come back to the house.

She couldn’t, she definitely could not let him send her back to her father.

She must act willingly. In fact, she was willing to be anything he wanted, a maid, slave, property, anything as long as she didn’t have to go back into the hellhole she had just crawled out from.

When Peter saw the tiny smile on Anna’s face, he nodded gladly. “That’s better. Keep the smile on every time. You will be needing it when you get married to me,” Peter advised, and he pulled into the court registry parking lot, then killed his engine.

Immediately, Peter alighted from the car, and Anna quickly helped herself down after covering the visible belt marks on her neck with the shawl that she had remembered to bring with her.

Anna slowly walked behind her soon-to-be husband, preparing herself for a new life. She didn’t know how it would turn out, but it was better to prepare for the worst.

She had to adapt to it, no matter how hard or dangerous it was. She had to accept it as her fate.

“Do you, Anna Walton, take Peter Danish as your lawfully wedded husband, in health, wealth, and till death do you part?” the registrar asked after Peter submitted the papers signed by her father.

Slowly brought out of her daydreams, Anna whispered her agreement and instantly sealed her fate with a single sentence: “Yes, I do.”

“Do you, Peter Danish, take Anna Walton as your lawfully wedded wife, in health, wealth, and till death do you part?”

The registrar repeated the wedding vows again to Peter, and he immediately replied, “Yes, I do.”

After signing the necessary documents and exchanging rings, Anna left the court registry with her new husband to the new home she would be staying with him.


The initial smile she had forced herself to put on while they were in the court immediately left her face when she was alone in a big mansion with her new husband.

“Can you cook? If yes, make use of the kitchen. I’m hungry as fuck,” Peter mumbled as he shrugged off the outer suit and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Yes, I can,” Anna muttered in a low voice.

Cooking? Is that it?

If he was only going to demand that she cook for him, then her life had just gotten easier. She had learned different types of cuisine when she had been working as a housemaid in her father’s house. Cooking was just a hobby that she had grown into, something apart from painting.

Anna immediately located the kitchen. When she got there, she saw that there wasn’t even much to it. The cooking ingredients in the kitchen were just eggs, bread, vegetable oil, condensed milk, coffee beans, and so on.

She quickly got to work and made sandwiches and some tea for her husband because that was the fastest food she could make with what she had at hand.

Serving the food on a table in the corner of the room she regarded as the dining room, Anna stood beside the food and waited for her husband. He hadn’t appeared yet, and she didn’t know the room he had gone into.

After a few minutes, Peter showed himself. “Are you done cooking?” he called out.

“Yes, I’m done,” Anna replied quickly.

When Peter got to the dining room and saw that Anna had only prepared a plate of sandwiches, he frowned. “Why did you prepare only a plate? Are you not hungry?”

Anna, who was used to eating alone in her room, suddenly trembled when she heard the annoyance in his voice.


“Go and prepare yours too, I hate eating alone,” Peter interrupted dismissively before Anna could finish her sentence.

She hurriedly left for the kitchen again and came out with another plate of sandwiches for herself, then sat slowly in the chair opposite her new husband.

“Let’s eat,” Peter announced when he saw that his wife was not eating.

Anna quickly held her knife and started eating after her husband’s announcement.

He had said he hates eating alone, so she had to take note of that and never repeat the error she had just made because she was scared of what he might do to her when he was angry.

Would he be like her father, who hit and kicked her?

Anna shuddered at the thought, and Peter could see her visibly trembling.

Was she thinking about what he would be doing to her in their matrimony room? Peter stared at Anna out of the corner of his eye and saw that she was still trembling. Was she that scared of sex?

Well, no worries, he wasn’t in the mood for sex that night because he had to leave for a business trip the next morning, and he wanted to take off as soon as possible.

But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t satisfy him sexually. No matter how scared she was, she still had to open her gorgeous mouth and suck on his huge load with her sweet lips.

Peter couldn’t help but groan when he remembered how sweet and soft her lips were from the quick kiss they had shared at the court registry.

He couldn’t wait to have that mouth wrapped around his dick and stroking him till he shot his cum deep down her throat.

He cleared his throat quickly when he saw that he was already getting hard at the thought. “Are you a virgin or not?”

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