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One Call Away

Aimee Dierking

Chapter Two

Hailey and Dan shocked everyone when, after dating for only four months, they went to the courthouse and got married.

Hailey’s parents weren’t thrilled about it. They had never met Dan before and came out to see what the hell was going on.

Dr. Maxwell Wilson was not a man to mess with, and he made it perfectly clear to Dan Smythe that if he ever hurt his daughter, he would hurt him like he couldn’t even imagine. Dan promised he understood.

Carter wondered if Max had any indication of how unhappy Hailey was currently.

Carter grinned at the sisters. “I can honestly admit that you two own the room.”

Both women grinned at him and he felt his pants tighten at Hailey’s sexy grin, which was not good considering the pants or tights he was in.

He quickly thought about work matters to get his semihard dick to calm down. He was forty-two years old, for fuck’s sake, not sixteen! He could keep his hormones in check.

“Ash, why don’t you have Carter tell you about his new house and his plans to abandon me next August? I’m going to go find my husband and see what trouble I can get myself into,” Hailey said, making her two companions laugh.

Hailey smirked at them both and made her way to the stairs where she saw her husband just go up. She decided a few days before that she was going to try to rekindle the passion she and Dan once had.

When they met, they were nonstop sex machines. They had sex everywhere—his office, restrooms of different restaurants, outdoors at their house, and everywhere in their house. It was insane.

They had been married for almost five years, and it had dropped off significantly. On more than one occasion, she suspected Dan was having an affair.

He smelled of different perfumes than hers, and she found makeup on his work shirts. Dan blew her off and said she was imagining things.

She didn’t want to be divorced at twenty-seven and had to do something to bring back the spark. She was tired of getting herself off and wanted to be with her husband.

She felt guilty for envisioning Carter and other men to masturbate to, but she had to do something.

She smoothed her lipstick again as she saw Dan go into one of the bedrooms and close the door.

He probably needed to make a phone call. He was in the middle of the biggest deal he had ever been involved in at his development company. It had several more months to go, but the payoff was going to be massive, like several million dollars large.

Dan was making some serious plans with that money.

Hailey was just going to walk into the bedroom when she noticed a woman she didn’t know make her way to the door. Thinking she was looking for the restroom, Hailey stopped her.

“The door you want is across the hall,” Hailey offered.

The blonde-haired woman jumped when Hailey spoke to her, and she looked visibly nervous. “Sorry?”

“The bathroom? The door is across the hallway,” Hailey clarified, pointing to it as her other hand rested on the doorknob of the room her husband was in.

“Oh, um…thanks. I got a little turned around,” she stammered.

“No problem.” Hailey smiled. “Sorry, I’ve got to surprise someone.” She turned the handle and walked in.

Hailey saw her husband in the back corner of the guest bedroom. She quietly closed the door, locked it, and walked to him.

“Hey Lov—Hailey. What are you doing here?” Dan asked as he turned, stunned to see her strutting toward him.

“I saw you come up here to answer your phone and thought I would surprise you,” Hailey said, coming up and running her hands up his costumed body.

“Oh yeah? What are you thinking?” he said, looking nervously over at the door.

Hailey noticed and purred, “Don’t worry, just like when we were first married, I locked the door when I came in.”

Raising an eyebrow, Dan asked huskily, “Locking the door, hmmm, what do you want, Hales?”

She smirked at him and ran one hand down his body until she reached his zipper. She could feel the pressure behind it. Palming it, she said, “I want this!”

“You do? Well, who am I to stop you?” He moved his hands up to her face and kissed her, letting his tongue roam in her mouth.

Pulling away, she quickly went to her knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard dick.

“Are you gonna—oh shit, Hailey!” Dan moaned.

Hailey went for it in one swift motion and took him all the way in her mouth.

He looked down and saw her red lips round his cock, pulling him in. It reminded him of when they first got together. It totally turned him on, and he started really getting into her hot, wet mouth.

He began thrusting into her mouth, and she remembered just how he liked it and began playing with his balls. Because it had been so long since they had been together like this, Dan couldn’t hold back and shot his load in her mouth. He held her face with his hands and groaned her name.

Thrilled that she had achieved her goal, she licked him like a lollipop after swallowing his load, then stood back up.

Dan pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply until she was breathless.

“You certainly never cease to amaze me, Hales!” Dan grinned at her.

She grinned back. “I just thought it had been awhile, and I know we haven’t been on track in our marriage, but I hope that this is a turning point for us, Dan. I love you!”

“I love you too, Hailey. I’m sorry about the whole baby situation…you would have been a great mom,” Dan said and kissed her forehead.

She gave a small, sad smile. “Thanks Dan… Maybe when this deal is over we can look into adoption…”

He kissed her forehead again. “Let’s see if I survive this deal, then we will go from there.”

She nodded and hugged him for a minute, then they left the room together.

She went down the stairs first and never saw the look her husband and the lady looking for the bathroom shared. She never saw the anger in the lady’s eyes for her lover.

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