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Ravens of the Mist

Elfy G

2: Chapter 2: Persistence


“What the fuck are you doing here?” I lash out at Lilah. She’s a member of my pack and deliberately on my bed, wearing only her underwear.

“Kill her!” Logan growls in the back of my head. He’s ready to rip her head off for her audacity. If I don’t contain myself, I would have let him do just that.

No one is allowed to be in my house. That bitch not only decided to be on my bed, but she’s also lying on her side. On Every’s side of the bed.

I lost my mate, Every, over a year ago. She was killed by hunters.

They are humans that hunt werewolves, vampires, and even mermaids. Without Batsy’s help, I would have perished as well. Sometimes, I wish I had.

I miss my mate. A part of me died when she did. Because of him, I had my revenge for what they took from me.

“Don’t forget about Angel.” Logan reminds me.

“I would never,” I reply to him. Angel was Every’s inner wolf.

Lilah smiles.“I’m simply here to help you get some release.” She plays with her hair while she ogles my body.

“Kill her, or I will!” Logan snaps at her words.

“Get the fuck out!” I lash out, using my Alpha voice so she will have no other choice but to follow my order.

Lilah gets up from my bed in a hurry, takes her clothes in her hands without looking at me, and finally leaves.

Fucking great, now I can smell her scent all over the room.

“You should have let me kill her.”

“If we kill everyone that’s pissing you off we wouldn’t have any pack left.”

I open the window to let in some fresh air so that Lilah’s scent disappears into thin air. Since I won’t get much sleep tonight, I’ll go to my office to do some work.

Ever since Every died, Doyle and Malik had moved from their office to mine. They wanted to make sure I wouldn’t do something stupid. Even if I’m grateful to them, it’s time for them to return to their offices.

Someone knocks. “Come in,” I say loudly enough so the person on the other side of the door can hear me.

Sigourney, our healer, steps into my office, and I can see the concern in her eyes. “Is everything okay with you?” she asks.

She has known me ever since I was little. She was the one who took care of me when I lost both my parents. She always knows what mood I’m in.

I rub my eyes with annoyance. “Just fucking great.”

She steps closer to me. “I saw Lilah walking only in her underwear. Did something happen?”

“I found her in my room, lying on my bed.” I bark at her as if she’s the one at fault.

Great, I’m absorbing Logan’s temper now!

“I heard that!” Logan snaps back.

“Meant to.”

“Maybe you want to rephrase that. I raised you better than that.” Sigourney looks at me the same way she did when I did something wrong in the past.

Since she was the one who took care of me when I was sixteen, she’s the only one I tolerate talking to me this way.

Sigourney shakes her head in disbelief. “So, what do you want to do with her now?”

“You know where I stand.”

I mess with my beard. I’m still too blinded by rage to think clearly, and Logan’s temper isn’t helping.

I look at Sigourney, and I know what to do. “I will let you decide what to do with her. Whatever you choose, I’ll approve. If she gives you a hard time, tell her she will deal with Logan.”

“Now we’re talking.” Logan grins.

“I will let her know,” Sigourney says and leaves my office.

“What can I do for you, darling?” I look at the shadow beside the window.

Beth steps forward. “You knew I was here?”

I touch my nose. “Nose never lies. I knew you were here the moment you stepped in.”

She sits on the edge of my desk, looking at me. “You’re no fun!”

I look up at her. “Never said I was. Where’s that mate of yours? I doubt he would let you come here alone since you’re still new in this world.”

Beth is a newly formed vampire.

She sighs. “He’s outside speaking with Doyle.”

I don't think it’s a good idea to leave Batsy and my Beta alone. Those two never get along, I think to myself.

“Don’t worry. Cole promised he would be on his best behavior.” She grabs a letter from my hand. “What’s this?”

I grab the letter back. “Don’t you have better things to do than go through my stuff?”

Since when did Beth become so snoopy? She wasn’t as bold when she was human. Now that she’s the most powerful vampire that walks this earth, she’s more confident with herself.

I fold my arms in front of me, leaning my back on my chair. “It’s a letter to inform me that a meeting with all the Alphas on this continent will be in two weeks.”

She takes the letter to read it one more time. “Are you planning on going?”

“Not a fucking chance!” I grab the letter once more and shove it in the trash to make a point.

“Why don’t you want to go? It seems very important.” Beth looks at me with concern.

“She’s persistent. She’s lucky I like her,” Logan says.

“Calm down, Logan. Not everyone is here to get us.”

He snorts at my response.

“You’re wasting your time if you’re trying to persuade him to go to the meeting,” Doyle says, stepping inside the office, followed by Cole.

Beth lets out a chuckle. She stands up from the corner of my desk. She steps closer to me while I’m still sitting on my chair.

Oh, no!

Beth leans toward me, readjusting my collar carefully while smirking at me. “Tell me something, Alpha James Hunt. Are you a scaredy-cat? Is this the reason you won't go?”

“What?!” Logan and I shout in unison.

“She’s getting on my last nerve!” Logan warns me.

“Well, I never tried this way.” Doyle put his hand over his mouth to muffle his laugh.

I look at my Beta to warn him, and then at Beth. That mischievous little vampire knows how to play the game. I hear Cole chuckle at the back of the room.

“Fine, I’ll go! Happy now?” I snap at her.

“That manipulative little vampire!”

“I’m so proud of you.” Beth taps both of my shoulders.

Cole growls to warn me not to do anything stupid to his mate.

Now it’s my turn to smirk. I stand up from my seat and put my hand around Beth’s waist to get a reaction out of him. “Jealous, Batsy?”

Cole looks at my hand on her waist and then at Beth. She shakes her head. She knows what he thinks.

“You’ve been warned, mutt!” Cole takes Beth’s hand, pulling her toward him.

The door opens as Malik steps inside my office. He looks around the room, wondering what we are all doing here.

“Malik, I decided to go to the Alpha meeting. You’ll be in charge while Doyle and I are gone.”

Malik is the Delta of the pack. Doyle, Malik, and I have been friends since we were little. I always knew they would be the ones who’ll be at my side to lead this pack.

Ever since Logan and I lost our mates, all we did was survive every day that passed by to protect the pack.

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