Record Daddy - Book cover

Record Daddy

Sam Marie

Chapter 2

When his lips landed on the outside of my panties, I groaned again.

“That’s it. That’s the sound I want to hear more of,” he murmured against my center.

I wiggled underneath him, begging him to make me make more of those sounds, and he took the hint, no longer wasting time.

He pulled my panties down to my knees, then lifted my legs onto his shoulders, placing his head between my sex and my panties.

I had him trapped. We both knew that ultimately, it was he who had me trapped, but I liked having an older man on his knees, surrounded by all things me.

His mouth engulfed me, and I threw back my head, letting another moan fill the silent room. With as much seriousness as the man himself exuded, his tongue worked me.

He ran his long, flat tongue over my moistened lips, stopping to flick my little bundle of nerves, driving me wild.

“Say my name,” Grey demanded, lifting his head and giving me a view of just how aroused I was. His entire chin was covered in my juices, and instead of wiping it away, he licked his lips.

I melted again, and just as I did, I felt more arousal slicking my thighs.

Grey looked down at my pussy and growled. Literally growled.

Oh yeah, I’m in trouble.

With fervor unlike before, he attacked my pussy. His tongue, his lips, and his entire mouth devoured me raw while his fingers dug into my sides to still me.

I was bucking, grinding my hips into his face as I pushed him down onto me. The sound of my moans and his hungry appreciation was like music to my ears.

Where has this man been my whole life?

As I felt an orgasm swelling, I pressed his face firmly into me, not even caring if I suffocated him because I needed him.

I needed him to keep doing that thing with his tongue where it felt like he was touching my entrance, my walls, and my clit all at the same time.

“Grey,” I moaned.

My hips lifted from the couch, and my thighs squeezed his head, but he kept going. My entire body clenched, tingled, and erupted. A wave of pleasure spilled out of me, awakening a dark desire in my soul and leaving me shaking.

Grey didn’t give my heart a chance to slow down. He stood, grabbed a condom from his pants pocket, and slid it on. He pulled my hips to the edge of the couch, got on his knees, and shoved himself inside my sensitive walls.

His fingers found my clit again, stimulating it once more. I was swollen and loosening for him, stretching to accommodate his size perfectly, so we both had maximum pleasure.

“Grey,” I said again, looking him square in the eyes.

A wicked gleam lit up his face as we challenged each other. “Time to sing again,” he said, slamming into me.

His cock pounded into the back of my cervix, making me cry out. Grey did it again, then harder, then faster. I was breathless and pliant.

I was at this man’s mercy while he vigorously buried himself inside me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I cried out as this man owned my body.

“Say my name,” Grey demanded, pulling my bra down to expose my breasts.”

He leaned down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the tip in time with the thrusts of his pelvis.

My body rocked and writhed as I moaned. The heated pace, the violent rhythm—Grey had me climaxing before I even knew what was happening.

“Grey,” I screamed, closing my eyes and clenching around his cock as I came on him.”

“Fuck yeah! Come on, baby,” Grey growled, tightening his hold on my breasts.”

When my orgasm subsided, I was still shaking and too sensitive. I reached underneath my legs to find his testicles.

I massaged the tight balls and watched Grey. His eyes were closed, and he tensed when my hands were on him. His thrusts were less controlled and his face contorted.

I pulled his face toward mine, and the moment before our lips locked, I saw the wild beast inside him emerge.

I kissed him provocatively, slipping my tongue between his lips and tasting myself on him. It was nasty in the best kind of way. This time, Grey moaned, and his member stiffened inside me, becoming unbearably hard.

With two slow and deep upward thrusts, Grey stilled inside me and came. Our lips pulled apart, and one vigorous shudder ran from his shoulders down to his cock.

“Abby,” he said hoarsely, resting his forehead against mine.

I felt like I had just mated with a wild animal.

“Grey,” I said as he pulled out of me and stood.

“I’ll be in touch.” With those final words, Grey, the mysterious older man, dressed and left the room.

He’d be in touch.

For more sex?

God, I hoped so.

The End

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