She Can Easily Kill You - Book cover

She Can Easily Kill You

Sanne W.

The Bubbly Teenage Girl

PART I: The Agency

AGE 16 (Three years ago)

“We’re never going to escape, yep we’re stuck. At least we die together though.” I whined.

Evelyne jabbed her elbow into my ribs, making me cough. “Ouch!” I yelled at her maybe exaggerating a bit.

“You fucking deserved it; we’re not going to die. Now relax, it’s just a party.” Evelyne rolled her eyes at me.

I almost gave her the finger but decided not to as I didn’t want to get on Evelyne’s bad side.

We’ve only been friends for a year, and I was planning to keep this friendship even if I had to go to some illegal party while underage. Great.

“So how old are is Evan again?”

I asked trying to sound like it was just a question and not me freaking out a bit.

“Older.” Evelyne shrugged. I glanced at her frowning. “How much….”

“Jeez, Chlo, he’s just older than us, why are you being such a party killer.”

Okay why did I even want to become friends with her again…

As soon as we arrived at the place we were supposed to meet the others, I remembered.

I wanted to be part of this group because as much as I dislike the fake people, I actually like the others quite a lot. If I had to have a friendship with Evelyne of all people to get into the group, fine.

We met with a group of at least 10 people, most of them being over 18. Suddenly I felt quite aware of my age, 16 looked old to me but that changed once I saw the girls, no women. I looked like a girl compared to them.

“Chloe? Oh, aren’t you Jake’s ex?” was the first thing the guy standing next to me decided to say. I tried not to look too irritated. “Not really, that’s over.”

“Yeah that’s the point of being an ex, that it’s over.” He laughed. ~Smartass.~

We arrived at the party sometime later. We had to go through the forest to get to the cabin where it was held. Yes, some rich ass kid organised the whole thing.

I don’t want to go too much into the clichés, but I guess he’s one of those rich kids whose parents are never home leaving him to party all year long. At least that’s think, it’s not like I know this guy at all.

Thinking about it, I’ve never seen this dude in my life.

“Chloe! Oh my god you’re here!” Someone yelled as if me arriving at the party was the most surprising thing ever.

Which is strange as I have been to parties before, quite a lot actually. Just not 18+ ones.

Stacey, yes that’s really her name, came running toward me pulling me into a tight hug.

We share some classes even though she’s older than me. She had to repeat year 3 as she failed at least 4 subjects.

Her presence made me relax a bit, she’s just one year older than me so it made me feel a bit less unwelcome.

“Stacey, great to see you.” I smiled. Stacey pushed a cup into my hands.

“It’s a bit strong, but we’re here to party, aren’t we?” She smirked. I nodded and took a sip as to emphasize that I meant it. Oof, she wasn’t kidding this is strong.

“The fuck is this kind of drink,” I said trying not to spit it out then and there.

“Cola with vodka. Or thinking about it, it’s probably vodka with cola. Oops.” Stacey giggled. Yeah, I know what vodka cola tastes like, and this tastes like… death.

“I’m going to… uh the restroom.” I pushed myself past Stacey and searched for the toilets. Once I found them, I poured my drink in the sink. Not going to drink that, I’m not trying to die here this night.

Two hours later and I was quite tipsy. A few —less than 90% this time —drinks later and I was feeling it. I couldn’t find Evelyne or Stacey anywhere, what sucks as I don’t really know that many people here.

The party was beginning to escalate too. People were doing all kinds of weird shit. They seemed like they were having a good time. I sighed, where are Stacey and Evelyne? I should search for them.

I pushed through the people.

There must have been at least a hundred people here. It was making me a bit nauseous with all these people so close to me.

Let’s go for some fresh air.

I made it outside after a few minutes.

Outside smelled a hell of a lot better compared to the cabin itself. I Always liked the smell of the forest. Just so fresh and… I don’t know, it was calming.

I stood there close to the cabin until two people decided to make it a make out spot. They were literally making out next to me. I couldn’t even hide the disgust, that guy was literally eating her face.

This is definitely the most distasteful thing I’ve seen all night.

Instead of going inside I quickly walked away, a bit further into the forest.

The night sky was beautiful, perhaps I should stay outside a bit longer.

After all the sky here is much prettier than in the city.

A snap of a twig made me stop staring at the dark sky now looking at the forest. The forest looked like one big black space.

It was hard to see beyond the parts where the lights hit the edge of the forest.

I stared at the forest for a while, a cold feeling coming over me. Of course, it wasn’t strange that twigs snap, I mean it’s a forest.

It must be a rabbit or some other animal who stepped on it. Or maybe even a partygoer who decided to ‘inspect’ the forest. Who am I kidding, it’s probably those two getting it on in the forest.

I scrunched my face, Okay no I don’t want to catch those lovebirds in action. That would be traumatizing.

I was about to turn around and go back to the cabin when my eyes caught something.

It made me gasp out loud, my heart beating at least three times faster than normal. No, not beating faster, it fucking stopped, that’s how much it startled me.

I was staring at the silhouette of a man.

He wasn’t close at all, at least 100 meters. But still, he was there. Standing completely still as if it didn’t bother him at all that I was looking at him now. Perhaps he didn’t see me.

Why is there a man standing here in the middle of the night?! Is he a fucking serial killer?

I Always think of the worst-case scenarios before rationalizing.

Let’s rationalize now, he must be one of the partygoers who’s too drunk to actually get back to the party. Okay this doesn’t sound that rational at all.

It looked like the person was staring at me too as it looked like his face was in my direction. That didn’t help at all. Now I was even more scared than I was before.

Why was this person looking at me?

Better question, why was he still looking at me.

I wasn’t going to find out who this was, why he was here, I don’t even want to know.

As soon as I found the courage, I took a step back, then another.

The guy still didn’t move.

“Chloe! There you are!” I heard someone yelling. Shit! That scared me. I couldn’t help but let out a scream.

“Jeez, Chlo, it’s just me.”

Stacey was stumbling toward me, not walking in a straight line at all. I only looked away for like three seconds but when I turned my head to the forest again, the man was gone. As if he was never there.

He was there.

He just left because Stacey was here. Which confirmed my suspicion.

That man… that man was looking at me, and no one else.

I would find out who, or at least why he was here, soon enough.

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