The Soccer Mom - Book cover

The Soccer Mom

Sam Marie

Chapter 2

“Get these off me,” I order, scrambling further into the car as I slide my leggings down.

Gerald flips my tennis shoes off, then pulls my leggings fully off. As he climbs into the backseat and closes the door, he slides his athletic shorts down with ease.

I don’t have time to appreciate his cock because he’s on me, rubbing his shaft through my folds and wetting himself.

“Oh my god.” My head falls back in a sinful moan. No vibrator can ever feel as good as this.

“I don’t have a condom, but I swear I’m clean. Is that okay?”

“Yes. Just put it inside me already!” I say it impatiently. It’s careless, but something tells me I can trust the man. I know where to find him; he’d be an idiot to lie.

Gerald leans over me and aligns his cock with my center. Wasting no time, he shoves into my pussy. The sudden intrusion makes me cry out, but his lips capture my cries as his hips move greedily.

Sweat slicks my brow as the sensation of finally being fucked begins to overwhelm me. My hands roam over Gerald’s body, pulling up his shirt to skim my fingers over the grooves in his abdomen.

Jesus. ~This man is unbearably ripped~.

Before long, he tears his shirt off so I can have my fill of him.

With his impeccable strength, Gerald supports himself with one hand, then reaches the other between my thighs. He sits up so I can watch him.

“You feel fucking amazing, Kate,” he says, circling a thumb over my clit.

I bite my lip to avoid crying out.

The pace of his thrusts slows to match the strokes of his thumb. My pleasure heightens.

I tremble. “Oh my god.”

“Yes. Cum for me.” Gerald grits his teeth. He presses his thumb down harder, grabbing my waist with his other hand so he can drill into me.

My body tenses and lifts off the seat. Gerald holds on and fucks me harder. I cry out as my orgasm flares to life. The shockwave of ecstasy starts at the base of my neck and slices straight down to my core.

I dig my nails into Gerald’s arms. It encourages him to fuck me harder.

He groans, grinding his teeth as his orgasm overwhelms him. He slows his thrusts, shoving himself as deep into me as possible. The hot ropes of his cum squirt inside me as I come down from my own orgasm.

“Wow.” Gerald pulls out, our combined cum keeping him connected to me.

“Yeah,” I agree. My breaths are shallow as I struggle to recover.

His fingers explore my sex, still swollen and numb from release, but I like the intimacy and familiarity of this moment.

“I’m going to take you home now,” Gerald says, dipping his fingers into me and slowly moving them in and out. Cum covers his hand.

“You should tell Dylan to stay at his friend’s tonight. I plan on putting fresh cum in you every hour.”

The End

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