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Chapter One

Cerberus Thorne

A tinny sound echoed throughout the dark forest, the sounds of gasping and growling mixing in.

Skin peeled, and flesh, being carelessly torn, littered onto the grotesque, bloody ground.

The sounds of scraping claws slowly scratched against delicate skin before tearing through and ripping out chunks of flesh, continuously echoed in the semi-silent night.

The sight was horrifying to say the least. The grass covered in a thick, crimson colored pool of blood, with chunks of skin that were mercilessly lacerated and ripped through laying carelessly on top of the puddle.

Following the sound of tearing skin came a sound of breaking bones, and a loud, blood-curdling scream followed soon after, before it completely quieted down into heart wracking silence.

A limb was torn from its place and thrown directly onto the ground - the body from which it came completely ripped apart, and continuously being severed.

The man that underwent the cruelty was no longer capable of screaming in pain or for help - he realized his situation right after noticing how badly he was being torn apart.

He realized that he no longer had an entire hand, and that half of his body was missing a lot more flesh than usual.

He also realized that even though the person he was facing was completely being consumed by the darkness around them, he was obviously the man of many myths, the creature in every horror story ever told, and he did not need to get a clear look of his face to back his claim up.

The man mercilessly torturing him was King of all Wolfe Bornes’ and he definitely was not letting the man go any time soon.

The man’s eyes were bulging out of his head, and every part of his body was bleeding out - leaving his face a slightly more paler color.

He had no choice but to accept his fate, he knew he could not fight back - he had nor the will, nor the power.

The creature that continued to pull him apart in every direction, with claws as sharp as knives, was one that nobody could beat, one that stood above everyone with an iron fist.

He only whimpered in pain with his head slightly bowed in hopes of dying with at least some dignity.

The Alpha King just chuckled hoarsely, loving the fear that radiated off of this man, loving the feeling of skin being torn by his claws and the warm red blood that was quickly pooling over his hands.

The torture went on for hours, but the man held his own for as long as he could without screaming, the forest was deadly silent but the wind around them began howling ominously as it picked up.

As he felt his body begin to shut down, the sight of both of his arms laying before his feet in a puddle of his own blood made his heart clench tightly - he could feel his demise nearing.

As if the pain wasn't enough for the Alpha he quickly tilted the man’s head and sunk his canines deep into his neck - the soft, sensitive flesh being punctured as he sucked even more blood out of the man’s body and replaced it with deadly venom.

Once he pulled away he smirked, his mouth and teeth covered in crimson blood, before pushing the man’s twitching body onto the bloody grass with a chuckle.

With one last lingering look the King turned away from the twitching body and shifted into his pitch black wolf that smoothly blended in with the dark forest - leaving the man behind to undergo even more suffering until every inch of his body slowly gave out.

The man pulled his knees to his chest as much as he could without his hands, and continued trembling.

Tears were still pooling out of his bloodshot eyes but this time even more so than before - he shook his head as the venom began to burn his insides.

He couldn't hold it in anymore, it was too much.

The torture was too much.

So he let it out. He screamed as loud as he could until the trees shook and every bird that was resting flew away in fear, his body was slowly melting and his watery eyes began to bulge even more.

Once he quieted down, his body had completely shut down and his eyes were as wide as saucers, but he was no longer there.

He was dead.

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