The Affair - Book cover

The Affair


Chapter 2

The thought that Jeremy could walk in at any minute only excites me more. Mason drops me to my feet and pulls me over to the kitchen table. I surprise him by presenting my ass to him, throwing him a heated look as he shakes his head.

“If you were mine, I’d be jobless,” he mutters, watching as my fingers part my pussy lips. “Holy fuck, Yasmin.”

Then, he drops his boxers. My eyes bulge. His cock is huge—thick and long. I’m wondering how I’m going to take that in, when he rubs the tip in my wetness, fully coating it in my juices.

“Fuck me, Mason,” I beg.

When he thrusts into me, my insides burn with the brutal intrusion.

“Argh,” I cry out, gripping the sides of the table for leverage.

He doesn’t move for a moment, his groin flush against my ass as he pushes himself all the way in.

“Ready?” Mason growls, his hand running alongside my stomach, trailing up to my neck. He then places his palms on my throat, without applying pressure, supporting my head as he dots openmouthed kisses on the other side of my neck.

“Yes.” I gasp as he pulls himself almost completely out of me before slamming back in. My cries of delight fill the kitchen.

His head is buried in my neck, his grunts turning me on even more as he pounds into me. The pain has subsided, allowing the pleasure to take over. Ripples of ecstasy course through my body, my head now in the crook of his arm as he turns my head to kiss me.

The combination of his kisses and the thrusts he is blessing me with sends my senses into overdrive. I’m stunned when my body shudders around him.

His hands cup my breasts as he rides me from behind. He hasn’t slowed down once. Finally, when I choke out that I’m cumming, he lets out a deep groan, stilling his body as he empties himself into me.

I can feel each wave of his cum kissing the top of my womb. I grip his hand tightly, still riding the wave of my own orgasm. When he finally pulls out, he has to hold me upright.

“You okay?” he asks with concern, his hands on my face.

I’m dizzy with lust and euphoria, but there’s something else.

I want more.

The End

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