The Alpha’s Arrangement - Book cover

The Alpha’s Arrangement

Monika S. Senderek

Chapter 1


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lea asked, following me back to our room. I shut the door and started to breathe heavily. Of course, I wasn’t sure, but what other choice did I have?

Should I let our father ruin my sister's life, just when she found her mate? I would not be able to forgive myself.

On the other hand, I had a chance to end this madness, and simply rejecting it, just because of my selfishness, wasn't the best idea. I was so confused. I just looked at her and tried to calm myself down.

“I am. You know me, I’ll be fine. He should be worried,” I tell her, reassuringly. It’s not like I am lying. All of my friends and family know how stubborn and difficult I am to cope with.

I am the Alpha’s daughter. All of my life I was surrounded by dominant males, so I had to learn how to manage them.

“You do this for me”—she grabs my hand—“and I will never forget this. Whenever you need me…”

“Lea, I know,” I said while hugging her.

Lea went to talk with Mom and Dad about Kai. I was planning not to leave my room any time soon. On one hand, I felt betrayed, and on the other, I knew this was the only choice we had.

The guy wouldn’t change his mind.

Maybe I should speak to him myself, but how would I do that? He is an Alpha of one of the biggest packs in the United States.

I grabbed my laptop so that I could Google him and see if he had a Facebook account. He may be an Alpha, but we’re in the twenty-first century, so there must be something.

I was wrong. The only thing I managed to find was the information about him owning a family sawmill. I already knew that.

He was a fucking ghost. I put down the laptop and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I must cool myself down; otherwise, I would literally kill someone.

Funny thing was that story was going around in a circle to the same dark end. After the shower, in my pajamas, I took my laptop again, but this time to watch Netflix.

Twenty minutes later I fell asleep, unable to finish even one episode.

For the first time in a long time, I had a dream. I was running through woods, in wolfish form, with a silver, shiny coat, pointed ears, and quite a long tail.

I tried to stop but couldn’t; something or someone was chasing me. I could feel the heat like there was an upcoming danger. I speed up, not being able to look behind me.

The sound of trotting animals reached my ears, but I still couldn’t look behind me. I tried to run a winding trail to mislead them, and after a few meters, I took a turn to get away.

I managed to get out of the woods, but the more I ran, the louder the upcoming noises were. Was it a river or a road? I was so wrong.

At the last second, I managed to stop myself. I was on the edge of a cliff, and I could not find a way out. Then, I was able to see them, slowly coming out of the dark.

A pack of eight wolves with a big white and gray wolf leading at the front. He took a step closer.

“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, poor little thing got trapped.” His voice got inside my mind. I could feel his breath on me.

It was a dream, and despite not having any control over it, I did something that I believe I would do anyway I jumped. As I started to fall, I jolted awake in a cold sweat.

I looked at the time. It was three o’clock in the morning. What a stupid dream.

To stop myself from overthinking, I turned around on the other side and went back to sleep, this time without any horrible nightmares.

I couldn't avoid my parents all the time, but that didn’t mean I would make it any easier for them. I went downstairs into the kitchen.

“Take some scrambled eggs from the pan,” said mom, trying to grab my hand, but with a swift move, I manage to get past her.

Without saying a word, I put everything on the plate and sit down.

I try my best to ignore them and just focus on my breakfast. I can feel their glances at me, and Dad takes a deep breath.

“I know you are angry,” he starts. Oh, he better not…

“Angry? I am nowhere near angry, just disappointed. You’ve already planned my life to the dot without me having a say in it. How can I not be angry?” I laugh sarcastically.

“You can believe me or not, but I am not happy either. I don’t want him in my family or close to any of my daughters.

“I simply want to end this war so everyone can start living normally, without fear.”

I knew he was right, but it was hard to accept the fact that my life was about to change.

“I know, I get that. That is the only reason I said I will do it, but I warn you, after a month, the guy will call for a divorce,” I said with a smirk.

“That’s what we all hope for, honey.” Mom kissed my forehead and started to clean up after breakfast.

“So when I will meet him, or what is the ceremony date?” I ask.

“On Friday, we are invited to an official dinner,” dad replies, putting down his newspaper.

“On his territory?”

“Yes, the wedding ceremony will take place on the fifteenth of August.”

I gasped. “You’ve already set the date and everything? That is next month.” It is not like anything else could’ve shocked me.

“Yes, that was all part of the agreement during our meeting. I didn’t have the chance to tell you this yesterday. I wanted to give you time to adjust to it.”

“There is nothing to adjust to. I understand I will move to his place?” After I say this, my mom drops her knife, and Dad and I turn to her to make sure she’s okay.

“Yes, but at least we will be able to visit each other.” He tries his best to smile, but I see it is hard for him as well.

Fun times are ahead, I think to myself. ~I will have to go to work to hand in my notice, and my whole life will need to be reorganized.~

I graduated from the University of Idaho as a zoologist and microbiologist. I have my dream job at Idaho Zoo, but now I can put all of this into the trash.

During my lunch break, my phones start ringing. It's Ashlee. She’s been my best friend since I can remember, a beautiful, tall brunette.

Our families know each other very well. Ashlee’s dad is our pack’s Beta. It’s another heartbreak, knowing I will have to leave her.

“Hey, hun, I’ve heard rumors, and I am so sorry.” She sounds worried.

“Yep, I know. Not the lucky bride this time. So unfair.”

“I know, I was wondering if we can meet up for dinner at Sandpipers?

“You can tell me everything. It might cheer you up.” I could swear she's smiling right now; she always does that when she tries to cheer someone up.

“Sure, I’d love to, but today is a bad idea as I am finishing at seven p.m., but tomorrow I am all yours.”

“I am fine with that, so tomorrow at Sandpipers. Love you.”

“Love you too, asshole,” I reply. She always makes me smile; I will miss her.

It was quite a busy day, with lots of visitors, as it is the middle of the season. I’d just gotten home, ate dinner quickly, and planned to take a quick shower.

After that, I would definitely lock myself in my room again.

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