The Bastard - Book cover

The Bastard


Chapter 2


“This is going to hurt,” he muttered, and an instant later he slammed into her.

The breath left her body with a whoosh. He pounded into her, tearing at her insides. She cried out, but he didn’t hold back, his hands caressing the peach of her ass. Then he started to spank her. The hot, stinging blows made her eyes water.

“Oh!” Marlee gasped. He was riding her hard now.

Her pussy clenched around him. He was spitting out expletives, one rough hand gripping her hip while the other slipped his dick out, suddenly.

“Wait, don’t stop!”

She froze then. She could feel him positioning himself at her second hole, which immediately resisted.

“May I?” he asked politely.

“Yes, absolutely fucking y-yes-ss…” she moaned.

The white-hot pain of his entry made her scream out loud. But he pushed relentlessly into her, the only lubrication available to reduce her agony being the juices from her pussy.

He didn’t hold back, slamming repeatedly into her as he dragged her hips up to him, using her like the slut that she was.

All that Marlee was aware of in that haze of pain and pleasure was that she came, though she couldn’t count how many times. Benjamin growled and huffed, emptying himself in her dirt hole, his fingers digging into her fleshy ass as he did.

She was breathless. He slid out of her; his monster had left her bruised, satisfied. She could feel his seed oozing from her orifices as she staggered to her feet.

He was buckling up his belt.

“I didn’t catch your name?” he smirked, as she tried to stand without wincing.


“See you around, Marlee.”

She moved to one side to let him pass, a wide grin on her face. Then she laughed and exclaimed, “Wow!”

The End

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