The Best Friend - Book cover

The Best Friend


Chapter 2

I follow him up the stairs as he unbuttons his shirt and roughly pushes me to the bed.

“Fuck it, I’ll take them off for you.”

My eyes drink in his bare chest as he slips my heels off, sliding down my tight black jeans and panties in one swift movement before he pulls my top over my head.

I’m trying to gain some control, but he slaps my hands away. I glare at him as he stares back at me.

My bra is removed with a flick of his fingers on my back before he stands back to examine me.

I’m breathless and completely naked.

He places my heels back on my feet before parting my legs. Next, he drops his jeans, revealing his hard cock. It is bigger than I imagined, and I lick my lips with anticipation.

He slides two fingers across his tongue while gazing at me, then slowly pushes them into my wet folds.

I cry out as he begins to pump his fingers in and out of me, the invasion sudden yet delicious. I moan softly and see he is watching me with interest.

“You’re very wet, Cynthia.”

“I know,” I gasp as I ride his fingers, my body reveling in the waves of desire flooding my body.

“Do I make you wet, you dirty bitch? All this time, have you been creaming yourself over me in your little bed?”

His voice is hoarse, and I begin to shiver with delight. I love being spoken to like this.

“Yes,” I admit, as he pulls his fingers away from me, dragging me down by my hips to the edge of the bed. His hands circle my breasts before he leans over me, his eyes on mine.

“Don’t make a sound, sweetheart.”

I frown as he suddenly clamps his mouth over my nipple, biting hard as I yelp out in pain before his tongue flickers against it, soothing me with its soft texture.

“What did I say?”

“I know, but—”

“Bend over,” he commands harshly, and I can’t help but do as he says. His hands caress my butt cheeks as he speaks.

“When I say don’t do something, you don’t do it. Now I’ve got to hurt you.”

My eyes widen when his hand slaps the soft skin of my ass. They start to water, and my pussy floods. I let out a grateful moan as he strokes, immense wetness between my legs.

“Just as I thought. A dirty little submissive.”

I close my eyes as the second slap stings, harder than the first. He kisses my warmed ass softly before turning me back over so he is facing me.

His hair is in his eyes now, and although I’ve seen this man a million times, I’ve never seen him like this.

“Sean…,” I beg as he hovers over me, his lips close to mine.


His breath fans my face, and there is a clenching in my stomach.

“Can you please fuck me?”

I don’t even care that I’m begging now; I just want to be fucked.

He smirks, glancing down at my body as he laughs. “Eventually.”

I snap my head up to his as I grip his arms. “No, now.”

His eyes change then, and I feel like I’ve made a deadly mistake. “What did you just say?”

I close my eyes as he pulls me from the bed, pushing me to my knees. I look up at him. He begins to slowly pump his cock, precum glistening on the tip.

“I-I’m sorry…,” I stammer as he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Are you? Show me how sorry you are.”

I take him into my mouth then, pushing it all the way as he grips the back of my head, fucking my mouth expertly.

I try not to gag. Instead, I let out a moan that tells him how much I am enjoying choking on his cock.

“Stand up,” he says gruffly, pushing me back onto the bed as he pins me down. He gathers my hands into one of his before using the other to open my mouth.

Then his lips clamp down on my lips, and his tongue strokes mine.

I’ve kissed him before, but this is different. Harder.

I feel his hand moving his cock against my entrance, and I widen my legs with anticipation.

Combined with the kissing and the feeling of his hand gripping mine tightly, I almost lose it when his fingers brush my clit.

“Please.” I’m begging him now, and I don’t even care. His eyes burn into mine as he nods, easing himself into me.

I cry out into his mouth as he fucks me slowly. His hand, now buried in my hair, begins to tug on it painfully.

I can’t deal with the combination of pain and pleasure and start to shudder beneath him as he picks up the pace.

Each thrust meets mine, and I slam my hips down.

“Yes! Like that!” I cry out, the pain in my wrists from his grip suddenly overtaken by the feeling of his hand wrapping around my throat. Soon, he brings his other hand down to join the first, releasing my wrists.

Instantly, my hands are on his, but once I look into his eyes, I realize he knows what I want, and I trust him. Instead, I rake my nails down his back as he growls appreciatively.

He pushes on my throat, the feeling making me dizzy with lust as he pounds my pussy, using my throat as leverage.

He knows what he is doing—there is zero pressure on my airways, but the feeling of control he has over me is immense.

I ride the wave of the most explosive orgasm I’ve ever had in my life as he quietly chuckles.

He releases me soon after, burying his lips into my neck as he erupts into me, and I turn to kiss him. Our kisses are hot and filled with desire, and I can’t believe it when he starts fucking me again.

This time, I roll him over so I am sitting astride him. I rock my hips gently as he watches me intently. I know he won’t cum again, but I do.

The feeling of his groin against my clit makes me yell out his name so loudly I wonder if he will get complaints.

I slide off him, his seed dripping down my legs as our eyes meet.

“So, about what you want…” He smirks, sitting up as he drags his fingers down my naked form, his eyes darkening.

“You know already,” I admit, curling into his arms as he laughs.

“I had a hunch.”

“So you’re a dom,” I whisper, not wanting to meet his eyes.

He tilts my head back, kissing my lips softly as I moan. “No, I’m your dom. You’re mine now, Cynthia.”

I shiver with excitement as I meet his eyes. “But Kay—”

“Is not part of this.”

I let it drop, a small part of me wondering why the hell I care what he does with her. But I do care.

I want my best friend in more ways than this now.

I want him to be mine.

The End

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