The Lycan's Queen - Valentine's Special - Book cover

The Lycan's Queen - Valentine's Special

L.S Patel

Chapter 2


I chuckled to myself as I left my mate alone in our room. I had no doubt she would do something to make me regret my actions, but right now, I would relish the fact that I successfully teased my mate.

In all honesty, my little Valentine's Day break idea for Aarya and I was long overdue. We both needed this. Which is why I needed to get my shit together and get this work done.

Walking to my study, I ran into Gabe who looked panicked.

“What's the matter?” I was instantly on high alert. A King’s job was never over.

“We have an issue.” Gabe motioned to my study.

What could it be? A problem with rebels again? Or maybe packs having territory issues. It was common as packs were growing, they wanted more land.

“Tell me.” I demanded.

“We had some threats made against Aarya, you, and Devi.” Gabe winced.

“WHAT?”I stood up so quickly that my chair was flung backwards. I had to restrain my lycan from bursting through.

“Which wolves have a death wish for threatening my mate and daughter?” I growled.

“You need to calm down Dimitri. You’re no help like this.” Gabe sighed.

“Someone’s threatening my family and you want me to calm down?” I was close to snapping.

“Adonis!” Aarya’s panicked voice calmed my lycan.

She rushed in wrapping her arms around me.

“I thought you were hurt.”

I kissed the top of her head and looked at Gabe, “you better start explaining what the hell happened.”

Gabe looked at Aarya and I before replying, “The council called an emergency meeting just after you guys left. There has been a series of threatening letters. At first, they were just passed off, but the latest one mentions knowing where the two of you are going. You both know how confidential that information was, but it was right there in the letter. The name of the hotel.”

I felt Aarya tense as the gravity of the situation dawned on her. I felt my heart sink, because I knew what that meant for us.

“Don’t you dare tell me Gabe.” Aarya warned.

“I’m so sorry Aarya but the council has voted. You both cannot leave the palace until the threat is neutralised. You can’t go on your Valentine's Day break.” Gabe broke the news.

I felt Aarya’s anger grow. I tried to calm her down, tightening my arms around her, but it was no use. She moved away from me with tears in her eyes.

“It’s not fair. We work so damn hard and all I wanted, all I needed, was time alone with my mate. Instead, I’m stuck here yet again. I am going insane Adonis and us being stuck here means they’ll just keep giving us more and more work. I can’t take it anymore.” Aarya sobbed, and ran out.

My lycan broke down seeing our mate like this. She hit a wall and I needed to do something to help her. I turned to Gabe, who looked at me with a guilty expression.

“I tried Adonis but they voted anyway. They said it had to be without you, because they knew you wouldn’t let it happen otherwise.”

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair, “I know Gabe, but Aarya really needed this break.”

Evan and Luke knocked on the door before entering, both wearing sympathetic looks. I didn’t need their sympathy, I needed a solution.

“Guys, unless you have a magic trick that can suddenly conjure up a hotel at the back of the palace, I don’t wanna hear it.” I shook my head.

Evan smiled and said, “well, I’m not being funny but why don’t you just do that?”

Gabe raised his eyebrows, “Adonis is not a magician Evan.”

Evan rolled his eyes, “no but he is a king. I’m sure we can pull something together for you both. I’m not really creative, so I think we should consult with the ladies. Maybe something like a fancy glamping tent or whatever they’re called.”

“Evan…. That’s actually a fucking amazing idea! I can do this, but you’re right, we need your mates to help us out. Lexi would be amazing at this Gabe. Maybe I can pull this off with all of your help. Finally, Aarya and I can get the privacy we need!” I felt myself getting excited.

I could pull this off.

I would pull this off, for Aarya…


I felt myself crumble as I ran towards my room, tears pouring down my face. I couldn’t help it, I wanted this break so badly. For it to be ripped away from us was heartbreaking.

I collapsed on my bed and let my tears soak the pillow. Adonis looked devastated when I ran out, but I reached my breaking point. I hadn’t had a break since Devi was born, and I wanted time alone with my mate. Was that really too much to ask?

I loved Adonis, but sometimes I wished he was not the King. Our lives would be so much simpler. But instead, I have to make so many sacrifices.

“Aarya?” I heard Sophia’s voice.

Sitting up, I wiped the tears away as Sophia, Lexi and Niya entered the room. They all looked at me with pity in their eyes. This started the waterworks yet again.

“Oh Aarya, we’re so sorry. I know you wanted this break so badly.” Niya sat on the bed. I leaned my head on her shoulder.

“You’re the strongest person we know. While it doesn’t seem like it right now, everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.” Lexi patted my leg.

“Right now, it feels like the whole world is against me spending time with my mate.” I scoffed.

“Luke told me that those letters were horrible Aarya. We need to keep you guys safe, but once everything is sorted out then you and Adonis can go somewhere!” Sophia smiled.

“I said some horrible things out of anger, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adonis is thinking the worst of me right now.” I sighed.

“Don’t be silly. He loves you and knows you better than anyone. I’m sure he understood that those words came from anger at the situation and not him.” Lexi replied.

“Well, now my Valentine's Day plans are ruined. I got all this sexy lingerie to surprise Adonis with, but I don’t want to even look at it right now.” I admitted.

“How about another surprise? Something we can do here? Like a private romantic dinner?” Niya suggested.

“Yes! I like that. We won’t get the privacy I want, but having a meal together would be amazing! Plus Adonis has been dying to get me to cook for him, so this would be the perfect opportunity!” I smiled, wiping the tears away from my eyes.

Yes, it wasn’t the romantic hotel break we expected, but at least it was something. I had to make the best of this situation and I knew Adonis would not suspect a thing.

“We’ll help you! It’ll be a nice surprise for him!” Sophia grinned.

“I can’t wait. We better start planning now, we haven’t got long.” I sat up straighter.

I couldn’t wait to see Adonis’ reaction to my surprise.

“Okay, we have mostly everything planned! Tomorrow we’ll start to put it into action. But for now, we need to get back to our mates and you need some self care. Run a hot bath, do a facemask and relax Aarya.” Lexi stood up and stretched.

I was happy to see the plan already falling into place, but Lexi was right. I needed to take some time for myself, especially after today’s events.

I hugged my friends and went to the bathroom to run a hot bath.

I smiled as I imagined Adonis’ reaction to what I was planning…


“Where are your mates?” I sighed, as I crumpled up yet another piece of paper from our attempts to plan the surprise.

“Probably comforting your mate.” Luke sighed.

“This stuff is hard, I don’t have the knack for it.” Gabe leaned back in his chair.

“Hello, are you guys still here?” Lexi’s voice sounded like our guardian angel coming to rescue us.

Gabe rushed over and opened the door to reveal Lexi, Niya and Sophia.

“Thank god, we’ve been waiting for you.” Evan dramatically grabbed Niya and buried his face into her neck.

“Uhh… What is going on here?” Sophia looked at her mate in confusion.

“We’re trying to plan a surprise for Aarya and we need your help.” I said.

All three exchanged looks but I couldn’t work out what kind of looks. They all looked at me and smiled.

“What kind of surprise?” Niya asked, pushing her mate away.

“Well, since we can’t go to a hotel, Evan suggested something like a fancy glamping tent in the palace gardens.” I replied.

All three brightened up and took a seat.

“That’s an amazing idea. These tents are getting more and more sophisticated each year! We can get one with hard floors and a bed, so it’ll be just like a hotel room!” Lexi exclaimed.

“This is exactly why we needed you guys.” Gabe chuckled.

“Okay, how about this, tomorrow I will contact a few suppliers and we can get the ball rolling on the plan. Adonis you better decide where you want it soon, because it’s happening. Send me a list of things you want inside, the size of the tent too.” Lexi rattled on.

“Get the biggest tent, I want to make this a memorable day for Aarya.” I interjected.

They all nodded and Evan looked at his mate in question, “what were you guys doing in Aarya’s room for so long?”

Niya rolled her eyes, “Men, still clueless as ever. Comforting Aarya was not easy Evan. She was extremely upset.”

I looked down ashamed. It was my fault after all. As king, I have always had threats on my life, but now they’ve extended to my mate and daughter. I was born into this whereas Aarya was not. I had to remember this.

“I wouldn’t worry too much Dimtri. Aarya cried about it, but she’s a big girl, she knows not much can be done. It was just the surprise of it all that got to her. She thinks you guys will go somewhere after all of this is over, so just play along.” Sophia smiled.

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help. I know it’s super last minute, but I’m certain we can pull it off.” I replied.

“Tomorrow, we will tell the council that you aren’t leaving the palace, but that you’re technically still “off”. That way they’ll know not to you. No one utter a word to Aarya, okay?” Luke sounded serious.

We all nodded and said our goodbyes. Once they left, I collapsed in my chair. Planning a surprise was hard work, I needed to make sure this all went perfectly for Aarya.

I had so much support, what could possibly go wrong?

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