The Neglected Girlfriend - Book cover

The Neglected Girlfriend


Chapter 2


My breathing had become ragged now, as I let him crawl onto me, lifting one of my legs over his shoulder while he dragged his tongue along my calf. His fingers slipped beneath me, and then he was lifting my ass up to his mouth.

He didn’t speak as he buried his head between my thighs, lapping up my juices. I cried out in silent ecstasy.

I was aware that Chris was working like a demon on the other side of this wall, and also that the walls were thin. But the way Dylan was tongue-fucking me made me scream the whole apartment complex down.

Just as I was about to explode again, he flipped me over, now lifting my ass up as his tongue continued its assault, this time his finger dancing around my nether hole.

Without quite realizing it, I had started to grind against his mouth. His tongue was stroking my sensitive clit rapidly as I was losing my control.

I was not sure how my arms were able to hold me up, but then I heard him speak. “That’s it. Face down, ass up.”

I wanted him inside me so badly I was not even aware if he was using a condom or not. I was beyond caring.

I felt him pressing against me, my teeth sinking into my lip as I prepared myself for his entrance. He was taking his time, and I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching as it tried to accommodate his size.

“Breathe, relax!” he urged.

I was trying, but I knew there was more to come. He pushed me face down into the pillow, then suddenly withdrew, before rammed it into me in one excruciating stroke. I could barely breathe as he pulled it out, slamming it back in, over and over; my muscles screamed, first in pain, and then in rapture.

I wasn’t a virgin, but I was fucking feeling like one at this point. My head lifted off the pillow as he grabbed a fistful of my hair, using my own body for leverage as he fucked me.

I could barely make a sound, until he commanded it. There was something primal about him, to which I responded immediately.

“Do you like this? How many times have you fucked yourself thinking of this?”

I was moaning, my fingers on my clit as my body shuddered in my third orgasm.

“You greedy bitch! It’s my turn.”

I felt his pace pick up and braced myself for the explosion, only to be taken by surprise when he pulled out, turning me around as he spurted all over me.

Hot, wet liquid jism splashed on my chest. I moaned, unable to restrain myself at the sensual exultation on his face as his lustful release drenched my fevered body.

He sat back, panting and gazing at me, his head shaking in wicked delight. “Looks like you need a shower too!” he chortled, and I pulled my robe on. The material instantly soaked up his semen.

“Come and use mine,” I said boldly, while he continued to shake his head in disbelief.

“You can’t be serious…”

“Shh! Just do it!”

He got back into his clothes and followed me out of his flat. Moments later, I was pushing open our door.

There was no sound, so I poked my head around the bedroom door and saw Chris hammering away at his laptop.

“Hey baby!” I announced, “I’m just going in the shower.”

He nodded wordlessly before calling out over his shoulder, “He’s at it again. I’ll never get any peace so long as he lives next door.”

I said not a word, just turning and hurrying toward the bathroom, with Dylan in my wake. He was chuckling.

“I ain’t moving,” he whispered, as I pulled him into the bathroom behind me.

“No, you’re not.”

The End

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