Tied to the Moon - Book cover

Tied to the Moon

Kele Emmanuel

Take Back Pride

Shouts and cries pierced the barrier between slumber and consciousness and I jolted awake suddenly, my senses alert.

Alistair, Marcos and Keiko were nowhere to be seen, but evidence of struggling caused me to jump up and run in the direction of the noise.

The scent of unfamiliar wolves wafted into my nose, the smell putting my wolf on edge. It caused a spark of fear to shiver through me, the feeling igniting something feral in my wolf.

"We mean no harm, just let us go."

Alistair's voice broke the sound of silence, and I summoned my wolf's speed, sprinting towards it.

Keiko and Marcos were being held roughly by someone, their shouts and cries sending a pang of anger to my heart. But Alistair, Alistair was being beaten to a pulp on the floor, his hands going up to shield every blow by his tormentor.

A thundering growl emitted from my lips and I lunged, shifting, my clothes ripping from my limbs as my body rapidly grew.

My wolf pinned the man to the ground, snapping at his neck whilst he struggled against my hold. I was a rabid dog, my eyes were amber and my intentions were clear.

The man shifted below me, his clothes scattering onto the floor while his light wolf bucked me off, sending me flying into a tree.

Marcos screamed, the sound pushing me on as my wolf shook herself off and snarled at the wolf, her fur bristling.

The wolf's eyes followed me, his body crouching low to the ground. I watched him with equal intensity, my body shaking with blood lust.

"Alastrine, calm down." Alistair's voice temporarily distracted me from the wolf. His voice was pleading and low, but still held anger in them.

I growled in response, baring my teeth at my attacker in the most threatening way possible.

"Alastrine, this is a pack wolf. If you kill him his Alpha will demand your blood."

The wolf pulled his lips back in a smug smile, whilst my wolf still snarled at him. I wasn't going to back down though, nor was my wolf. I scowled, circling him like my prey, waiting for him to challenge me.

Marcos' scream ripped through the silence and I turned my head to the noise, panic rising up when I saw him and Keiko being injected with something by the other man that remained. They immediately slumped to the ground, their unconscious bodies hitting the floor with a thump.

Alistair growled. "What did you do to them?"

The wolf gave me a sinister grin, his eyes flickering to something behind me for a second. I already knew what it was, but it was too late because I felt a stab in the back of my leg.

"You bast—"

Alistair's profanities were interrupted by my howl of pain, my wolf getting more and more exhausted by whatever they put inside me.

I felt my wolf's presence slip from my mind, and I shifted back to human form in less than a second, my body already drained from its strength.


Alistair rushed over to me, taking off his shirt and placing it on my body. I was slipping in and out of consciousness, but I could just make out little snippets of what was happening.

I closed my eyes for a brief second, feeling something heavy collapse onto me, and I knew Alistair had been hit as well.

This is all your fault.

My wolf blamed the pack's capture on me, her anger seethed through my mind like a snake through grass.

And the worst thing was, I had a feeling she was right.


The scent of blood woke me up from my sleep, it's smell writhing into my nose like despair.

My eyes cracked open, everything around me turning from darkness to light. There was a dull aching around my limbs, the sort that was ten times worse than my first shift.

I attempted to bring down my hands and rub my eyes, but they were stuck above my head, and when my skin brushed against the metal, I hissed in pain.


"You're awake," Alistair said, his hands bound to the wall just as mine were.

"What's going on, where are Keiko and Marcos?" I asked, my voice breaking at the end.

"Keiko is with Marcos, they're in a different cell." He muttered, tilting his head to wipe off the blood that was trickling down it.

I took in his face, gasping. He had bruises all over his face, with a large gash running down his cheek. His eye had a black bruise around the centre, which looked to be fresh, whilst his torso was bare and filled with whip marks.

My eyes filled with tears at the sight of him before I realised I was wearing his shirt and nothing else.

"What did they do to you?" I choked out.

Alistair's jaw clenched hard, his own eyes glazing over with tears. "You wouldn't stop shaking," he began.

"After they injected you with wolfsbane, you wouldn't stop shaking. They put it into you over and over again but you wouldn't stop—"

The loud banging of a metal rod broke him away from his speech and I sighed in relief, silently thanking the intruder.

"They're both awake." Someone said gruffly, sliding something that resembled food into our cell.

At the sight of it, my stomach rumbled hungrily and it was then I realised I didn't know how long I'd been out. A familiar scent rushed into my nose and I growled, my eyes turning amber at the sight of the man who'd taken us.

"Gamma Micah." Someone greeted him as he stepped in.

A Gamma, huh?

His sinister smile greeted me as his boots scraped into the cell, his eyes were black as he raked his eyes over me. A low growl escaped his lips as I spat at him, my head aching from the silver.

"Not such a strong wolf now, are you?" He taunted, kicking the plate of food closer to me.

I growled at him, struggling against my bonds as he advanced towards me. His hand flicked up to tighten the silver chains around my hands and I gasped, seeing how the silver didn't affect him.

"How…" Alistair trailed off, witnessing the miracle as well.

The Gamma smirked, grabbing my hair and jerking my head forward so my neck was exposed to him. He then clamped a silver chain around my neck, one that ignited pain in my body with every move I made.

"One word for you," he spat, backing away from me with a sadistic smile on his face.

"Silver blood."

Then he left, closing the bars with an almighty bang.

"Silverblood?" Alistair asked from beside me.

Silverblood were a pack of wolves rumoured to have an immunity to silver. And with that kind of power they were able to take over hundreds of packs, making both their territory and their pack better.

They were one of the most ruthless packs in the world, and if you were smart you stayed out of their way.

But we had stumbled into their territory.

I was the leader, I led my pack here, I put them in this danger.

It was my fault.

"Alastrine, are you okay?"

Alistair diverted my attention from my pity party and I looked at him to see him staring at me with a concerned face. I cracked a small smile at him, a flutter going through my heart when he smiled back.

Even in the worst of situations he still cared for me.

"I'm fine," I muttered, tears pooling in my eyes.

He noticed my sullen mood and tried to reach over to me, drawing his hand back quickly.

"It's made of silver Alistair, you'll get hurt," I said, my eyes drooping with the pain and fatigue. I heard a light chuckle escape his lips before his calloused hands captured mine.

"I don't care."

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