When Maeve Met Caleb - Book cover

When Maeve Met Caleb

S.M. Merrill

Chapter 2


I couldn’t believe my brother when I looked at my phone.

OwenCaleb, I forgot my computer bag. Can you bring it to me?
CalebI have a meeting with the alpha from the Darkwoods Pack. Can’t you survive without it?
OwenNo! I need it to take notes. Plz!

I sigh and look around the pack house for his computer. The boy has werewolf abilities and yet can’t remember his shit.

I put on a fleece pullover and grab my keys. I go out to my truck and drive over to his college campus. Shooting him a text that I am here, I park and walk over to his class building.

I know this campus well; I attended it to earn my degree in investment banking. I handle all the pack’s investments, helping our wealth triple over the past two years.

As alpha, it is my job to care for my pack.

“Thanks, Caleb, you are a lifesaver. I have four classes today and wouldn’t make it through without my laptop,” Owen tells me as I hand him his laptop bag.

“This is a one-time thing,” I warn him, and he nods.

“See you at home. Are you going to stay in the pack house?” I ask.

Owen decided to move out of my house over the break, saying he needed to be closer to the pack. He is my beta and handles many of the minor matters for me.

“Yes. I think it makes it better for everyone. If I meet my mate then I’ll think about moving into a house.

“I think you’ll meet your mate soon and are going to want that house to yourself,” he tells me, and I laugh.

I’ve been looking for my mate in all the packs around us since I took over as alpha two years ago. I haven’t been able to find her, but Owen is always optimistic, hence why I chose him for my beta.

“Sure. See you later then.” I wave goodbye and head out of the classroom only to collide with a petite curvy fiery redhead. Sparks erupt all over my body as we touch.

Looking down at the girl—she is more than a foot shorter than me—I see the most amazing emerald eyes. My wolf howls She is our mate, and then she speaks.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Are you?” I ask, and she nods.

I go to slip past her when she says, “Skipping class already?”

“Don’t go here. I was bringing my brother his laptop,” I reply.

A delectable blush spreads across her porcelain skin as she nods and hurries into the lecture hall. I don’t know what possesses me, but I stay against the wall outside the class and watch her.

She is talking to a friend who has brown hair in the back of the hall before Professor Whittaker walks in. I remember having him for a class senior year.

He was a tough grader and never let anyone slide on due dates.

I remember him saying in the real world there are no extensions. He is wrong, but it makes you look bad if you can’t get your work done in the time allotted.

The people I employ are required to make their monthly goals, but after two months of not making their goals, I put them on probation.

They have another two months to turn things around, and if they don’t, I let them go. Investment banking is a high-demand job. Those who use your services expect results.

An hour and a half goes by, and I’m still standing outside the classroom. I watch as students scurry out with stressed looks on their faces.

My angel walks out with her friend, Owen right behind her. Our eyes connect, and I shoot her a wink, pushing off the wall to speak with her. Then Owen intercepts me.

“Hey, Caleb. Why are you still here? I thought you had a meeting?” I blink and swear. Looking at my watch, I see I have exactly thirty minutes to be at my meeting with Alpha Bane.

“Shit, thanks, Owen,” I say and rush back to my car. I drive at breakneck speed to make it to our meeting place.

When two alphas meet it is done on council territory. This makes it neutral territory for both alphas to conduct business. I screech into a parking space with five minutes to spare.

Grabbing my tie and suit jacket, I quickly put them on, grab my papers, and go inside.

At the front desk sits a pretty blonde named Lena. She smiles and says, “Meeting room two, Alpha Gallagher.”

“Thanks, Lena,” I say and make my way to the room. My gamma, Aiden, is waiting for me with a worried look.

“What happened?” he asks, and I shake my head. I’ll tell him later; right now I need to put my game face on.

Walking into the room, I see Alpha Bane and his luna, Olivia, sitting at the table. His gamma is standing behind them.

“Alpha Bane, Luna,” I greet them and take my seat. Aiden takes up his stance behind me. It is common practice to have your head of security come along to all meetings.

“Alpha Gallagher,” Bane replies with a nod.

“All right, gentlemen, we are here to talk about territory boundaries,” the mediator announces.

Lately, the Darkwoods Pack members have been encroaching on our forested lands. My patrols have found tent cities and evidence of recently used fire pits.

“We have evidence that proves members from your pack have been squatting on Sapphire Pack territory.

“My patrols have collected tents, fishing gear, and have taken photos of used fire pits,” I explain while pulling out the photos from my bag.

“These could just be photos of your people camping,” Bane argues, and I take a deep breath. I knew he would deny his pack members trying to take my land, which is why I brought the mediator in.

“Is there a way you can speak with your pack members and remind them that camping on the Sapphire Pack’s territory is strictly forbidden?

“You don’t need to find the wolves responsible, just remind your members.

“Alpha Gallagher, you can also conduct an investigation among your own people to make sure these items do not belong to pack members,” the mediator suggests.

I don’t care, I know who is on my land, and in the end, I know I am going to have to physically catch one of the wolves on my territory.

I watch as Alpha Bane and Luna Olivia have a silent conversation through their mind-link. I am grateful for Luna Olivia; she can always talk sense into Bane.

“I will speak with my pack members,” I agree and wait for Alpha Bane.

“We will speak to our members,” he finally agrees, and I sigh.

This is a start; now I need to capture the wolves who think it is their right to sneak onto my territory.

I do my best to contain the anger in my wolf; he hates the fact that other wolves sneak onto his land.

“Thank you,” I say. I offer a hand out to Bane, and we shake. Leaving the pack house, I growl at Aiden.

“You find those wolves sneaking onto our land. You catch one and put them in the dungeon. I want answers, and clearly Alpha Bane won’t admit to anything,” I tell my gamma.

I slip into my truck to drive home and get work done.

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