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When the Night Falls


2: Chapter 2

Attraction: The action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. ~


I watched as the two bodyguards took my luggage in their hands and started walking toward the narrow staircase. I let out a sigh, shrugging my shoulders. I followed their steps, observing everything.

“Holy moly…,” I whispered, looking at the property. I couldn’t keep my jaw from dropping. It took a minute to regain my senses. I felt like I was in a dream.

I was curious to know who I’d be working for.

They’d brought me to some strange place that seemed like a royal palace, but it wasn’t a royal palace, because the royal monarchy was in England, not here.

The two men who escorted me were like robots. Their bodies were stiff, and neutral expressions were on their faces. They hadn’t spoken a word on the journey.

I had been bored to death. I’d mustered the courage to talk first, and just then, we’d reached the place.

It hit me immediately that this place looked like the palace kind of mansion from the movie Me Before You.

It looked exactly like that place. I just didn’t want to babysit a big baby like the hero from that movie. My train of thought was cut short by a feminine voice.

“Good morning, Ms. Gibson. Hope everything was good on your way here.” I turned my gaze from the walls to Iris, who stood in front of me, dressed in very formal clothes.

“Good morning, Iris. It was actually boring.”

She smiled a little. “I’m sorry for that. I will escort you to your room, and after the house tour, you will be meeting Thea.”

My eyes widened when she said, “house tour.” I didn’t think I had enough energy for this mansion tour.

“Thea?” I questioned her.

“Thea, the girl whom you are going to take care of.”


“This way.”

The room they gave me was beautiful. I loved the bed, as the mattress was soft, and it was spacious enough for me to roll around.

I had my privacy here. Iris showed me around, mostly the kitchen area, hall, Thea’s activity room, dance room, art room, study, and playroom. Why so many rooms? ~

“Iris, before showing me Thea’s room, why don’t you show me Thea?” She raised her brow at my comment before smiling.

“Sure. She must’ve woken up from her nap.” I gave her a tight smile. She took me to Thea’s room, which was opposite mine.

I entered the room with Iris, my eyes observing the room that didn’t look like it belonged to a kid. Am I babysitting a teenage girl? ~

“Thea, meet your nanny.” Hearing Iris’s professional voice, my eyes shifted to her side. I waited for the teenage girl to come out, but I didn’t see anyone.

Iris was looking down, and I lowered my gaze to see a cute little girl about seven or eight years old, hiding near her bed.

She shyly lifted her head to see me. I was amused, seeing her cheeks turning red from the attention she was getting. At least someone blushes because of me. ~

“Hey!” My voice was soft, and to make her comfortable, I waved my hand, smiling at the cute girl with semi-curly hair. She took three steps forward, waving her hand.


“Thea, brush your teeth while I talk with your nanny.” She nodded her head cutely at Iris before running to what seemed like a bathroom.

“Ms. Gibson, I want you to remember a few things regarding Thea. Never ever ask her about her mother.

“Thea’s father is very busy. You won’t be seeing him, as he never stays here, which is why we assigned you to take care of Thea. Don’t leave this chamber unless it’s very important.

“I won’t be living here; I will be leaving this place now. There are housekeepers in here who will be helping you.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Iris left the room, leaving me alone with this little girl who was brushing her teeth. I felt weird about all this.

The room was plain…very plain for a seven-year-old girl. It seemed like the room of a working woman who didn’t have any taste. It needed a major makeover.

I plopped down on the bed, thinking about the changes I was going to make with this room.

Hearing quiet steps, I turned toward the bathroom. Thea was standing near the door, looking at me with her big eyes.

“Come here, cute lady.” She padded to me. She was wearing night pants and a shirt, which looked cute on her. Her hair was long for a seven-year-old.

I pulled her into my arms and sat her on the bed beside me.

“I’m Jasmine.”

“I’m Thea. Your name is pretty. You are just like Jasmine.” I was confused for a split second before it hit me. She was referring to the Disney character Jasmine.

“Well you are pretty too, and you have beautiful hair.” I patted her hair.

“Your hair is red and beautiful. How come your hair is red and mine is brown?”

I chuckled at her question. “People have different color hair. You’ve got brown, while I’ve got red.” I asked her a few questions to make her feel comfortable and answered the questions she asked me.

“Hmm… You aren’t like those old nannies. They were bad to me.”

I frowned at her words. Had they treated her badly? “What did they do?”

“They never cared about me. All they do is complain to Iris, and Iris tells Papa, who gets angry with me.”

“Oh.” I hugged her because, I didn’t know, I felt like hugging.

“Are you hungry?” She nodded her head at my question.

“Let’s go and feed your stomach. What do you want to eat?”

“Can you make strawberry pancakes with chocolate syrup? I ate them a long time ago.”

“Sure.” She took my hand and wrapped her small fingers around it, making me smile at her innocence.

I loved children, but I’d never gotten to spend time with them since I didn’t know anybody who had children.

As I was making pancakes for the little Thea, she started asking questions.

“Can I call you Flower?”

“Flower?” I asked her in confusion, mixing the batter.

“Your name is Jasmine. Jasmine is a flower. It’s my nickname for you.”

“Okay.” I chuckled at my new nickname.

“What’s your favorite color?” she asked me with so much interest.

“Gray and black. Yours?”

She thought for a while. “I like all the colors except orange.”

“What’s your favorite Disney movie?”

Maleficent; and yours?”

“Beauty and the Beast.” ~

She questioned me about all my likes and dislikes, which was interesting, as I got to know about her likes and dislikes. It helped me get close to her.

I already felt at ease with this little girl. Our connection had started, and I might enjoy staying here.

“Here you go,” I said placing the pancakes before her and handed her the chocolate syrup.

“Thank you,” she said holding the fork. To make it easy for her, I have cut down the pancakes into small pieces.

As she started eating I watched her. I had my share of doubts, but I didn’t want to break my deal. The pay was good, along with the room. A lot of questions started roaming in my mind after hearing Iris.

If Iris told me not to ask Thea about her mother, it might mean that Thea’s parents got divorced or Thea’s father might have had an one night stand.

After seeing this palace, I conclude that Thea’s father whoever it is, is a rich man. But who would be paying one million dollars for taking care of his daughter.

I look around the kitchen, the place is mysterious along with Iris. There is something about her that tells me to be careful.

I can say that Thea’s father is a powerful man, the whole mansion has security guards and personal body guards guarding the palace. If this place is mysterious then Thea’s father is also mysterious.

Now I have this strange urge to know more about Thea’s father. Why he would be leaving his daughter all alone in this big palace. Why there are bodyguards in every chamber and hallway?

What does Thea’s father do? Is he a politician? Or is he a businessman? Or is he into illegal things? I shook my head at the last thought, I don’t have to think about negative things.

Maybe her father is an old man who worked all his life and built this empire and had a baby. But as I look at Thea, I don’t think her father is an old man. Now my thoughts went in a different direction.

Is he good looking? Is he handsome or attractive? Usually the businessmen are attractive in their suits. I roll my lower lip into my mouth as I imagine about Thea’s father. I hope he is an attractive man, not an old man.

“Are you not going to have anything?” Thea questioned breaking me from my thoughts.

“Huh? I already had my breakfast.”


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