You Left Me - Book cover

You Left Me

Kachi Okwesa

Chapter Two


“Kim!” Coral exclaimed and hurriedly wiped away her tears before looking at the maid who had her eyebrows up, giving her a questioning look.

“I asked Nikolai about your raise so you could pay for your brother’s surgery, and he said okay.”

She looked honestly relieved—Kim, that is. “Thank you, but why are you crying?”

Coral was unsure if Kim was just asking because it felt like an obligation and shook her head dismissively. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I am sure I can try to.”

“Okay?” Coral started. Why not give it a shot? “Nikolai doesn’t want a baby, and I really want one.”

“Well, I think that some people take longer to come round to the idea of having a baby, and you should wait for a loving home where both the father and mother want the baby.

“Maybe instead you should go on a sex strike and talk to him heart and soul about it. I don’t think he wants to talk about it before work, and he would want to be settled to have this conversation with you,” Kim said.

Coral exhaled and stared at nothing in particular. She simply couldn’t wait around till Nikolai was ready, which seemed impossible.

“Thanks for the advice, Kim, I really appreciate it.”

“You are—” Kim started to say but was interrupted

“Kim, please excuse us,” said Nikolai, walking in on their conversation. He gave Coral a glance and she looked away.

She wondered what he would say about her confiding in the help. Nothing good, she expected that much from him.

“Yes, sir.” Kim grabbed her duster from the counter then walked out of the kitchen, giving Coral a quick glance.

“Baby…” Nikolai said softly, but his deep voice made it sound a bit firm.

“I don’t want to hear it, you don’t even trust me,” Coral said, looking away from him and heading out the door.

Nikolai grabbed her hand and pulled her back against him.

“Please let go of me.” She put it simply enough.

Nikolai placed his hands on her hips then buried his face into the crook of her neck, whispering, “Of course I trust you.”

“Nikolai, let me go.” She struggled against him again.

“Calm down, my love. I didn’t mean to make you cry, you know that. I’m very sorry I didn’t mean it, forgive me,” he said.

“Please,” he added; she could almost hear the pout in his voice.

Coral groaned then looked at him. “Eres molesto, tu lo sabes?” You are very annoying, you know that?

Nikolai smiled as Coral grabbed his face and pressed her lips on his. His hands-on reflex went down to her butt and gripped it firmly, pulling her up.

Coral instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, and she felt a slight ridge in his pants that was a tell-tale sign that he wanted her.

He pulled his lips from hers. “Seems to me like I’m excited.”

“But I thought you were late for work, sir,” she said in an almost teasing tone.

He laughed. “You’ve gotten me this far, I think work can wait.”

She kissed him. It was like the first time they had kissed, over and over again, every time they kissed.

He walked up the stairs to the bedroom. He shut the door and locked it with the key. Just so there was no interruption.

“Baby, what you do to me should be a crime,” Nikolai murmured, kissing the column of her throat as he laid her down on the bed.

Nikolai quickly threw off his jacket, then his tie. Coral crawled to him to assist with his shirt. Soon enough, Nikolai was giving Coral pleasure in slow, deep, hard thrusts.

After, Coral was on the bed with the comforter over her chest as Nikolai got dressed for work for the second time, with different clothes. When he was ready, he kissed Coral on the forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” she whispered dryly.

“Get some water and maybe you can go shopping with Morris today.”

She almost rolled her eyes at him. She was unhappy; he knew it, yet he didn’t do anything about it.

Nikolai opened his wallet and brought out his card and handed it to her. “Knock yourself out.” His phone rang and he glanced at it. “This is work.” He grabbed his briefcase and walked out of the room.

Coral glanced at the platinum card. It definitely was not the first time he had given her this card, but this was going to be the first time she actually used it.

After a long soak in the Jacuzzi, Coral called her friends Morris and Alice to have a day out with her.


Despite Nikolai and Coral being a happy couple with all the good things of life, Nikolai was not ready to have a Spanish-Italian child running around the mansion, seeking attention from everywhere possible.

To him, that was exactly what a child was—an attention-sucking monster. Maybe that’s why his parents hadn’t wanted him.

The general idea of having a family was nice, but the idea of having to share Coral was the disturbing part. He just wanted her to himself for the time being. He just wanted her to understand that.


“Mrs. Giovanni, your friends are here. They are in the foyer,” Delilah, another maid announced from outside her door.

“Tell them I’ll be there soon.”

“Yes, Mrs. Giovanni.”

Coral added her last touch of makeup, then she stood up. She was dressed in a lace romper and golden sandals. She ran down the stairs until she met with the two women at the end of the stairs.

“I’m so glad you guys could make it out on short notice.”

“I’ll ditch a funeral if it means gossip with you,” Alice said. Coral drew back at her…weird response. Morris replied with a roll of her eyes.

Alice grabbed her purse from an ivory display table in front of a large picture of Nikolai and Coral. In the picture, Nikolai was playfully kissing Coral’s cheek and Coral was grinning widely.

“Morris, what’s that?” she whispered

“The lady sickens me, but I’m glad I can spend time with you. It’s been forever—it feels like you’re choosing Nikolai over me.”

“Oh, come on, you are my first and only best girlfriend. Nikolai is my husband and he is a lot of things, but he can never replace you. He’s a boy, boys have cooties.”

Morris giggled. “Is this where we kiss?”

“Shut up,” Coral said playfully.

“I think shopping, lunch, and a massage will do the trick. How about that? My treat?”

“That sounds awesome,” Alice and Morris replied.


“Wow, Paulina, you have the hands of a goddess,” Coral half moaned.

“So how is Nikolai lately? Been missing him a lot. How is your marriage,” Morris asked.

“Well, a few fights, but it is smooth regardless. I just want him to be happy, you know?”

“Well, you do a really good job,” Alice commented.

“Can you believe he thought that I would purposely skip my pills so I could have a child? That man is slowly starting to get on my nerves.”

“Didn’t he make up for it this morning?” Morris asked with boredom laced in her tone, looking at her as the woman massaged her back.

“How do you know?”

“Well, from over here I can see scratch marks and a hickey, so who were you trying to fool—me and Alice or the massage therapists?”

“Morris!” Coral exclaimed then blushed. “So has the result come in yet?” Morris scoffed and ignored her. “Morris?”

A week ago Coral did a test and asked that it be sent to Morris’s house.

“What?” Morris replied awkwardly.

“Answer me.”

“You won’t be happy.”

“Fuck, Morris, answer me!”

“You are pregnant.”

Coral looked up alarmed. “What?”

“You are preg—”

“I heard you the first time, Morris. How is this possible?”

“Well, when a mommy duck and a daddy duck love each other very much, they tend to express this love in a certain way called—”

“Morris, shut up. Oh my God, how am I going to tell Nikolai?”

“Well, you guys have a very interesting sex life. Vivek and I have sex seldomly since he is not in the country, you and Nikolai tend to do it every day.”

“He is going to be mad.”

“Well, that’s as bad as it can get. He can’t divorce you or tell you to abort it—he loves you. Just explain.”

“He is going to insult me and bring up countless reasons why I got pregnant in the first place.”

“Then you counter back by telling him that birth control pills are not one hundred foolproof. Then insult him too.”

“Alice, what do you think?” Coral asked.

“Dragging me into this, really? I think I agree with Morris, you have to tell him. Do you plan on aborting the baby before it is even noticeable?”

Coral kept her mouth shut.

“Well do you?

“I thought my silence was answer enough.”

“No, Coral, it wasn’t. Anyway, since you don’t plan on aborting the baby then you will have to tell Nikolai before he finds out himself. Or else things are going to be ugly.”

“When should I tell him?”

“Over dinner,” the two women replied simultaneously.

“With a lot of wine. For him of course since you’re pregnant,” Alice said with a little snicker.

“And pillows,” Morris added.

“Speaking of the devil, Nikolai is calling you right now,” Alice said and went back to her massage. Coral’s eyes widened.

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