Ten Years

Mariah Sinclair

Katarina has waited ten years for her childhood friend Dominic to come home. Ten years of secret lust and longing. But now she’s older, stronger, and determined to get what she wants. As these two lovers pursue their irresistible attraction, passion and drama explode...

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse)

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Ten Years - Book cover

Ten Years

Mariah Sinclair

Katarina has waited ten years for her childhood friend Dominic to come home. Ten years of secret lust and longing. But now she’s older, stronger, and determined to get what she wants. As these two lovers pursue their irresistible attraction, passion and drama explode...

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse)

1: Chapter 1


Today was the day Dominic Bianchi was finally coming back home to Maryland after ten years of living out in San Diego with his father.

I was finally going to see my brother’s best friend for the first time since we were kids. My brother’s best friend who I was madly in love with.

The image of his jet-black hair, sculpted biceps, and irresistible good looks sent a wave of crashing currents through my body every time the thought of him crossed my mind.

I hadn’t completely cut off contact. We had kept in touch via video calls, but I always avoided being around when he came back to visit.

It was too hard to let him go the first time he left. I wasn’t doing it again.

Ever since I could remember, Dom and Christof were the best of friends. I would follow them around like a lost puppy, always desperately vying for Dom’s attention.

They would pick on me, tease me, put me through hell because I was the annoying little girl who they constantly got stuck babysitting.

Dom was nearing eighteen when we said our goodbyes. A young man coming into his manhood while I was a thirteen-year-old still going through acne and just starting to develop breasts.

Back then, I was just a child to Dom. He called me Kitten, and treated me like a little sister, never looking at me with the need or desire I held in my eyes when I looked at him.

Christof ended up attending UCLA, so he and Dom were able to stay close through the years after his parents’ divorce.

I would always wait for Chris to visit during the holidays, never venturing far from Maryland in my efforts to avoid Dom and another painstaking heartbreak.

But there was no ignoring Dom now. He would be living with me and Christof in our apartment.

This time, I didn’t want to avoid him. I was a grown woman now, ready to make sure he realized that in every way possible.

Dom’s plane wasn’t due in for hours, and my lonely entrance ached at the thought of his return. I couldn’t get him out of my mind, picturing Dom and the many ways he could be violating my body.

No longer able to contain my arousal, I reached into my panties and slid my fingers between my wet slit, rubbing up and down with my thumb circling my most sensitive spot.

Placing a hand under my oversized T-shirt, I kneaded my tender breast and flicked the hardened nipple, imagining Dom’s fingers between my swollen lips.

He’d replace his fingers with his thick girth, my throbbing tunnel welcoming the invasion.

I rubbed even more fervently, intoxicated by fantasies of him. I was becoming delirious with the possibilities as the yearning between my thighs increased.

I needed something buried deep inside my pulsing muscles. Keeping my hand on my breast, I removed the other hand to reach into my nightstand drawer.

Slipping out of my underwear, I took out my seven-inch vibrator with rabbit ears and plunged it into my wet depths.

Relief flooded over me as I filled my emptiness. I sighed, picturing him in my mind.

I hope Dom is just as hard and big. Harder and bigger would be even better.

I powered it on, clenching my body together as the initial vibrations teased my bud.

Slowly I began to thrust in and out, picking up the pace with each plummeting re-entry, swaying and rocking my hips in tune with the motions.

My muscles began to contract as my relief grew closer.

So close, so fucking close, so—

My orgasm was ready to rip right through me when my bedroom door came flying open. Lost in my own pleasures, I never heard someone enter the apartment.

“Kitten?” Dom glanced at my stunned expression. His gaze quickly dropped to my exposed lower half, a dildo shoved up my abyss.

“Dom?” My face reddened in embarrassment. Not much fazed me, but having Dom walk in just now, finding me like this, was humiliating. This wasn’t how I wanted our reunion to go down.

I immediately reached down and pulled my blanket over up to my waist, the vibrator still in place.

Dom’s sea-blue eyes bore into mine. “Remove the blanket, Kat. And don’t stop.” His voice was steady, his eyes commanding.

I listened and went back to hammering the electronic monster in and out.

Dom stepped closer, seating himself on my bed right next to me. He grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulled it off, and tossed it aside before reaching behind my back and unsnapping my bra.

My breath grew ragged as I thrust my toy, keeping my eyes locked on Dom’s lusty gaze. There was no more shame, his hungry eyes on me only warmed my arousal.

The straps of my bra slid down the sides of my arms, leaving my breasts fully accessible with the underwire sitting below my stomach.

Dom’s large, calloused hand took hold of my breast, kneading it with the pads of his fingers.

“Did I do this to you? Was it me you were thinking about that got you so desperate you felt the need to satisfy yourself with this toy?”

“Fuck…Dom,” I gasped. “Y-yes, you did this to me.” My body was a ticking time bomb ready to explode in pleasure. His touch was better than I could have ever imagined.

Electricity coursed through my veins, large scorching flames ran throughout my blood, every inch of me on fire from Dom’s caress.

His mouth moved to my nipple, enveloping my rock-solid pebble in his lips, and flicking it with his tongue. My body felt almost depleted from the intense sensation.

Dom moved from my breast to my mouth, parting my lips with his tongue, tasting, devouring, aggressively ravaging me with his kisses.

His hand cupped my face, and my fingers tightly fisted his hair just above the back of his neck. My body was covered in a tingling sensation I had never felt before as he brought me to the edge.

“Oh God, Dom, I’m going to come,” I cried out as I made what I knew would be the final thrusts.

“Do it, Kitten…let go,” his rasping voice whispered into my ear as his hot breath fanned my skin. It was the sexiest sound I had ever heard.

My body jolted, my toes curling as my release ripped through me. I convulsed and contorted as my orgasm dispersed in contractions to completion.

Our mouths continued to mesh. I readjusted myself, slipping out of my bra and removing my toy. I rolled Dom over to his back, my exposed breasts against his clothed chest.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, Katarina. I want you so bad,” Dom growled, biting into the curve of my neck.

“And you’re going to have me. All of me.” I released my lips, straddling my naked body on top of the solid erection that ached against his jeans.

My eyes burned into his with a dominant stare as I tore his shirt off to expose his vast muscles and contoured chest.

I gently sucked on his lips, licking his tongue before breaking free. With a devilish smirk, I brought my mouth to his neck and slowly began to suck and nibble as guttural grunts escaped his lips.

I made sure my tongue followed each assault I made, licking, sucking, trailing further down toward his chest.

My hands sat on his chest as I arched my back and ground my sex into his erection. My mouth continued its trail downward as I pushed our lower regions together.

“Fuck Kat, what are you doing to me?” His labored breath fought to speak.

I didn’t answer, grinding my pelvis harder against his crotch, my mouth trying to find its way down there until I reached the outline of his jeans.

I teased him, torturing him with my tongue letting it glide under the crease that separated his jeans from his flesh.

He sucked in his breath, desperate for me to have my lips wrapped around his pulsing shaft.

Back and forth, side to side, I brought my tongue down little by little without unhinging the button of his pants as Dom twinged and contorted in need.

“What, Dom?” I looked up to meet his gaze, “You want me to keep going?” I asked looking clueless when the answer was clearly yes.

“Please don’t stop,” he begged. The despair in his voice, something I had waited my entire life to hear.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his pants down with his boxers, letting him kick them completely off.

I continued to kiss and lick further down, lightly biting into his skin every so often as I made my way to his throbbing cock.

Once there, eagerly I took it in my hand, more than satisfied with his large package. My fingers knit tightly around the bulge, stroking as he convulsed.

I wanted to taste him, feel him down my throat. I took my mouth to the bottom of his shaft, licking upward, rounding his head with my tongue.

I teased some more, only playing with the tip, my lips wrapping around never letting him down my throat as my tongue continued to swirl.

I licked, I sucked, stopping at the head as he fell into a sexual frenzy under my control. I wanted to hear him beg, plead out loud letting me know how much he truly needed and wanted me after all these years of rejection…and he did.

“Why are you doing this to me? I can’t fucking take it,” Dom cried in anguish. His entire body was firmly tensed.

“Because I can.” Smirking, I looked up to face him.

He took hold of my hair, grasping it tightly in his fingers, pulling at my scalp and sending a delicious pain searing through me.

I swallowed his entirety in one fluid motion, sucking down to his balls as he let out a loud groan of relief.

I didn’t stop, repeatedly I sucked swallowing him whole with Dom pumping my head with his hands, bringing himself further in. He thrust down my throat as I reveled in his essence.

“Kat,” he grunted.” I’m going to come.”

I could feel his cock pulsing under my tongue, ready to release.

“Come in my mouth, come all over my chest.” I stroked him vigorously under my fingers.

“Holy fuck!” He exploded in my mouth and then pulled out, releasing the remainder of his moist warmth on my chest. I finished stroking his manhood back and forth, emptying him onto my breasts.

I licked my lips and feasted on the small drops that lingered. Dom shattered before me, his clenched muscles unraveling as he loosened his grip on my hair.

“Don’t do that shit in front of me,” Dom growled, catching a glimpse of me wiping my lips. He stared down at my mouth like he was ready to ravage me like a wild beast.

“Don’t do what?” I looked up at his cyan eyes in amusement. A small smirk of contentment grazed my face as I teased. He was mine now, finally falling to my allure.

I was no longer the hunter, now I was the prey, being looked at like I was what he craved.

“Don’t lick your lips like that or I’m going to have to fuck you.” His words were fierce, his stare cold and commanding. He knew what he wanted, and I wanted to give him every piece of me.

“Then fuck me, Dom, unless you can’t get hard again,” I taunted, challenging him to prove he was the man that was meant to tame me.

“Oh, I can get hard,” he said confidently. “Get on all fours.”

Looking over my shoulder, positioned and ready, I impatiently watch Dom settle behind me.

I turned back to face the headboard listening to the sounds of his grunting and pumping, hardening his erection.

His fingers along with the head of his cock brushed against my fold. As soon as I felt him, twitching and throbbing I let out a whimpering moan, begging to cradle his cock.

If he doesn’t plunge into me soon, I’ll lose my mind.

“Fuck me please,” I cried out before rocking back into him to feel his cock again, letting him know I was more than ready for him to be buried deep inside my walls.

“Okay, Kitten.” And right before he could situate himself into my depths, an all too familiar voice reached my ears.

“Katarina, are you here?” Christof called out from out in the living room.

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