Airport Security - Book cover

Airport Security

Sam Marie

Lani is on the way to meet Rocket, her online crush, on the other side of the country. He insisted she insert an object in a very private place, but when she walks through airport security, the metal detectors require a full body search.

Age Rating: 18+

Chapter 1

Airport Security

“Please step to the side, ma’am,” the burly security guard with muscles bulging under his blue buttoned-up shirt ordered me after the alarm on the metal detector beeped for a third time.

I was assured this would work, and yet, it was clear now that nothing could escape these detection systems; when the man waved his metal detector over my center, and it began to beep, I felt the heat rush up my cheeks.

“Ma’am, do you have any metal piercings that may be hidden under your clothing?” he asked, trying to hold back his smile.

I gulped. “Yes, I do.”

Several piercings were hidden under my clothing, but that wasn’t all. I prayed to God I wouldn’t have to offer proof.

“Please come with me,” he instructed, taking my upper arm and steering me through the security area.

“My bags,” I protested, looking back to see my bags being collected by another intimidating man.

What have I gotten myself into? If I admit what I am ~carrying, would they write it off as a misunderstanding?~

The guard opened a door to a small, sterile-looking room and guided me inside. The other guard, who had collected my bags, brought them in and set them on a metal table at the far end of the room.

“Take a seat,” said the burly man, whose name tag read Curt.

I followed his direction and took a seat, while the two guards discussed something quietly. Shortly after, the baggage guard left the room.

Curt and I were alone, and when he locked the door and turned back to me, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Not only was his physical presence incredibly intimidating and notably attractive, but the look on his face was borderline evil. Something about his eyes screamed danger.

When he finds ~out what is inside me, will he charge me with something?~ ~He will~ ~most definitely reprimand and embarrass me. But what else will~ ~he do to me? ~

He doesn’t ~look like the kind of man who messes around.~

“I’ll need proof of those piercings, miss…?” he said, standing before me with his arms crossed.

“Miss Griffin. Lani Griffin,” I said uneasily, squirming in my seat as I realized he wouldn’t be moving—he would be watching while I removed them.

“Well, Miss Lani Griffin, let’s see them then. I’ll rescan you once they are removed,” he stated matter-of-factly before leaning against the wall and looking down at me with threatening eyes.

“Um…Sir… They are under my clothes,” I pleaded, embarrassed and hoping he would turn his back momentarily.

“I won’t be taking my eyes off you for one minute, Miss Griffin, so don’t even try. Now, the piercings.” He motioned to my clothes.

I slowly stood and, with shaky hands, lifted the hem of my T-shirt and slid it over my head. When I looked up, he was still watching me.

His gaze slid across my exposed stomach and over the fleshy mounds of my breasts. They were only covered with a thin cotton bra, and the two matching metal bars underneath poked the sides of the fabric, making two round bulges on each side of my hardening nipples.

“Good,” he said, straightening and stepping closer to me.

There was already little space in the small room. His towering form now stood within reach, and I swear the air got hotter. Sweat beaded on my lower back as I watched Curt’s gaze darken as they landed on my nipples.

“I don’t have all day.” His eyes darted to mine and narrowed menacingly.

Quickly, I slipped the cotton bralette over my head, and my breasts fell out of it, bouncing a little. Curt had my boobs in each hand before my bra even reached the floor.

“I have to investigate these properly,” he said, rolling and tugging at the metal rods.

God damn, these tiny little piercings!

As he moved them, my body was unable to resist the feeling of desire overwhelming me. Each tug and twist had my inner walls clenching around the item stashed away there; I would die from embarrassment if I had to reveal it to this stranger.

As Curt examined the piercings, my eyes rolled back in pleasure. God, it felt good to have this man’s rough hands playing with me. A stranger who could overpower and control me—my ultimate fantasy.

But as soon as I began to let my fantasies run wild, his hands were gone and so were the metal rods.

“There. Next one,” he ordered, turning his back on me and setting the jewelry down on the metal table.

I cursed myself for being a lustful whore and blamed the item buried deep in my pussy.

Rocket, the emo gamer I’d met online four weeks ago, had shipped the toy to my house and told me to wear it through the airport.

He controlled it at home, but I had yet to feel any vibrations. It was bound to happen any time now.

With the guard’s back turned, I thought this would be a good opportunity. I unbuttoned and dropped my pants and tugged my panties down, but when I stood back up, Curt was facing me again.

“Um…” A vibration rocked through my body, and I clenched. “Arrgh!” I moaned, smashing my legs together.

“Miss Griffin, spread your legs now,” Curt ordered, taking a defensive stance.

The vibrator pulsed more intensely, and I shook my head. I couldn’t open my legs. My body was too tight, too tense, too electrified.

“Now!” His voice rose, and his hand moved toward his weapon.

Immediately, I spread my legs, despite the tingling vibration shooting through my core.

With my legs spread, I could feel the evidence of my arousal dripping down my inner thighs, and when the sound of a droplet hit the cold tile floor, I went molten.

“Fuck!” Curt hissed as the vibrator beat harder.

My walls clenched around the toy, spasming after each tremor.

Curt dropped to his knees in front of me and leaned in. His fingers slid over my pussy, flicking my third piercing before finding the end of the vibrator and tugging on it gently.

The movement sent pulsation shooting through my body.

“Oh god,” I moaned, shaking and reaching for Curt’s shoulders to steady myself.

His hands found my waist to steady me. “Miss Griffin, are you aware that this shouldn’t be worn through airport security? This is the type of thing you pack in your suitcase.”

“I know,” I breathed, closing my eyes as the vibrator pounded against my inner walls, and Curt’s fingers rummaged through my wet lips.

Why is ~he touching me like this? Why i~sn’t ~he just removing it?~

“I’ll have to remove this and this,” he said, flicking the piercing on my clit.

Another tremor ran through me. “Oh my god,” I moaned, pressing my nails into the firm muscles on his shoulders.

“I hate to remove it when you’re enjoying it so much though,” Curt said, his hot breath fanning against my moist pussy lips.

His face was so close, his eyes examining every part of my naughty core as if searching for any additional threats.

“Please,” I begged again, unsure of what I was begging for. The growing tension in my core was overwhelming, and yet, I fought it with everything.

There was no way I would cum in the security back room with a strange man kneeling before me. However, fighting the release only made me more excited.

“Fuck this,” Curt hissed, and his mouth engulfed my clit.

“Ah!” I screamed in surprise, but his hands rounded my backside and pressed me closer to his mouth. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder and went to town on my pussy.

The new angle gave his tongue deeper access to my pussy, and his tongue laved up my dripping juice.

I wasn’t sure what type of security examination this was, but I was ready to fuck it all to hell. The vibrator was going crazy inside me now, and Curt’s tongue matched the pace on the outside.

One massive hand firmly held my backside, while his other pinched and rolled my nipple.

I felt my cunt spasming, the heat building. I arched my back and tilted my pussy upward, shifting my hips as I watched my wetness slide across Curt’s face, leaving behind a glistening trail of pussy juice.

“Oh, you’re a bad girl!” Curt moaned, pinching my nipple harder.

I stifled a groan and rode his face harder, his rewarding chuckle encouraging me to go faster.

“Ride me, baby,” he breathlessly mumbled as my hips took on a crazed rhythm.

Frantically, I shifted back and forth, rubbing my pussy lips across his chin, lips, tongue, and nose. Every groove on his face massaged my walls, while the vibrator thrummed inside me, that coiling stretching more tautly inside me with each swipe of his tongue.

And when the vibrator stopped, Curt yanked it out of me and plunged his fingers inside of me. They filled me even more, and when they pounded in and out of me, that coil exploded into a million splinters.

My cum spurted out in juicy waves, leaking down Curt’s fingers and face as I convulsed against him.

When he pulled his fingers out of me and set my leg down, I collapsed onto a nearby chair.

Shockwaves still trickled through me, and I didn’t even care that I was still naked and soiled.

“My turn,” Curt said, spreading my knees and dropping his pants.

“Wh…what?” I looked up in a haze right before he shoved his cock down my throat.

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Airport Security
Airport Security
Sam Marie

Lani is on the way to meet Rocket, her online crush, on the other side of the country. He insisted she insert an object in a very private place, but when she walks through airport security, the metal detectors require a full body search.

Age Rating: 18+

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