IS Campbell

Stacy Grey is suddenly thrown into a world of breathless desire, quivering seduction, and intimidating darkness when she meets Dylan Ramone, her best friend’s new roommate. Dylan, the devilishly handsome demon of Gastonia, is the complete opposite of sweet Stacy. Armed with a seductive grin, inked body, and pure hatred in his eyes, he’s ready to keep everyone and anyone away from the skeletons in his closet. But what will happen when Dylan and Stacy collide? Will the angel tame the demon, or will the demon devour the angel?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Assault, BDSM, Drug Use/Overdose, Rape, Self-Harm, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Suicide, Violence Against Women)

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IS Campbell

Stacy Grey is suddenly thrown into a world of breathless desire, quivering seduction, and intimidating darkness when she meets Dylan Ramone, her best friend’s new roommate. Dylan, the devilishly handsome demon of Gastonia, is the complete opposite of sweet Stacy. Armed with a seductive grin, inked body, and pure hatred in his eyes, he’s ready to keep everyone and anyone away from the skeletons in his closet. But what will happen when Dylan and Stacy collide? Will the angel tame the demon, or will the demon devour the angel?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Assault, BDSM, Drug Use/Overdose, Rape, Self-Harm, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Suicide, Violence Against Women)

1: Prologue


29 Dec 2015

A loud thud echoes through the long, dark hallway as Alexis’s body makes contact with the wall. She cries out a delicious howl. A plea for me to never let her go.

I groan into her mouth, not being able to stop myself. This is heaven. My groans finally mix with the exquisite bliss of Alexis’s pleasure-filled sounds. It’s all that I ever need in this world.

My lips curl up into a grin against hers as I hoist her up further against the dark-painted wall. I can feel my need, my arousal, my absolute desire for her all the way in my groin. I need her.


And the whimper leaving those gorgeous lips is a clear indication that she needs me too, just as much as I need her.

I vigorously grab a hold of her hands and press them above her head, restraining her with my mere grip.

My actions cause a few mewling sounds to escape from her beautiful and luscious red lips. I continue kissing her like my whole life depends on it. Her lips are the addiction I need. She’s what I crave.

I keep on worshiping every square inch of her body that I can get a hold of with my hands, as well as my lips.

Alexis. I repeat her name like a prayer on my lips.

Alexis. Alexis.

She responds with unrecognizable sounds.

Damn, I fucking love this girl. I love her with every nerve that’s coursing through my system. I want her. I want nothing but her. I want to kiss her. Touch her. Breathe her. Own her; just like she completely owns me.

In every way possible.

In a moment of spontaneity, she lifts her hips to buck against mine, causing a groan to escape the corners of my mouth. I let out a cuss as I feel my crotch responding to her sensual gestures.

How does she manage to do this to me? How does she make me want to lose control like this so fucking quickly?

“If you want to play dirty, I might have to punish you, babe.”

I hiss at her in the most seductive and hoarse voice that I’ve ever heard from my own lips and push her body harder against the wall. A wide smirk starts to spread across her maroon-stained lips. Something sparks in her eyes.

I can tell that she’s instantly aroused by what I just said.

“Please do,” she almost begs me with a panting breath. “I want to be punished.”

My heart suddenly skips a beat. Should I go through with this?

Damon wanted me to start doing it. He wanted me to become—what he referred to as a Dominant—but I don’t want to make a living of fucking everything that breathes. Sexual behaviors mixed with violence aren’t really my thing.

I just want Alexis. And maybe taking her into that room will set my path into becoming what Damon wanted me to be and I can’t let that happen. It won’t happen. I won’t allow it.

“You want to?” I ask quickly but I keep my voice firm. I need to make sure that this is what Alexis really wants before I even try anything else.

“Yes,” she moans out the one-worded answer.

My brain whirls around with question after question.

Should I do it? Can I just explain to Alexis that it’s not my thing? Will it hurt our relationship if we do decide to venture down this path, even if it’s just for one night?

Oh, fuck it, my brother will never use the room again, as he said so himself. He’s done with it. He stepped out. And it’s not like I plan to do this with anyone else. Only Alexis. It’s just one night. There’s no harm in that.

So, why the hell not? It’s just going to be us. Making love until we can’t even say our names. There won’t be violence. There won’t be hurt. Only love.

I grab her hand in mine, lacing her soft, warm fingers with my own.

I slowly tug her with me and pull her into the room further down the hall. The room that contains all my brothers’ dirty, sex-filled secrets. The room that I swore I would never use.

To my own shock, Alexis doesn’t look fazed by everything before us. It seems almost like… like she’s seen a room like this before.


She couldn’t have.

I press the horrific thoughts from my mind in an instant. No.

Alexis wouldn’t have done this before. Especially not to this extent. She told me that she had only been intimately involved once before me—and that it was a normal relationship. No kinky business. Just normal. And I believe her.

I love her.

She wouldn’t lie to me about this.

Still, with my hand holding hers, I lead her to the bed in the corner, walking with the sensual grace of a feline toward my destination.

I have no idea how any of the other sex furniture in this room works, so, I guess the mattress will have to do for now.

“Lay on your back,” I instruct her with my most authoritative tone, well, as authoritative as what I can sound at eighteen-years-old. She kindly obliges to my request and the arousal between my legs grows even further.

If I don’t fuck her soon, I’ll come here and now. And I won’t even regret it. She bites her bottom lip as I continue to undress her until the last remaining bit of fabric is discarded from her magnificent body.

I look up and notice a pair of leather handcuffs on one of the racks. My mind flashes in a millisecond; I want that leather to hug around her skin.

I hastily climb off her and walk around the bed.

I remove the cuffs from the rack and tie them around the poles on the end of the bed.

“Give me your left hand.” I order. She slides her hand in my own and I enclose the cuff around her wrist, hard enough to make her wince.

She smiles immediately after, showing me how aroused she is by my actions. I do the same to her right hand and step back, stripping myself from my remaining clothing. I take my spot on top of her again.

“I love you,” I remind her with a soft voice. She just smiles up at me, silently begging for me. I grin back and sink my body inside of her with one swift movement.

She groans out as I thrust my body in and out of her with a relentless rhythm.

I feel her arms tugging at the cuffs as we continue our lovemaking. She throws her head back in euphoria, moaning out my name again and again.

I smile upon hearing the sweet sounds of Alexis’s moans and latch my mouth onto her shoulder blade, kissing the skin underneath my lips as I feel her body trembling beneath me with every thrust that my body gives into hers.

I’m the only one who can make her feel like this and I love it. She’s the only one that I will ever imagine being with.

She sends every fiber in my body to an apocalypse with just one kiss from her blazing lips or a single touch from her feather-light fingertips.

I finally come, finding my release in her.

It’s enough for her to come to her own finish, almost screaming out my name in the depths of her orgasm.

After I collapse breathlessly on top of her, I release her hands from the cuffs and for quite a few moments, we just lie together in silence, slowly coming back from our high.

Only the unsteady breaths speak the words that our mouths don’t.

“Dylan…” Her voice is soft in the darkness of the room. Exhaustion is clear in her single word. She needs rest after tonight.

I might have been a bit fast and overpowering on her tonight. I reach for her clothes and slowly, I start to dress her.

“Shh, come on, let’s go to bed. I can see that you’re tired.” I coax.

“But… Dylan…” She continues to pry.

I gently cut her off again. “Alexis, baby, you’re exhausted. Let’s sleep, we can talk tomorrow.”

I take her in my arms and carry her back to my bedroom, soothing her to sleep.

When I’ve slipped back into my sweatpants, I lock my arms tight around her body. I can feel her body falling into a deep sleep, she mumbles something about she loves me too.

I even imagine hearing her apologize to me… but I can’t think what she would apologize for, so I shrug it off and allow myself to fall into the dark abyss with her.

I wake up again when I hear the rain pounding against the window. The sound of thunder rumbles close-by. I shiver slightly at the coldness next to me and realize it’s Alexis. Shit. She’s freezing.

Why didn’t she stand up to put the heater on? Or at least, why didn’t she get another blanket? I look at my alarm clock, it’s not even four a.m. yet, we can still get a few hours’ worth of sleep.

I reach down, tugging at the fuzzy blanket on the foot of my bed, pulling it around Alexis’ shoulders and I swiftly kiss her forehead. I immediately pull back and sit up straight.

It’s not just her arms.

Her whole body feels cold. Colder than it should. What the fuck? How can she sleep so peacefully when she’s freezing like this?

“Alexis,” I mumble and slightly shake her. Nothing. She doesn’t move.

I notice that I’m not hearing her soft, rhythmic breathing anymore. I rapidly press my fingers to her icy neck in the hopes of feeling her pulse. Nothing. There’s not a single beat against my finger.

“Baby… Baby, wake up!” I yell, my voice is suddenly hoarse and raw. I shake her body, more strenuously than before.

She doesn’t wake. Fuck. My fingers fumble through the darkness of my bedroom as I desperately reach for my phone.

I dial the only number I can think of; emergency services. They’ll be able to help her. I know fucking nothing about CPR. I can’t help her on my own.

“City Emergency Services. What’s your emergency?”

I sigh in relief when the lady picks up. I quickly tell her what’s going on and that I need help. She tells me—in a voice that’s way too fucking calm—to give her the address and wait for the medics to arrive.

The woman stays with me on the phone, speaking more calming words as I wait for the medics to show up.

After what feels like hours dragging on, they finally show up to my doorstep.

“Please, just help her.

She was fine a few hours ago. When I woke up, she wasn’t breathing.” I realize the sudden hoarseness to my voice once more when I deliver them to my bedroom.

I look back down at Alexis’s lifeless body and immediately pull my eyes away from it and leave the room. She has to be okay. She is going to be okay. They’ll help her. They have to help her. They’ll know what to do.

I pace around the hallway, the echoing sounds of my footsteps keeping me company for a long time before someone comes out and looks me dead in the eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he utters the single words into the depths of the night.

He doesn’t need to confirm it. I can see it across his face, I can see what he wants to tell me in his damned green eyes. She’s gone. She’s dead. The love of my life.


Just like that.

I wave all of the medics off, practically throwing them out of the house. My anguish has finally taken over at the realization that Alexis is dead.

The walk back to my room has never taken this long.

I enter my room again and see her body has been covered with a sheet, confirming to me once more that she is dead.

I want to hold the tears back. Men don’t cry. But I can’t keep them out.

The salty tears start burning my eyes and the second I blink; they fall to the ground. It feels so unreal to think that all of a sudden, she’s just… gone.

There’s only one word burned in my mind: why?

Why her?

Why now?

Why at all?

Why did this have to happen to her? We were so happy together. Our lives were close to a fairytale. I was so certain she’s the one I’ll marry in a few years, I wanted her to be the mother of my children.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. And now, she’s just… not here anymore. She’s dead. And I’ll never see her again.

Soon enough, in the early hours of dawn, the doorbell rings again and I know exactly who it is.

The morgue. Did the medics call them? How the fuck else would they be here?

“I’m sorry for your loss, sir.” The woman greets me when I let her in. She—along with two of her colleagues—head off in the direction of my bedroom.

They carry her out. Out of my room. Out of my house. Out of my life.


I got fucking wasted that day. The drunkest that I have ever been in my whole damn life.

I marched down the hall and emptied my father’s entire liquor cabinet. I shot every single drop of liquid from every damn bottle down my throat. I didn’t care how drunk I got. I didn’t care how much it would fuck up my life.

I needed to forget. I wanted to forget everything.

It was ironic because the more alcohol I allowed into my system in the hopes of forgetting her; the more I remembered her.

I remembered the touches; her feather-light skin rubbing against mine as we made love.

I remembered the soft kisses that quickly turned into passionate battles of our tongues, dominating one another with nothing but inextinguishable love.

I remembered the bites of love, the gentle assault that my teeth would give over her body as she moaned my name.

I remembered the hugs, those sweet moments of tenderness when I knew in my core that I loved her…

And above all else…

I remembered our love. I remembered our passionate, sensual and all-consuming love.

I remembered our first kiss, hell, I even remembered our first fight. The one where we almost called the whole thing quits.

I wish we did, though. If we had just ended things back then, I wouldn’t have felt this absolute fucking sting of loss.

I drank another bottle to its last drop, in the same pathetic attempt to forget our beautiful story but it didn’t work. I remembered the way she made me feel, lighting up all my insides with just her smile.

She made me crave things that I have never craved before and I remembered every single detail of our life together.

When the alcohol didn’t help, I screamed at the top of my lungs as another—perhaps even more pathetic—attempt at draining out the aching feeling inside of me.

The hurt burned through me like hot lava, sizzling its way through my body until there was nothing left of me. My anger finally took over in the days that followed.

I shoved and punched everything in sight, from portraits and bottles to plates and vases. I destroyed as much as I could, leaving all the materialistic items in the same state as my heart; completely and utterly annihilated.

I broke more than half of my father’s belongings in the house, not that I actually gave a damn about it. I threw bottles around, breaking them into smithereens. I threw them on the floor, against the walls. Anywhere.

I tried everything I could to rid myself of the agonizing loss that I felt. But nothing worked.

At some point, I stopped my journey of destruction for a few shameless seconds and looked at my broken reflection in the, just as, broken glass. The image that stared back at me was frightening. Broken. Demolished.

I tried punching the walls with all my strength but it didn’t help. I couldn’t punch the pain out of me. After yet another couple of days… my body just decided to give up.

I sank down onto the ground and I cried and cried and cried.

I kept on weeping, solemnly unaware that in another few days, a mere couple of weeks after Alexis had been ripped away from my life, I would start my journey of darkness and destruction once more.

Darkness wasn’t done with me yet. There was still a lot more coming my way.

I didn’t realize at the time that I would cry even more until all my tears had dried up… until I couldn’t shed another tear… until there was nothing more left for me to cry about…

Until I was dead inside…

Ripped apart… and dead…

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