Don't Underestimate the Broken

Envy the Plague

Nisha is tortured relentlessly by her clan. Cursed with the Beast Mark, she is an outcast even amongst those who should care for her. Rejected, beaten, and alone, she learns to become a strong she-wolf outside of a pack. Four years later, Nisha's life gets turned upside down once again when the Moon Goddess grants her a second mate. After all the darkness in her life, will she be able to let go of the past and accept his love?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Domestic Violence, Extreme Violence/Gore, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violence Against Women, Violent Death)

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Don't Underestimate the Broken - Book cover

Don't Underestimate the Broken

Envy the Plague

Nisha is tortured relentlessly by her clan. Cursed with the Beast Mark, she is an outcast even amongst those who should care for her. Rejected, beaten, and alone, she learns to become a strong she-wolf outside of a pack. Four years later, Nisha's life gets turned upside down once again when the Moon Goddess grants her a second mate. After all the darkness in her life, will she be able to let go of the past and accept his love?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Domestic Violence, Extreme Violence/Gore, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violence Against Women, Violent Death)

1: Chapter 1: The Breaking Point

Don't Underestimate the Broke


The cold winter air hit my skin. My body shivered in pain

The ringing in my ears grew louder.

Finally, my bones snapped back into place. It had felt like a lifetime, even though I was only there for less than two minutes.

They had ripped off my warm clothing so I would have to feel the freezing winter air nip at my skin. I looked like death, actually, probably far worse.

Bruises covered my body, all from my daily beatings. I received this abuse just for existing. When one bruise faded, they would create a new one in its place.

Over the ringing in my ears, I could hear faint laughter above. This time they had punched my ear with a high-pitched ring.

Every day, the beatings and humiliation grew more intense.

My wolf growled lowly, angry with me for letting them continue this abuse. Yet we both knew the consequences if we fought back.

It would be our death wish.

I pushed myself onto my knees and looked up at the next-gen Beta.

What the Alpha saw in him to be a Beta was beyond me. His cockiness and stupidity overruled his judgment.

I attempted to cover my half-naked body, something to maintain a shred of dignity.

People in the distance glanced over to see what was happening. But when they realized it was only me, they snickered and walked away as if they didn’t see a thing.

This was my normal day to day life.

Even my own family abused me. Especially so after my mother had passed away.

Somehow I was to blame. I was a curse to this pack.

Even my older brothers, the ones who were supposed to protect me, did even worse damage than the entire pack combined.

I was living in my own personal hell. A reject, an outcast.

I couldn’t understand why they had treated me far worse than even the prisoners. I’ve never hurt anyone, nor crossed or even challenged them. And yet, I was their personal punching bag, and their servant.

Terrified to do any less than perfect, I ensured our packhouse was immaculately clean.

I looked up. The next-gen Alpha Rama glanced over. Hope ran through me, thinking that he would tell them to hurry with their abuse.

Instead, he snarled in my direction and walked into a building ignoring his stupid Beta and the two henchmen he brought with him.

My icy blue eyes slowly looked into Beta Axell’s golden brown eyes, which flickered with anger. That was the wrong choice. I couldn’t say why I dared to look at him in the first place.

His face squished into an ugly snarl while he smacked me across the face. Tears swept down my cheeks as I stared at the snow-covered ground. I didn’t dare to look at him again.

Axell snarled lowly.

“You better think twice before looking me in the eyes again, Beasty. I don’t understand why the Elders allow a curse like you to roam free.

“Just wait until tomorrow when I take my title as Beta, my first proposition will to rid this pathetic curse from our lands.”

Beasty, that was my nickname, also demon, slut, trash, pathetic, etc. Again it was whatever they wanted to call me. They had the right to abuse me physically and mentally.

I have been broken so many times.

I’ve had to perform my duties around the packhouse with head trauma and several broken ribs.

Just a few weeks ago, my own brothers held me down as the Beta poured scalding hot oil on my wrists and arms.

Why? Because a skinny ass bitch named Ishka swore that I had stolen her prized jewelry. I didn’t, but she never did tell anyone the truth, even after she found them an hour later.

All of this torture was due to the markings on my chest.

The icy blue tribal markings spread across my pale chest was a symbol, I had the Beast Mark.

When the Elders saw my markings when I was born, they said that I was cursed. To atone for this plight, they treated me like an outcast, like dirt.

Axell grabbed my white hair, yanking my head back.

I cried out in agony, ripping through my throat involuntarily.

He smirked in satisfaction.

He brought his lips close to my ear as he said, “I’m going to hang you from a tree at our borders and let you slowly die in the worst way possible.

“Maybe I’ll have my fun with you first and dangle your disgusting vile naked body from a pole. I’ll let you starve to death up there, maybe the crows will eat your body as you die.”

My heart froze in complete terror. He wasn’t joking.

He would do all of those things to me or even more. To make it even worse, the whole pack would participate.

Never in my life has a man touched me sexually and I wanted to keep it that way.

Several male wolves in our pack have tried when mating season returned to our lands. But luckily, I’m beaten to such a bloody mess, they’ve just left me be.

My heart thumped heavily in my chest as my white eyelashes fluttered. My wolf raged inside of me, furious of what he had just said.

My wolf wanted us to leave that instant. Even if it would cost us our lives, it would be better then the torture he had described.

My wolf then hissed, “We need to fight him. We’ll get a chance to run and even if we get caught, at least it will be a quick death.”

In shock, my body froze in place.

She’s right. I need to run or die trying. But how can we make this work? I’m not strong enough. My body can’t handle a Beta’s attack.

My body tensed as the wolf howled deep inside of me, energy rushing to my limbs, filling me with strength.

What the hell is going on?

My eyes rolled back into my head.

The two Beta dumbasses noticed what was happening, and took a step back.

My wolf chuckled lowly inside me as she whispered, “Finally, you’re eighteen, my dear. I will get you out of here.

“After all of these years of torture and starvation, our body may be weak, but I will give you enough power to get out alive. Trust in me and let me finally shift.”

My thin body shook for a minute. An eeiry grin formed on my lips as I looked straight into Axell’s eyes, but this time I was challenging him.

Anger radiated through every ounce of his body. Before he could move, my body snapped and I transformed into my wolf form.

The sheer shock was written across their faces.

It could’ve been the size of my wolf, bigger than a normal she-wolf, a Luna.

Or maybe it was because of the white fur. No one has seen a white wolf in centuries.

My wolf roared in their faces. I sent one flying in a quick motion.

Axell was too stunned to think straight as my wolf rammed into his body. He soared through the air and as he fell back to land, his body made very satisfying cracking noises.

The other goon quickly backed away, tumbling to the floor, totally speechless.

My wolf bolted towards the pack’s territory border.

My heart was racing intensely as we edged closer to the line.

My wolf's head jerked to the side, catching the most amazing scent we’d ever smelled. Like fresh rain and eucalyptus. My body pivoted towards the scent.

Then came the howling and roaring from behind.

Once we hit a different territory, they wouldn’t follow out of respect. It would be up to the other pack to handle what came into their lands.

My body started to ache again as my wolf growled. She pushed harder.

“Run faster!”

The wolves from our pack inched closer.

My wolf lunged forward, just missing a side attack from a border patrol wolf, and rolled our body into the next pack’s land just in time.

She continued through the forest as faint howls echoed in the distance.

We were heading straight for the intoxicating scent, it got stronger and stronger as we neared it, but we stumbled and hit the ground. Thr rough earth opened old wounds and created new ones.

My wolf cursed in my head as I transformed into my human form.

I hissed in pain, trying to catch my breath.

A growl froze me. The scent engulfed my nose, making me and my wolf groan in happiness. Our mate.

Excitement and happiness rushed through me.

This could be my chance to~ start new and become strong with my mate at my side.~

My eyes snapped. Excited to see my mate.

But all the happiness and joy evaporated when I saw his angry face, twisted in disgust.

He was absolutely handsome, strong, and intimidating. His medium length blond hair whipped around in a slight breeze, a light contrast to his tan skin.

My wolf whimpered as I stared at him, still slightly hopeful.

His blue eyes bored down on me like he was judging me, belittling me, scaring me.

Why isn’t my mate not happy to see me?

Maybe he was mad to see the pain and suffering I had gone through.

Yet my thoughts were shut down immediately.

He spoke in a dark strong tone, “Why did the Moon Goddess give me someone so weak and pathetic?

“I can’t have a Luna that looks like death itself. How am I supposed to run my pack with such a weak and ugly Luna like you?”

My eyes widened as more tears ran down my face. My wolf whimpered in a pain-filled voice, “Brace yourself.”

The Alpha of the Southern Territory moved closer.

He hissed, “I, Jashin Black, Alpha of the Tasika Clan, reject you as my mate. I can’t have a disgraceful weak wolf as my mate.”

A growl passed my lips.

How can this man be this vain? He rejects me as his mate even though we only just met.

He knew nothing about me. He didn’t know how much cruelty I’d gone through. It wasn’t my fault I looked this way. It wasn’t my fault that I was broken.

How can he judge me with just one look?

I looked straight into his blue eyes and said, in the most confident tone I’ve ever had in my lifetime, “I, Nisha Waya, accept your rejection. You shallow piece of sh–”

A burning pain ripped through my body. I hunched over as tears poured down my face.

The pain was awful. I never learned much about mate bonds. Probably because I wass pushed out of class. They thought it would never pertain to me.

Jashin chuckled above me as if this wasn’t affecting him.

He hissed, “I would’ve killed you, but I don’t think you’ll get very far before the rejection kills you itself. How pathetic.”

My body burned. My lungs felt like they were full of acid. My wolf howled in extreme pain.

At this moment, all I wanted was death.

How could the Moon Goddess turn her away from me? How could she ignore my pain and suffering?

I have endured for eighteen years and when I finally have a chance at happiness, it was ripped from me. My mate rejected me within three minutes of meeting me.

I wasn’t placed on earth to live happily. No, I’m only here to remind everyone that curses do exist.

Most wolves only get one mate. That’s it.

A second chance is rare. That’s why many who find their mates automatically take them for who they are. Normally, they’re the perfect match. They might have different personalities, like Yin and Yang.

This was my last chance. No way that the Moon Goddess would give me a second mate. I was just her plaything, which she had finally broken.

My body convulsed as my ex-mate had walked away with the smuggest look on his face.

“He’s truly a cruel man,” my wolf growled darkly.

She cursed him to the high flames of hell. My wolf snarled as she endured the same pain that I was experiencing.

It began to get dark.

We heard howls in the distance.

Fear washed over me. I knew deep down that he wouldn’t just leave me there to die.

Someone from his pack will do his dirty work.

Yet again, I accepted my fate.

I cursed out at the Moon Goddess for her cruelty as pain rippled through my chest.

A twig snapped behind me. My body tensed.

Finally, someone was here to end my suffering.


I leaned on the balcony of the packhouse, looking out over my village.

Finally, it was almost completely rebuilt.

I had taken over when I was seventeen, five years ago.

My long black hair blew in the ice-cold wind that nipped at my skin.The cold didn’t affect me anymore. Nothing did after what I had seen growing up.

I was a hybrid, a disgrace to my old pack.

My father was the Beta, strong and powerful, also very respectable.

He had finally found his mate, a vampire. Normally, we always had a mate within our own kind. Nothing with other races. Yet the Moon Goddess had more in store for my father.

My father knew that if anyone from the pack found out that his mate was a vampire, it would be his ruin, as well as my mother.

My father built a house out on the Rogues land with the permission from his best friend, the Alpha. He had hidden his mate there to keep her safe from his own pack.

The Elders were not as accepting as the surrounding packs.

Any mixes were forbidden and disgusting. In their eyes, mixed breed was the worst sin.

No one had dared to cross the old Alpha and Elders’ rules. Yet, my father did, especially when he found out that my mother was pregnant with me.

He did everything he could to keep us safe and hidden from this pack.

That was the case, until I was seven years old.

A Rogue that hated my father went to the Elders of his pack and told them of my father's secret.

The Elders were furious. He had lied to them. He had hidden the fact that he had helped in the creation of an abomination.

My father pleaded with the Elders and the Alpha to banish him from their lands. Yet, they decided to make us an example of what would happen if anyone else attempted to deceive the Elders.

They had tied me to a weathered wooden pole, splinters dug deep into my back as they mercilessly tortured my mother and father in front of my eyes.

Every day they came up with something new to torture us. To push us to our breaking points. Then they would let us heal and recover, slightly.

For eight torturous years, I was forced to watch my mother beaten, raped, and brought near death.

I watched my father try to fight back just to be beaten even worse.

Finally, they my parents were killed, put out of their misery.

That was the day I snapped.

I mercilessly killed the Alpha and his wife. I tore apart every single Elder that had lain their filthy hands on my mother.

After the Elders were destroyed, many in the pack followed suit. They respected me and appreciated what I had done.

Only then did I find out they were mixed breeds, as well as some with hidden mates that were not the same race.

Together, we had wiped out all of those who thought mixed races were an abomination.

We cleaned house, to say the least, and started anew.

We all deserved a better life, a life to not live in fear and be ourselves. We kept our secret hidden from the surrounding packs.

Even though I was fifteen, I became Alpha of the Vakishka Clan.

We had made a deal with the Alpha of the Rouges. Anyone who came to him with a mixed breed or anyone who had a different race as a mate was to be immediately sent to my pack for safety.

It wasn’t an easy five years of leading.

I looked over my shoulder. Irritation swept through me.

Why did she come now?

Her floor-length hair lay neatly behind her as her dress seemed to float.

I didn’t want to be bothered.

I had been busy trying to get my pack on its feet again. We were the strongest pack in our part of the world. With that status, some threaten to take our power, yet they always fail miserably.

I groaned deeply and said to the Moon Goddess, “I did not call upon you.”

her chuckle as she approached me.

She looked across the village, scanning what I have accomplished so far. Her eyes were all white, no iris and no pupil. Since I was a hybrid, the first to make it to the age of thirteen, I was able to see and talk to the Moon Goddess herself.

She softly said, “You’re doing amazing work, Eros. Yet, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been looking for your mate.”

I scoffed. I knew exactly what would happen when I found her. She’d reject me.

I was nothing more than hybrid filth. No one in their right minds would love me.

On top of that, I didn’t have the time to scurry around the forest in hopes of finding her.

Selene looked over at me, knowing what was running through my mind.

She sighed heavily and said, “Your only mate is out there. She’ll accept you for who you are. Do you not have faith in me that she’s the one meant for you, Eros?”

I knew to damn well that she was offended. I didn’t trust her with picking my only mate. Yet, I remembered a past conversation on the matter. Her first mate had to reject her and she was to reject him back for her to be mine.

If they didn’t reject each other, I was destined to be mateless.

What kind of hope did I really have?

I looked in her eyes. I didn’t want anyone to see my pain.

I hissed angrily, “I’m not questioning your pick for my mate, Selene. I’m just highly doubtful that her mate would ever let her go once he finds her... who would reject their first and only mate?”

Selene looked over to the direction of the Southern Pack, wincing as if someone was cursing her. Sadness and pain rush through her as if a mother was being scorned for not loving her child.

Whoever it was were in deep pain to have this effect on Selene.

She flicked her wrist as a breeze rolled across the lands. Selene then looked over to me, showing me that she knew more than what she willing to say.

I knew the rules. I wasn’t allowed to ask for details on if my mate was rejected or not.

She couldn’t interfere with fate or it could cost her dearly. I was to let fate run its course and somehow hope for the best. Yet, life had its way to remind me that for my kind I didn’t truly have much hope.

Selene gently touched my shoulder making my eyes look into hers, while she said, “I must go now, someone needs me desperately.

“Do not lose hope just yet my dear. Your pack will thrive with or without a Luna. Your pack is in my favor.”

And just like that, she was gone. The loneliness washed over me as the pack starting to chant, celebrating in the streets, a newborn was just delivered. A new pack member has arrived to the Vakishka Pack.

A soft knock came at my door. I didn’t want any company so I stayed silent. My mind was now on my mate. I assumed it was my Beta, letting me know of the good news.

Will I ever know who she is? Will my wolf get his mate? Will I get this empty hole in my chest filled?

My silence was shattered as one of my pack members, Kya.

She spoke with an annoying voice that made my skin crawl.

“Alpha... I was wondering if you needed anything. I just want to let you know that I would help you in any way possible.”

An irritated growl erupted from my chest.

I couldn’t understand this woman even if I attempted.

I looked over at her. She wore a skimpy outfit as if she was trying to get my attention.

This girl! She’s driving me mad!

She kept trying to get into my bed, even after warning her that it would never happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I needed sexual release, but I would never betray my mate like that.

I would never want my mate to smell any she-wolves on me.

If I ever found out that my mate was already taken, only then would I ever look upon another woman for my sexual needs.

My eyes darkened, which she had taken as a good sign. She batted her long fake eyelashes and fidgeted as if she was trying to get into a pose that accented her features.

I growled. I was done.

“Kya, leave now!”

Her eyes widened with shock and a hint of anger. This woman had never been rejected before in her life, except by me.

I could smell many male wolves on her. My stomach churned in disgust.

This was the fifth time I had rejected her.

Kya’s tan lips parted hesitantly.

“But Alpha, you need some company. I can tell that you’d benefit from a warm body next to you in bed. I can help you fill that position, any position at that.”

Kya did that weird wink with her mouth open. I swear I couldn’t understand what male wolves saw in her.

I already passed my limit of patience.

I slammed my hand on the cement balcony braking a piece off as I roared out, “Get out of my room now! I will never go to bed with a woman that gives it so freely!”

I had harsher words for her, yet I was trying not to completely destroy a member of my pack.

Kya’s eyes widened. She growled lowly. She spun herself around as she began to stomp her way out of my room like a five-year-old child.

That woman’s going to push my boundaries too far one day and when that day comes, I won’t go easy on her like I just did.

I mind link my Beta, Scarlet, who likes to go by Scarr. And no, my Beta wasn’t a male.

I told her to keep that woman away from me, as well to offer my congratulations to the couple who just had a baby.

Scarr was very strong and at times very stubborn. She was the spitfire of the pack, amazingly strong.

She too was a hybrid, part-witch and part-werewolf. Truly amazing on the battlefields.

My mind raced again to my mate. Was she strong?

My wolf growled, and said, “Who cares if she is strong or weak? She is ours. We will love her no matter what she looks like. As long as she’s healthy, if not we will make her healthy and strong.”

My wolf was correct, it was the heart that mattered the most. She will be our mate. We will love her any way she comes to us.

A slight breeze blew the smell of Egyptian musk. My wolf relaxed and my eyes hooded over.

That had to be her part of her scent, yet it was so faint. I couldn’t pinpoint where it had come from.

“The Goddess,” my wolf mentioned.

Was she playing tricks on me, giving me subtle hints? Was she showing me that she was out there waiting for me to claim her?

I made a mental note: buy Egyptian musk candles.

I will find her someday, but my pack needs me the most. Sadly, my mate will just have to wait a little while longer.


Four Years Later.

My eyes slowly opened.

I was in a room at the Rogue’s cottage.

To say the least, I was surprised that I was still alive.

Jashin honestly thought I couldn’t survive his rejection. I scoffed at the thought.

The Rogue’s Alpha had found me on Jashin’s territory by chance.

Aizen the Alpha of the Rogues had taken a wrong turn. He had taken pity on my state of well-being when he had first seen me. But then, when he saw the Beast Mark on my body, he was shocked and then overjoyed that he had come across me.

He always told me that it had to be the Moon Goddess that led him to me. Yet, I had my doubts, why would the Moon Goddess care about me.

I still remembered what Aizen had said to me:

“You have had a rough past. The world is cruel and hateful; never forget that. It may never change for you.

“You only have two options: die from the pain of being rejected or become strong and feel no more pain. I can make you strong, but I will not show you kindness, especially in training, because life will not show you any kindness.

“We will build your pain tolerance. We will push you to your limit and break it.

“There will be no tears, no crying after this. I will give you two days to cry over your rejection, but after that, you will not shed anymore. Do you accept?”

My answer to him had shocked him completely.

I had told him that I didn’t need two days, not even one. I would stop right then and there. I couldn’t allow myself to cry over something that I never had a chance at.

I had endured four years of cruel torture, and grueling training. That, in the end, made me the strongest and most powerful Rogue werewolf in the land.

Aizen told me that my markings were not a curse. In ancient times, it was seen as a symbol of power.

Wolves that had these markings were the best warriors, the strongest, and normally became Alphas or Lunas.

He explained that the Elders of my old pack thought of me as a curse so I wouldn’t attempt to conquer their pack when I came of age. They feared me, and for that, I was abused and belittled.

Now, I was to be respected by several packs. I had many Allies. I could enter a pack’s territory at any time, without any formalities upon entering.

I had trained with them, learned their techniques in fighting and defense.

It was quite interesting to learn that every pack had a different and uniqueabilities, almost like they’re each a different culture.

They all had different types of rituals and ways of running their packs.

Soon, a couple of Alpha’s had started spreading my name across the lands, especially when they had their massive Alpha conference. This meeting was to ensure peace between the packs.

Many packs sent me invites to their lands, offering alliances, or just to finally put a face to the name. Yet, not all were happy.

Only three packs never reached out to me, which I was okay with. One of them piqued my interest the most – the strongest pack – the Vakishka Clan.

They were rumored to be the scariest and meanest pack. If you disrespected their pack it was immediate death.

I even heard rumors about the Alpha. He made a lot of female wolves swoon with just a single look. He possessed a power, an aura, that made girls lust after him.

Yet he was very intimidating and silent. He was cold to everyone, the Lunas that spoke of him stated it was because he was not graced with a mate. This made him heartless.

A month ago, I had gone to visit the Luna of the Okashi Clan, Nishka.

She was very sweet and kind to me and had told me that a few of my allied packs were boasting about me and that Alpha Jashin went berserk. He had claimed that this strong Luna couldn’t have been me.

A smile crept across my face as I finally figured out how to take my revenge.

And there was no better way than to show how strong, powerful and respected I had become without the help of a mate.

Ever since the meeting, Jashin has been sending out warriors to capture me.

Honestly, I think he was out to destroy me. If he were to defeat me, he could earn the title of strongest pack.

Most of the packs I was allied with knew I would never threaten them. That is, unless I was personally threatened by their Alpha. But I didn’t want to take over any other packs.

I stood, stretching my arms and legs. I was slightly stiff from killing two of Jashin’s henchment the night before.

A heavy knock sounded on my door.

I quickly pulled some clothes on and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I opened my door to Aizen, standing there.

He asked in a gruff voice, “What the fuck happened last night?”

I snarled. I had completely forgotten that I ran off in the middle of our conversation. I didn’t want those wolves to find the Alpha of the Rogues.

I should’ve remembered to go back and tell Aizen this story, knowing full well he would be pissed off if I didn’t.

I answered, “The dumb fucker keeps sending guards after me. I didn’t want to lead them straight to you. Remember, you don’t want anyone to know who you are.”

Aizen’s eyes relaxed for a brief moment, but then they hardened. His brown eyes bored into my icy blue eyes.

I already knew what he was going to ask me next by the look he was giving me.

“Why is he sending guards after all these years? Did you threaten him somehow?”

I rolled my eyes. I walked passed him and into the kitchen. I was starving. My wolf was hungry and anxious.

Aizen walked beside me waiting for my reply.

“From what Nishka told me about the last Alpha meeting, I’m pretty sure I’m a threat to him.

“If any Alphas heard that we were supposed to be mates, that he rejected me, and on top of that, that I rejected him, he would look like the stupidest wolf in the world.

“It would show them that he’s incapable of making good decisions. And because of this, I am now a threat to him. As if I would boast about being his mate, and getting rejected by him!”

Hate rushed through my body. Just talking about Jashin makes me taste bile. It also pissed off my wolf. We both worked hard to ignore the rejection pain. It took a couple of years to finally get over the pain.

Aizen sighed heavily while running his hand through his hair.

I knew he was going to ask me to hide out in one of the far cabins just so his presence wouldn’t be detected.

I completely understood his worries. He had to remain hidden. If he were killed, the Rogues would go in a frenzy of chaos. It would upset the order of a Rogue’s life.

The peace that they brought with them would be shattered with the surrounding packs. Aizen held a tight grip on them, and ran a tight ship. Yes, we weren’t really a pack and he allowed us to roam free and do what we wished, but he garnered respect in all of us.

Before he could say anything, I spoke, “I will head out to the northern cabins to put a good two hundred miles between us. But only after I get food in my belly will I go. I need some solitude anyways.”

Aizen nodded as if I needed any approval.

Aizen left me to devour my breakfast.

I quickly packed a few things. I didn’t need much. I changed into my black denim shorts, combat boots, and one of my favorite corsets with the intricate silver and red design.

I glanced around my room, double-checking if I needed anything else. I decided to take my knives. I placed one on my hip, another inside my boot, and the last one looked like a regular hairpin, but by pressing a little button it released a small blade.

I was completely fine with leaving. The other Rogues didn’t care much for me. They were jealous of Aizen’s fascination at how quickly I had learned and grew.

I had been walking for a couple of hours. The crisp autumn air blew around me. It was soon to be winter.

Out on the northern lands, it was quite peaceful. It was the perfect place to get away and relax. Yet unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t going to be able to get much peace.

The past four years were the most grueling time I’ve ever gone through. I was now healthier. I had an hourglass figure. No longer could my bones be seen through my skin.

I still had a few bruises and scars from my bounty hunting and the gnarly burn scars on my wrists.

Bounty hunting was a way to get extra money so I could cloth myself or go to a few human bars to relax.

My wolf growled darkly.

The padding of paws on the forest floor, heading in my direction, about ten miles away.

I groaned deeply.

Why the fuck is he so intent on killing me? He’s starting to send guards out daily now.

I shifted into my wolf form and started running for a few yards. That was when I sensed them; more than just two this time.

I listened closely: a couple of howls, then a huge group of howling wolves. There were at least twenty of them!

My wolf growled darkly, “There are too many for just us to fight.”

If I had another wolf with me I could make due, but today is not my lucky day.

I started running faster through the woods, dodging branches and twigs in my way.

They were quickly approaching.

I took a sharp right, just missing a wolf lunging at my body. I quickened my pace as much as I could. I had just entered new territory that I have never been in before.

I cursed, thinking this wasn’t good, there was no time for formalities this time.

For some odd reason, Jashin’s warriors were not stopping at the territory line, they were still after me.

I rolled on my back as a wolf tried to jump me. I slammed my paws in his underbody flinging him far away.

I took off again. Their howls surrounded me.

I avoided many attacks and this time there were from the wolves of the territory that I just had entered.

My wolf growled, telling them to get out of my way. I meant them no harm.

Luckily for me, most of this new pack headed off to fight Jashin’s pack.

I was halted. There I was, surrounded by dark wolves with their teeth-baring.

My heart thumped in my chest. My wolf quickly laid on the ground in defeat and submission. I was not here to threaten them. I was only trying to escape the pack that was after me.

The other wolves looked shocked and confused.

I shifted into my human form, showing them even more submission.

They shifted, grabbing my arms and yanking me up. They pulled me in the direction of the northern lands.

I cursed at myself. I had gotten myself captured.

I glanced back relieved that Jashin’s pack was still being held back. I had escaped him once again, yet on the other hand, who knows what this pack will do to me now.

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