RomanceTeen & Young Adult

I Shouldn't Want You

AnnRea Fowler

A night of drunken sexual tension. A secret tryst. It wasn’t supposed to get more serious, but…

Torn between her best-friendship with Brogan and her friends-with-benefits turned maybe, actually real relationship with Brogan’s brother Danny, Anna must make an overwhelming decision.

Age Rating: 18+

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I Shouldn't Want You - Book cover
RomanceTeen & Young Adult

I Shouldn't Want You

AnnRea Fowler

A night of drunken sexual tension. A secret tryst. It wasn’t supposed to get more serious, but…

Torn between her best-friendship with Brogan and her friends-with-benefits turned maybe, actually real relationship with Brogan’s brother Danny, Anna must make an overwhelming decision.

Age Rating: 18+

1: Chapter 1: Belly Shots


I lifted the solo cup to my lips, stained ruby red with lipstick, as I observed the room of the grinding twenty-somethings.

A little of the too-sweet alcohol spilled onto my chin, a sign I had drank too much. I wiped the drop off with my thumb and then rubbed it onto the fabric of my cut off jeans.

My best friend, Brogan, was at my side, leaning on the counter and flirting with a guy from our high school.

Brogan and I were unofficially invited to this rager. Since the third grade, we’ve had a sleepover at either her house or mine almost every Friday.

This week we ended up at her place conveniently when her brother invited his entire fraternity to a house party.

The frat house on campus was under scrutiny for throwing parties with underage drinkers.

Their activity won’t be monitored at one of the brother’s family homes on a weekend that his parents were celebrating their anniversary in Cancun.

However, Danny took precaution by not allowing non-members under 21 to come to the party.

When Danny told Brogan his plans, he bristled when she said we would be there, partaking in all of the activities, including finding guys to fool around with for the night.

He argued with her, but eventually, she won out when she reminded him that we were both 18 and could handle making decisions for ourselves.

Why Brogan told her brother gross details of what she planned to do with one of his frat brothers was beyond me. I would never tell my brother anything about my sexual activity.

But, Brogan has always been an open book. If you searched “TMI” in Urban Dictionary, you would find a picture of Brogan.

It’s not like Danny’s party was my first party. Since his senior year of high school four years ago, Danny has been throwing parties. So, Brogan popped that cherry a while back.

Besides, when it comes to fooling around, it’s not Brogan’s first time either. Unlike me, Brogan lost her virginity the night after she turned 18. I saved it.

I had some offers, but I never felt it was right. I’m not going to give it up for anyone. I even made it to second base but never felt comfortable enough with the guy to go further than that.

The speakers bumped a popular R&B song, which got me swaying side-to-side in the kitchen. I sang along as I scanned the scene before me.

Across the room, Danny’s buddies gathered around him, cheering as he does a handstand over the keg.

Two of the brothers decided to take their shirts off a couple of beers ago, and some drunk Greek letter girls clawed at their bare chests. I gawked at the scene in disgust.

When Brogan and I go off to college next year, we won’t ever become like those girls.

The group erupted in a great cheer, and Danny stood up, taking a seat on a nearby barstool like a king upon his throne.

Danny caught me focused on him, and a wicked grin crossed his face.

I averted my gaze quickly, blood rushing from my cheeks down to my toes, transferring heat to the rest of my body like an internal wildfire.

I won’t say that I’m a cliche and that I’ve had a crush on Danny forever because it’s not like that. Being my best friend’s brother, Danny always seemed like only an older brother to me growing up.

It wasn’t until last year that I realized my treacherous feelings for him.

It was at another party like this one, and Danny had a girlfriend—well, I wouldn’t exactly call her that. “Friends with benefits” was the appropriate term.

Some trap beat was playing, and Danny and Miranda were dancing dirty, leaving nothing to the imagination as to their plans later. I watched his scruffy cheek rub against hers, and her body responded in shivers.

Right then and there, I got a sinking feeling that I wished that was me. Not with any guy, but with Danny. The realization hit me hard, and I couldn’t believe myself and the feelings I was having.

After a few weeks, multiple incidents made it apparent that it was a total crush.

Bringing me back to reality and getting my mind off Danny, a random guy bumped into me as he reached for the bottle of gold tequila behind me.

As he apologized, I got a flash of his short blonde hair and his attractive jawline before he walked to the other side of the kitchen.

There I saw him fill a line of shot glasses with the amber liquid. I left my post by Brogan and sauntered over to him, tapping on his shoulder. My little crush on Danny won’t keep me from having fun.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked the guy. His lips stretched into a smile. “What’s your name?”

“Finn,” he answered, producing his hand for me to shake.

“Anna,” I replied, taking note of the coarseness of his hand in mine. From the pretense of his jeans and red, plaid shirt, I knew he wasn’t from Danny’s fraternity. He probably came with a friend who was in the fraternity.

As if to prove my point, Finn called across the room to another guy, almost identical to him, wearing a fraternity shirt.

He strode up with two other guys at his side and took a shot glass from the counter. His friends did the same.

Finn offered one out to me, and I took it gratefully, anticipating the sweet, thick burn down my throat. We clinked the glasses together and downed the shots simultaneously.

I swallowed quickly, enjoying the sensation on my throat. I chased the shot with a lime.

“Guys, this is Anna.” Finn introduced me to the other guys. “Anna, this is my brother, Flynn, and his buddies, Dex and Roger.” I actually knew all of these guys since Danny brings them over often, but I nod my head and smile at each guy.

I recalled the name Flynn coming from Brogan’s mouth earlier this week. Her affinity to him made sense. Both Flynn and Finn had identical, rugged features with chiseled jawlines to match.

Their built frames made them look strong and sturdy, and never had a problem with a tall guy. Their light blonde hair parted to the right with side fade helped to accentuate their tanned faces.

Brogan appeared by my side shortly after I started talking to the guys.

Brogan asked, “So, boys, are we taking shots?”

The guys grinned at the sight of Brogan’s bare midriff and booty shorts. Finn poured out another round of tequila.

“What’s your name again, gorgeous?” Flynn asked her, handing her a glass.

“Brogan, but you can keep calling me gorgeous if you’d like,” she replied.

“Oh, yeah. You’re Danny’s sister, right?” Flynn smiled and glanced over at Danny, who was paying no attention to the people in the kitchen.

“The one and the only.” Brogan roamed closer to Flynn and touched his arm as she started a conversation with him.

While Brogan was occupied, I was left to chat with Finn, who had barely said a full sentence so far.

“So, do you go to school with Danny, too?” I asked, looking up at his handsome face.

“No, I’m actually on a gap year. My family needed help on our farm this year. I’ll be starting college next year,” he said. I couldn’t help noticing his thumbs fidgeting together nervously.

“Nice. What are you going to study?”

“Agribusiness. I want to take over the family farm one day.”

“Sweet. I’ve never met someone studying agribusiness before. I guess that happens when you live in the suburbs,” I said. He chuckled lightly.

“Yeah.” Finn rubbed the back of his neck.

“So how did you end up here?” I asked, maintaining the conversation.

“Flynn is in Danny’s pledge class.”

I bobbed my head, uncertain as to what to say next. I spun toward Brogan, about to signal for help since the conversation was going nowhere.

“So what are you drinking tonight?” Flynn asked.

“Got anything hard?” Brogan replied with a sly expression as she squeezed Flynn’s bicep. He visibly gulped, and I giggled at the pair of them.

His eyes hovered down her backside as she reached to grab another bottle of tequila from the cabinetry top shelf. She deposited the bottle on the island countertop.

As the two tequila shots caught up to me, my judgment faded, and I was brave enough to side up to Finn despite the awkward conversation. I grabbed the vodka bottle off the counter and raised it up. “Belly shots, anyone?”

Brogan threw her arm around me and laughed. “This is my best friend, Anna. She likes to be licked.” Brogan and I exchanged giggles. I heard Finn chuckle beside me, his gaze intently burning into my back.

Brogan leaned over to whisper in my ear. “One brother for each of us.” She let out a bubbly laugh. I laughed, too, although I was too drunk to go further than making out with Finn.

Brogan cleared off the island counter, and Flynn lifted her onto it. He then placed me beside her. I positioned myself parallel to Brogan, who was lying on her back.

Flynn grasped the tequila bottle from the counter and rested his fingertips on her waistband. She squirmed under his hand.

His fingers played with the trim on the bottom of her shirt, pushing it away from her navel. Finn put lime slices and salt between Brogan and me. I stuck one in my mouth and sucked.

My expression soured as the juice hit my tastebuds. Finn laughed and licked the dribbling lime juice off my chin.

Flynn poured tequila into Brogan’s navel and held her hips down with his large palms, keeping her from giggling and spilling it.

His tongue traced up from her waistband and swirled around her belly button before lapping out the pool of hard liquor.

Finn took the bottle from his brother and poured it into my navel.

He imitated his brother, except he started at the bottom of my bra and then swirled around my navel to finish by sipping the tequila out. He wandered his warm tongue down to my waistband.

My hips involuntarily lifted into his chest, and his lips curved up against my skin before placing a soft kiss above my shorts.

Flynn pulled Brogan up off the counter and returned her to the floor.

“Finn, this babe and I are going to the dance floor. Are you coming?” Flynn asked.

Finn shook his head, staring at me with the same intense gaze as before.

“I’ll stay here with Anna. If that’s okay with you...” He directed the last part to me, and I nodded. Flynn shrugged and whisked Brogan away to the living room.

I sat up on the counter, admiring Finn’s sharp bone structure. He placed his palms on my thighs in response. His touch sent tequila-inspired chills up and down my spine.

In one motion, he settled himself between my legs. One hand was behind my head and one on my thigh, stroking the skin. His hand brought my head down to his, and our lips crashed together.

My pelvis pressed against him, and he moaned into my mouth.

He didn’t do much in terms of conversation, but I didn’t mind that now.

I was vaguely aware of how public our affections are. Finn was a good kisser, and although I didn’t plan to do much more with a stranger, there was no harm in a little lip-lock.

His hand moved higher up my thigh to the front of my shorts. My hands migrated to the back of his head to draw his face closer and deepen the kiss.

He nibbled on my bottom lip, and I opened my mouth to give him full access. His tongue invaded my mouth and joined mine in a carnal dance.

His hand shifted to the bottom of my shirt, slowly making its way to the clasp of my bra. He lightly bites my lip and then kissed the skin down my neck.

While I’m distracted with his lips’ assault on my skin, his fingers unclasped my bra. He gracefully slipped it off my arms and underneath my shirt, and threw it onto the counter.

His hands gathered at my front, and his fingers grazed my skin until he was groping my breasts.

I wiggled out of his grasp, knowing that he crossed a line for me. His mouth returned to mine, and he held me down with them, keeping me from pulling away.

He squeezed tighter with his rough hands, and I squealed in pain. That’s when his body disappeared from mine.

I regained my composure, searching the kitchen for Finn. My heart stopped when I saw him on the floor underneath Danny, who was pounding his face in.

I hopped off the counter and reached for Danny to stop him from delivering more blows to Finn’s head. He broke away from me and took a shot at Finn’s belly. I shoved him back and kneeled over Finn.

Blood dripped from his nose, and the first signs of a shiner appeared under his right eye.

“Danny, what are you doing?” I demanded, getting up from the floor and pushing him back out of the kitchen. Flynn ran in to take care of his brother. Brogan appeared in the doorway in shock but didn’t dare confront her brother about it.

“I saw Brogan dancing without you, so I came to find you. Then, I found this douche fondling you,” he declared, still not giving a good reason as to why he was hitting Finn.

“So you hit him? Did you think that I might have liked what he was doing to me?” I kept pushing him back, so now we were in the middle of the living room. The DJ—the frat’s vice president—didn’t cut off the music amidst the commotion, which I was thankful for.

“Anna, you were pushing him off, and he wasn’t stopping. I saw it.” Danny said, a pout hiding his indiscernible thoughts.

“It’s none of your business,” I said.

Danny tousled his hair and said, “You’re drunk.”

“I’ll get as drunk as I please and kiss whoever I want to.” I perched my fists on my hips, asserting myself to him.

“Not at my party. I’m cutting you off. No more alcohol. Go upstairs and go to bed.” Danny shoved past me toward the kitchen.

“Danny, you aren’t my father. You can’t tell me what to do like that.” He whirled around at my words.

“Danny! More like Daddy,” one of the brothers shouted, teasing. My face changed to scarlet.

“Fine, then. I’ll take you upstairs myself.” Danny hoisted me up on his shoulder before I could evade him.

With his arms around my legs and one hand suspiciously close to my butt, he carried me upstairs.

He opened the door to the guest room without knocking and quickly shut it when he noticed two figures rolling around on the bed.

Brogan’s door was locked, so he carried me to his room instead and set me down on the bed. He slammed the door before looking at me.

Then, he plopped down beside me, massaging his temples with his fingers. I viewed the tenseness on his handsome visage. Guilt flooded my mind.

“I’m sorry I got mad at you.” I diverted my stare down to my lap. I was sobering up the more I contemplated his stressed features.

“Whatever. You know, if you don’t want my help, you can get out and go back to that hick-town loser.” He turned away from me, and I stared at the back of his head.

“I don’t want to. You were right. He was too handsy for my comfort level.” I admitted defeat.

“Whatever. Just go away, Anna. You can obviously take care of your own drunk self.”

“Danny,” I paused, waiting for him to twist toward me. He didn’t. “I want to thank you.”

“Now you have. Run along.” His shoulders were tense. Still wet from the action with Finn, I’m buzzed by the sight of Danny’s muscles.

Maybe it’s my newfound crush on him that made me imagine him liking me, too. Especially by the way he swooped in and saved me tonight. The tequila coursed through me, allowing me to speak up.

“There must be some way I can thank you.” I situated my hands on his shoulders, which made him jump and tense more. Eventually, his shoulders relaxed, and I began massaging his tense muscles. “Let me make you feel better.”

Danny hesitated, but didn’t make a movement in protest. I climbed up behind him and pressed my breasts against his back. I moved both of my hands in a rhythm on his shoulders with tender pressure.

He relaxed and released a sigh. I worked on his shoulders and leaned down to press my lips to his earlobe.

His shoulders immediately tensed up again, but my fingers lingered. Danny suddenly flipped around and pinned me to the bed, cuffing my arms to my sides with his own hands.

I stared into his eyes, a piercing blue gaze that matches Brogan. I was going to combust under his watch, and then the fire will be quenched with the wetness between my legs.

He leaned in, his mouth inching closer and closer to mine. “Don’t you ever do anything like that with that guy again.”

I licked my lips, peering at his face a mere inch from mine. His breath caressed my cheeks. Finally, I closed my eyes and his lips covered mine.

His kiss was hard and needy and made me ache between my thighs.

His kisses trailed down my face to my chin to my neck. They rested on my collarbone and sucked the skin. A moan escaped, and I ran my hands up his back, entangling my fingers in his hair.

He tugged his shirt off, and I ruffled his beautiful dark locks.

He tore away. His breathing was ragged and he was scanning my face for something. Probably, coherence because of the prevalent taste of alcohol on my tongue.

“What?” I whispered, desperately wanting his lips back on mine.

“Do you want this?” He asked.

I bit my lip and slid back from him, tugging my top off and fully exposing myself to him.

“I want you.”

Danny visibly restricted a moan, his eyes trailing down my torso and back up to my face. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head in one motion. With his other hand, he unbuttoned my shorts.

He slipped them off with my panties, leaving me gloriously vulnerable to him.

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