If These Walls Could Talk


What goes on behind closed doors? Secret trysts, torrid affairs, steamy encounters and more feature in this anthology of explicit sexy short stories. Reader discretion is advised: this diverse collection of erotica explores dark and extreme themes.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: BDSM, Drug Use/Overdose, Incest, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Statutory Rape, Torture)

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If These Walls Could Talk  - Book cover

If These Walls Could Talk


What goes on behind closed doors? Secret trysts, torrid affairs, steamy encounters and more feature in this anthology of explicit sexy short stories. Reader discretion is advised: this diverse collection of erotica explores dark and extreme themes.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: BDSM, Drug Use/Overdose, Incest, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Statutory Rape, Torture)

1: Night Out

It was Thursday night. I sat in the corner and ordered a beer and a dozen chicken wings. I didn’t want to cook that night.

I watched her walk in and sit at the bar, she was wearing a black skirt that stopped at her knees, a white button-down shirt, her red hair tied neatly up, and sky-high heels.

She ordered a whiskey, my kind of girl. I watched as she brought the glass up to her pouty lips, sipping the brown liquid inside. She dangled her right shoe off her toe, her legs long and luscious.

The longer I stared, the more I wanted them wrapped around me as I pounded my dick into her until she screamed. My dick throbbed in anticipation.

I watched as she tried to give another man the brush-off and he failed to take the hint.

That was my opportunity. I walked over and placed my hands around her hips. “Sorry I’m late, dear.” I gave her a soft peck on the cheek.

She flinched but then quickly relaxed, rubbed my arm, and leaned into me. “It’s all right,” I reassured.

The other man scoffed and walked off, swearing under his breath. “Thank you,” she said as she squirmed to escape my embrace.

I ordered a beer and leaned down. “He’s still watching, we should probably keep this going. At least for a little bit.” I sat on the barstool next to her, taking her hand in mine.

She glanced over her shoulder to see him staring us down. “Care to tell me your name?”

I tucked a stray hair behind her ear. “Michael. And you are?”

She trailed her fingers lightly up and down my arm. “Amanda.”

“So, what brings a beautiful woman like you here on a Thursday night?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” She swirled her drink.

“I like their wings.” I ordered her another drink and moved my seat closer to hers. “Your turn.”

“Just needed a drink.” She rested her hand on my shoulder and I slid my hand slightly up her skirt. “Careful there, Casanova,” she whispered.

I nibbled on her ear before kissing her neck. She licked her lips. “I’d love to see what those lips can do.”

“They can do a lot.” She rubbed my dick, and I raised my eyebrow. “I just want to know what I’m working with.” My cock throbbed.

I stood and held out my hand. “Come, I’ll show you.” She took it and stood up. I threw some money down on the bar, led her outside, and helped her into my car.

I drove the twenty minutes outside of town and made the turn into my driveway.

“Big house. You got a wife hiding in there somewhere?”

True, my house was big, especially just for me. It is a five-bedroom, five-bath house with a pool, hot tub, and twenty acres of land.

I inherited it from my parents and had spent the last two years remodeling it.

“No, just me.”

I helped her out of the car, and she looked around. “No neighbors?”

I shook my head. “Not close.” I opened the door and stepped aside to let her in.

“So I can be as loud as I want?” She rubbed my dick.

“I take it you’re a screamer?”

She unbuttoned my pants, freeing my dick. “If it’s good enough.” She kicked off her heels, dropped down to her knees, and ran her tongue along my shaft.

“Hmm.” She sounded pleased with what she found. She wrapped her hand around me, her fingers unable to touch each other around my massive dick.

Not to brag, but I was hung like a horse and have the stamina of one too.

“Show me what those beautiful lips of yours can do.” I thrust forward, forcing almost all of me down her throat. She let out a soft moan.

She swirled her tongue around me and squeezed my balls with her left hand, her right at the base of my dick. This wasn’t her first time.

I moaned in pleasure as I grabbed her hair, pushing her forward to meet my violent thrusts. Fisting her hair with both hands, I fucked her mouth.

She slipped the tip of her finger into my ass, and I came instantly, shooting my semen down her throat.

She pulled away with an audible pop, wiping the mixture of semen and saliva off her chin, a look of satisfaction on her face.

I slipped out of my pants as I pushed her skirt up, shoving two fingers inside. “So wet,” I mutter.

She kissed me roughly, our tongues fighting for dominance. She pulled away. “I think it’s time you show me what you can do this mouth of yours.”

I picked her up and carried her to the closest thing I could find, my kitchen table. I laid her on her back and spread her legs wide.

I ripped her underwear off, revealing a beautiful clean-shaven pussy, dripping wet. I shoved two fingers in, curling them forward.

“You want me to eat this pussy? What if I wanted to spend all night fucking you?”

“Do both,” she moaned as she unbuttoned her shirt, rubbing her breasts over her bra.

I leaned in and nibbled on her clit, causing her to buck her hips. She’s so responsive. I spread her lips and stared at her dripping pussy for a moment before diving in.

She tasted like heaven. I pushed my tongue in as far as it could go. She moaned in delight and pushed my head further in. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as her moans grew louder.

I slipped my finger into her ass and pumped slowly. “Oh, God!” she cried, squeezing her legs together as her orgasm exploded.

I sucked up her juices before pulling her up to me and kissing her roughly. “That was amazing,” she exclaimed as she started to button up her shirt.

I stopped her. “You’re not bad yourself with those lips of yours, but I’m just getting started with you.” I pulled her off the table. “Strip,” I commanded.

She began to take her shirt off. “I don’t usually do this,” she said, pausing as she unhooked her bra.

“Do what? Have your pussy devoured on a kitchen table?”

She shook her head as she dropped her bra, her large breasts bouncing free. “One-night stands.”

I yanked her skirt down, turned her around, and bent her over the table. I rubbed my dick against her entrance, then thrust myself into her. “I guess this is a first for both of us. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

I paused, giving her time to adjust to my size. She jumped at first, then relaxed. “So tight. I just want to pound the fuck out of you,” I groaned.

She leaned back, pulling my hands to her breasts. “I like it hard,” she whispered, grinding her hips against me.

I groaned, thrusting hard while pinching her nipple with one hand and squeezing her ass with the other. “I want my dick in every part of you. Your pussy”—I continued pounding her—“your ass.”

“Take me to a bed for the next round and I’ll even let you fuck my breasts.”

I couldn’t help but moan. This had to be the girl of my dreams. My previous girlfriends would never let me shove my dick anywhere but their pussy. And none of them could give a blow job like this girl.

I continued to pound her relentlessly. The sound of my balls slapping against her filled the room. I shoved my finger in her ass, swirling it around before adding a second one.

“Harder, harder!” she screamed, bringing her hips back to meet my thrusts. “There, right there!”

Her orgasm caused her to quiver, and I thrust as hard as I could before filling her with my semen. “I hope you’re planning to do that again before the night is over.”

I turned her around and picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carefully slid my dick into her ass inch by inch until I was fully inside.

“Oh, I plan to.” I carried her up to my bedroom, sitting down with my dick still in her ass. She winced as I slid her back down. “Is it hurting too much?”

She nodded hesitantly and I lifted her off of me. “It’s alright. We’ll work our way up to that.” I laid her down, pushed her breasts together, and slid my dick in between, letting out a soft groan.

She squeezed her tits even tighter, bent her neck, and started licking my dick with each upward thrust. Sensing I was ready, she opened her mouth wide.

I shoved my dick into her waiting mouth just as I blew my load again. “That was fucking beautiful,” I exclaimed, my dick twitching in her mouth as she sucked it clean.

“Do you ever go soft?”

“I haven’t since I first saw you.”

“Well then,” she rolled us over. “Let’s take full advantage of it. Shall we?” She lowers herself onto me and grinds her hips.

“Fuck. You are never leaving.” I lifted her up and slammed her back down. I liked it rough too.

She started to ride me. Hard. She screamed and moaned in pleasure as I sucked and bit on her nipples. Her orgasm exploded out of her.

I flipped us over, put her legs on my shoulders so I could go even deeper, and pounded into her, all the while rubbing her clit.

“You like my dick?” She moaned and nodded. “Tell me,” I demanded as I slapped her clit. I loved rough fucking and had even dabbled in BDSM, but I’d never had a girl like this before.


“Yes, what?” I teased, pinching her clit.

“I like your dick! Ohh!” she cried, pinching her nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. “I’m cumming!” she screamed.

Unable to control myself any longer, I thrust forward, and we came together. “Fuck, you’re good.”

I leaned back and watch our juices slowly run out of her. “You need cleaning up,” I scolded. Before she could say anything, I dove into her pussy, licking her clean. She moaned and bucked.

“One more round. I love the way your pussy feels when I cum inside of it. I can’t get enough.”

She looked around the room and back at me with panic on her face. “You’re not wearing a condom?”

Shit. I was in such a rush, I completely forgot. “I’m clean. Don’t worry,” I reassured her as I massaged her clit.

“So am I, but that’s not what I’m worried about.”

I looked at her. “You’re not on the pill?”

She shook her head. “I haven’t had sex in months. I figured, why keep taking it?”


I flipped her over and pushed her onto her knees. “Well, we’ve gone this far without one.” I thrust into her, groaning at how wonderful she felt.

I grabbed her hips and started pumping slowly. “Is this my pussy?” She nodded, grinding her hips back into me, urging me to go faster.

Pulling almost completely out, I said, “Tell me who this pussy belongs to, and I’ll fuck you into oblivion if that’s what you want.” I slowly slid back in, holding her hips so she couldn’t move.

“It’s yours! It’s your pussy!” I glanced at the clock next to my bed. We’d been going at this for four hours and my dick was telling me that we were nowhere near done.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her up to me roughly. “It is indeed,” I uttered, kissing her lips before pushing her back down.

I thrust hard and slow as she tried to rock her hips back, but I held them firmly in place.

“Are you just going to tease me or are you going to fuck me?” she groaned, clearly frustrated.

“I am, just going slow,” I teased as I slowly thrust back in.

She groaned in agony. “I want it hard, and faster, and rough. Pound me so hard I can’t walk for days. I want rough and violent.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. This was going to be a long fun night.

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