Intoxicating Miles
RomanceTeen & Young Adult

Intoxicating Miles

Alyson Linker

When Tessa Allen moves to Chicago for a fresh start, love is the last thing on her mind—she’s just had her heart broken, after all. But then she meets Grayson Miles, a young entrepreneur who wants to tie her up but doesn’t want to be tied down. The sexual desire between the two professionals is intense, but is it strong enough to break through their emotional walls? Or will their past traumas be too much to bear?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape)

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Intoxicating Miles - Book cover
RomanceTeen & Young Adult

Intoxicating Miles

Alyson Linker

When Tessa Allen moves to Chicago for a fresh start, love is the last thing on her mind—she’s just had her heart broken, after all. But then she meets Grayson Miles, a young entrepreneur who wants to tie her up but doesn’t want to be tied down. The sexual desire between the two professionals is intense, but is it strong enough to break through their emotional walls? Or will their past traumas be too much to bear?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape)

Chapter 1: Meeting Miles


“Tessa! Let’s go!” Hannah’s voice echoes through the penthouse we are staying in this evening. It is her birthday and her father has paid for us all to spend the weekend in Chicago.

I take one last look in the mirror and make sure my dark red shoulder length wig is perfectly covering all of my natural hair.

I have not put much effort into my look because I have no desire to be here.

I have on black open toed high heels with tight fitting jeans that actually do not look that bad with the red wig and black low-cut top that is showing off my rather large breasts.

Uhhgg why are my breasts so big? No one else in my family has big breasts. My sister and mom are A cups but here I am with a C cup. Guys just seem to only see my breasts and I find it so annoying.

So, why am I about to go out showing my cleavage?

I sigh a little as I grab my hand purse walking out of the bathroom. “Coming!” I hear girls laughing and already having fun as I walk down the hallway. In the setting room, I see my roommates Hannah and Kasey who are decked out in cute little sexy dresses and wigs.

There are seven other girls dressed up in dresses as well all looking so cute with their brightly colored hair. And then there is Tina, my best friend that I forced to come along even though she hates my roommates. She doesn’t want to go to this party any more than I do.

She is wearing a black short wig with red streaks. Her wig and mine are the most normal looking wigs in the room. I am glad she is wearing jeans too because it makes me feel less out of place. Tina and I are twenty-four, while all the other girls are twenty-one. They make me feel old sometimes.

“You look so hot Tessa!” Tina spins me around and nods in approval.

“Thanks. And you with that wig! Sexy, sexy! You should keep that style. It suits you.” Tina is actually a blonde so, this dark black hair is so different.

“I know! Right!” She is fluffing her hair in the mirror on the wall next to the door with her lips pursed “I look super-hot in it.” Tina is always so confident with herself, I think that is why I love her so much.

“Hey girl. Where you at?” Hannah is on the phone with who I only assume to be Chastity. She is always late. “It’s my twenty-first birthday! You better hurry up and get here.” Hannah is not a very patient person and likes things done her way all the time.

“…because it is a wigging out party Chas! Everyone has on wigs. You have to wear a wig!” Hannah looks a little upset that someone has the nerve to question her. It was just two days ago that she and I were arguing about me having to come to this party because she claims it is my duty as her roommate.

“Fine. We will see you there in five. Love ya.” Hannah ends her conversation with Chastity. She is wearing a hot pink sash that says Birthday Girl and a matching pink wig. She loves being the center of attention.

“Ok, let’s go wig out in Chicago ladies!” Hannah shrieks as she does a little shimmy with her body.

Everyone starts yelling with excitement and I feel Tina nudge me so, I join in on the yelling as we make our way out of the hotel and start on our journey of bar hopping.

We enter our fourth bar, I have had more drinks than I can count and have danced with way too many men whose dirty paws were crawling all over my body. The room is spinning.

“Tina, I need to sober up some.”

“Ok. Hey there is a table over there. Go grab it and I will get us some food.”

I make my way to the table in the back of the bar and wait drunkenly for Tina to join me.

I see all the other girls in their crazy wigs dancing their butts off while Hannah has men sticking money in her dress strap as she dances dirtily around each of them on the dance floor.

It makes me snicker and roll my eyes.

“Here drink this and I ordered us some nachos, the salt will help you.” Tina hands me a nice cold glass of water and I dig into the nachos as we begin to talk about people around the bar.

This is one of our favorite things to do. We people watch, as Tina calls it, and make up scenarios about what we think the people’s stories are.

“Look at that girl, she is with a man who has a wedding ring on, but she doesn’t have one.” Tina points with her eyes to the table across the room at the couple that have their hands all over each other.

The girl is sitting in his lap and rubbing her fingers through his hair as they are chatting almost nose to nose.

“What’s the story?” I still fill the alcohol in my system as I turn back around far too quickly to face Tina, who is chowing down on nachos across the table from me.

“His wife died two years ago and he just cannot bring himself to take the ring off.” She sounds so sympathetic. “He met this girl at his son’s soccer game and they hit it off immediately. The relationship has been progressing slowly but, he still cannot let his poor dead wife go.”

“His poor wife is probably at home cleaning the house up after taking care of their three kids all day, washing his dirty laundry and busting her ass for him while he is out hoeing around with one of his many mistresses.” The thought disgusts me.

“Oh! How about that girl over there with the green dress on? What’s her story?” Tina points to the crowded dance floor where a tall thin girl that looks like a model is refusing to dance with a cute man in a grey t-shirt and jeans.

“She is a drop out college student whose lifelong dream is to become a runway model.” I throw my hair back over my shoulder in mockery of her.

“She cannot afford modeling school so, she is on the prowl to find a rich man that will support her dream. That guy is wearing converse shoes so, he is obviously below her standards of rich.” We cannot help but giggle at her as she hatefully looks at another guy who dares to ask her to dance.

“He doesn’t even deserve a response with that ball cap on, how dare he approach me.” I’m not sure why I use a high pitched British accent as I mock her but it makes us giggle as we look for our next victim.

“Wow, Tessa. Check out the dork in a tuxedo jacket and jeans.”

I look over my shoulder in the direction of where her eyes are pointing and spot him standing with his back to us.

He is talking to a taller somewhat handsome guy in a tight fitting black t-shirt that hugs his muscles perfectly. He is obviously talking about Hannah.

She does stick out in the crowd with that bright pink wig.

The one in the jacket turns so that I can see him better. He is sexy as hell. He is wearing a white shirt under his black sport coat paired with the jeans and black dress shoes.

His dark hair looks perfect and I find him highly attractive.

“He is cute!” I turn back to face Tina in surprise of how attractive he is. “And it isn’t really a tuxedo jacket, it is just a black sport coat thingy. It is actually really sexy.”

“Oh, he is severely cute and look at the yummy snack with him.” Tina’s eyes are full of flirtation as she stares at them. After a brief moment I hear her gasp low. “They are heading this way!”

“What?” I suddenly feel so nervous. “Who?” Before she can respond I see a shadow above me.

“Are these seats taken?” I look up to find the yummy snack smoldering down at me with a sexy smile glancing at my breasts first then traveling up to my eyes. There is a twitch of interest that flashes over his face.

“They are now. I’m Tina and this is Tessa.”

Tina wastes no time as she slides over in the booth making room for sport coat to sit next to her.

“I am Carver.” The yummy snack never takes his eyes off of me glancing down at my breasts yet again as he slides in next to me. I have to fight rolling my eyes. They are just boobs man.

“And I am Grayson.” Tina melts almost as much as I do at sport coats response as his bright blue eyes lock with mine. I feel the red working up in my cheeks as I wait for him to glance down at my breasts too but he does not.

“So Tessa?” Carver holds out his hand to me causing me to break eye contact with Grayson and I shake his hand.

“Yes. It is nice to meet you, Carver.” I feel awkward as he is still staring me down with those sexy brown eyes glancing back and forth between my eyes and breasts. It is so aggravating that my boobs seem to be his main interest. But that is typical.

“And Miss Tessa, it is a pleasure to meet you. So, first things first, what is with the wigs?”

I point to Hannah on the dance floor making an idiot of herself, “It is Hannah’s twenty-first birthday and she wanted a wigging out party.”

“A wigging out party?” Sport coat’s confused expression is so adorable and his eyes lock with mine again. Why is he so sexy? I feel a twitch of excitement in my chest from his stare.

Tina loops her arm through sport coat’s arm and causes his eye contact to break with mine. “It is when everyone puts on crazy wigs and goes out for fun. It is like being someone else for a night.”

“So, what color is your real hair?” Sport coat finds my eyes again staring at me with those blue eyes of his that are full of curiosity.

“Brown.” I feel a sense of curiosity myself as to why he is looking at me so intently. He still has not looked down at my boobs…is he gay?

“I’m a blonde.” Tina sounds so perky as a new song starts to play through the bar.

“I love this song! You want to dance Grayson?” Tina is so bold, but I am relieved she said his name because I could not remember it.


I feel Carver place his arm around me and I clench a little with discomfort as he leans in closer to my ear “You want to dance?”

“Ummm...” I really do not want to. This guy is hot but I have drank way too much to function on the dance floor. While my thoughts are processing his hand slides across my neck and down my arm to my hand.

“Come on.” He grasps my hand before I can say no and pulls me up leading me to the dance floor. When we get to the middle of the floor, he begins to dance with the beat and I join in.

I glance over and see Tina and Grayson dancing. Tina is just so sexy and comfortable with herself. I know I do not look that good dancing.

Carver wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my back up against his front as we begin to move together.

This is actually really nice and I feel a little more comfortable dancing this way because I know I can’t fall as easily. The room is still spinning a little.

I feel his hot breath on my neck as one of his hands is still firmly holding my left hip and his other hand travels up to just under my right breast. I suddenly feel less comfortable and warm.

“I need to set down.”

I step away from him and glance at Tina as I head back to the table. Tina is still dancing with Grayson and saying something in his ear. I arrive back at the table with Carver right behind me.

I slide into the booth and he sits down right next to me again.

“You feeling ok?”

“I..I’m fine.” I feel like I need to throw up actually. “I just had a few too many drinks.”

He gives me a sexy smile and stares at me for a second before he gets a slight squint in his eyes. “You want to come home with me tonight?”

What the…? I am not sure if I should melt at how sexy that was or be offended.

“Wow. You just dove right in there didn’t you?” We stare at each other for a moment, his expression is full of confidence and mine is full of curiosity as I wonder how someone could be so bold so quickly.

“I don’t like wasting my time.” His expression is so matter of fact.

“Too bad you just wasted ten minutes of your precious time.” I scuff as I say it because now I know I am offended! What a jerk!

“Why do you seem so offended?” He seems confused by my reaction as if this never has happened to him before.

I run my fingers over my forehead as I glance around in slight anger with a fake confused expression on my face. “Do I have an E on my forehead?”

“What?” He is suddenly so lost.

“Or a tattoo somewhere that says I am easy?” I frantically check my arms and shoulders for a tattoo, of which I know I have none anywhere on my body.

I look up at him with my pretend confusion waiting for a response as I see the amusement sweep over his face.

“No. I guess you do not.” He seems slightly defeated and it is cute but at the same time I wonder how often girls say yes to such an early move.

“Is that an effective method usually?” I ask hoping to get some insight on this yummy snack and a little more clarification on his personality.

“Most of the time.” He still looks defeated. “I guess I should take my efforts somewhere else.”

“Good luck with that.” I am now aggravated and roll my eyes away from him catching Tina’s eyes. She and Grayson are arriving back at the table.

“You ok Tess?” Tina noticed my look of aggravation and I glance at Grayson who is glaring at Carver as if he knows what has happened.

“Yes. I’m fine.” I need some air because I feel so nauseous and this wig is making me warm, so this would be a great time to get away. “If you would all excuse me, I do need some air.” I grab my hand bag and coat as Carver gets up to let me out.

The air is helpful. I can feel the nausea leaving my body as I take a few deep breaths. I feel a hand grab my elbow as I am standing there observing the active street. I assume it is Tina coming to check on me but as I turn, I see Grayson staring down at me in concern. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I was just getting a little warm in there.” Those eyes of his are so tranquilizing and his gaze causes me to inhale sharply.

“I am really sorry about Carver! He is a bit of an asshole.” He is sincerely apologizing.

“Just a bit?” My inquisitive expression brings a slight smile to his face.

“Well…a lot of an asshole.” I catch those blue eyes again and find myself without words so, I just slightly nod my head and purse my lips in agreement. I have to stop looking in those eyes because it is so distracting. I resort to glancing around the street.

“There is a coffee shop just around the corner that is still open. Would you want to walk with me to get some?”

I look back up at him in confusion and wonder what Tina is doing. “Where is Tina?”

“She and Carver where about to dance. They seem like a better fit for each other and the bar scene isn’t really my thing.”

So true. Tina is just as bold as Carver was to me. I could really use some coffee to finish sobering up. Why not.

“I would actually love some coffee.”

“It is this way.” He begins walking and I follow his lead.

“So, how long have you known Carver?”

“For about eighteen years now. We met when we were in kindergarten.”

I can’t help but wonder if sport coat is a jerk as well since they have been friends so long. He must be.

This wig is so annoying not to mention hot. I have to get rid of it!

“So, are you excited about your new job?”

“Yes, I can’t wa…” I stop and throw him an inquisitive look. How does this complete stranger know about my new job?

“I may have asked Tina a few questions about you.” There are those sexy eyes again looking down at me. When did he have time to ask her questions about me? This is so weird.

I nervously stop and face him, worried I may be in the presence of a stalker. “What else did you ask her?”

Oh, that smile of his! And the smile in those blue eyes! I feel a rush of desire and feel my face flush.

“I asked if you were single and what kinds of things you were into.”

“What did Tina tell you?”

“She said you were single and that if I wanted to know what you were into I had to ask you myself.”

I feel nervous and want to turn around and run from this man but those eyes have me in a trance.

“So? What do you like to do Tessa?”

He starts walking again towards the coffee shop and again, I follow.

“I like adventures. Art. Outdoors. Indoors. Anything really because I hate being bored.”

I feel a bit of sadness rush into my mind as I think about the past and how I have tried to keep my mind busy for the past six months. I have to stop thinking about that though. “So, what about you?”

“Work consumes most of my time.” We arrive at the coffee shop and he opens the door for me to step in first. “How do you take your coffee? I am buying.”

“Black please.” I need it as strong as I can get it to kick this alcohol down a notch. Usually, I would argue that I can pay for my own coffee but I have to find the restroom. “I just need to run to the ladies’ room if you would excuse me?”

“Okay.” His smiling eyes give me tingles.

Looking in the mirror of the restroom, I remove my wig knowing that my hair is most likely insanely flat and sweaty but I cannot take wearing it any longer.

I had prepared for this though and had some spray conditioner in my hand bag. I retrieve it and throw my hair upside down so that I can get my hair sprayed thoroughly.

I run my hands through my hair as I shake it to life a little. Flopping my hair back up and looking into the mirror again, I notice that I look slightly scary with the red lipstick I have on.

I never wear lipstick but this lipstick looked good with the red wig, or so Hannah said. I wipe it off and spot a hand dryer on the wall. I decide to dry my hair so it will look a little less slimy.

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