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Loving Mr Steel


After having her heart broken by her cheating boyfriend, Alexis decides to mix things up and move to New York City to start a new adventure. Unfortunately, to have an adventure in NYC you need to have a job. Enter Hunter Steel, CEO of America’s biggest hotel chain—and classic billionaire bad boy. Alexis takes a job as his new secretary knowing full well what kind of person he is…but Hunter Steel is full of surprises!

Age Rating: 18+

The Billion-Dollar Revelation


I gave myself a once-over in the mirror, nodded in satisfaction, turned around, and walked out of my room.

Today was the one-year anniversary of me and my boyfriend, James.

One year passed by so quickly, I thought to myself wistfully, grabbing my car keys and heading out the door. I was going to surprise him in his apartment, where I’d finally decided to do it with him.

Yep, you heard me. I wanted to be sure that I was in love with him first before putting out for him, and I was confident right now that I was in love with James.

I sped toward his apartment feeling giddy.

James and I first met in college, where we were only good friends.

He was the smart footballer who was sweet, caring, and loyal, and I was the girl who worked hard, had many friends but wasn’t popular, and lived next door to him.

Soon, the feelings between us took a turn for romance, and in our final year, James asked me out.

We were now both graduated. I worked at a small local cafe, and James worked in architecture.

My fingers played absentmindedly with the charm bracelet he got me for my graduation as I got out of the car and walked into the building. My heels clicked on the ground as I briskly walked toward the elevator.

I ran a hand through my hair and waited for the elevator to go up. The elevator pinged on the third floor, and I headed down the hallway to a door I was now very familiar with.

I rapped on the door three times, frowning when he didn’t answer. It was seven o’clock; he should be at home.

I tried again, to no avail. He didn’t answer. I tried the doorknob and gasped in surprise as it opened. My frown deepened.

James wasn’t the type of person to leave his apartment door unlocked. The TV was on, and James was nowhere in sight.

A terrible feeling gnawed in my guts, and I crept toward the door that led into James’s bedroom.

“Hello? James, are you home?” I called out cautiously. I got closer to the door, listening for any sound of snoring.

Instead of snoring, the sound of deep grunting and high-pitched groaning could be heard. Tears started to build in my eyes. He couldn’t be…

I pushed the door open, and inside was James and my best friend Cassie going at it like horny rabbits.

At the sound of the door opening, Cassie immediately jumped off James, not looking at all apologetic.

I felt so much fury build up in me that I took three large steps forward, pulled at Cassie’s dirty blonde hair, and dragged her off the bed. I kicked her hard, tears blinding my sight.

“How could you? How could you do this to me?” I shouted, tears breaking my sentence. I kicked and punched at anything I could touch, tugging and pulling at Cassie’s stupid blonde hair.

“You stupid bitch, let go of my hair! You should only thank yourself that James cheated—the guy’s gotta release his needs somewhere.

“Should’ve given him your virginity three months ago when he still wanted it.” Cassie smirked, knowing she’d hit a sore spot.

I saw red. I felt myself becoming…not me. I punched Cassie again, this time wiping the cruel smile from her face.

“I. Hate. You!” I screamed with every kick and punch I landed on her.

I was suddenly lifted in the air and tugged back into someone’s chest. His familiar smell wafted to me, but instead of finding comfort, I could only feel disgust.

Disgust for a man whom I opened my heart to so freely, believing he wouldn’t break it into a million pieces.

“Shh… Calm down, baby. Relax. Just calm down,” James whispered in my ear.

I rammed my elbow back as hard as I could, pulling free from a groaning James. “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! You stupid piece of shit!

“I can’t believe I believed you when all this time, you’ve been cheating on me with that thing!” I shouted. “You know, I was going to give you my virginity tonight.”

James’s eyes lit up, making me feel even more disgusted.

“But now I know the real you, I feel so stupid. I hope you both rot in hell. I never want to see you ever again. We are ~over!”~

I kicked Cassie one last time and stepped hard on James’s chest with my heels, knowing it would hurt. I walked out of the apartment hanging on to the last bit of dignity I had.

They had turned me into a monster. A violent, stupid monster.

I heard James call after me, and I walked faster. I looked down at my bracelet, feeling like it was burning me. I pulled it off and threw it at James.

“Hope you live a nice life,” I spat out, walking into the elevator as it opened.

“Wait, Alexis—”

The elevator door closed before he could finish his sentence. I leaned back against the cool metal wall, feeling the anger subside and turn into sadness.

I held onto my tears until I got in my car, where I sat crying my eyes out. I felt incredibly stupid, like the wool had been pulled over my eyes.

Never did I believe such a cliché thing could ever happen to me. But it did, a small voice said in my head.

I drove around mindlessly, but every place my car went, there was another memory of me and James or me and Cassie.

I growled in frustration. I couldn’t even go home without thinking of those two and all the memories we shared.

All those years of friendship, now down the drain because my so-called best friend was too much of a slut, and my ex-boyfriend was a douchebag who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

I got home late, not feeling at all hungry. My eyes were swollen and uncomfortable, bloodshot from crying too much.

Ugh, I was such a sad person, crying for someone who didn’t deserve to be cried for. I went to bed that night, cried myself to sleep, and swore to never let this happen to me again.


The next morning, I woke up feeling groggy and like I had been run over by a thousand bulldozers repeatedly.

I checked my phone and found six missed calls from James, one from Cassie, and one from my mom. I scoffed.

How does he even have the balls to call me after what he did? That idiotic asshole.

I called my mom back, wanting to know what she wanted.

“Hey, darling. How are you?” my mom said.

“Hey, Mom! I’m…all right, thanks. Is there something you needed?” I asked, trying to sound as normal as possible. My voice was usually really husky in the morning, but today it was just rough.

“Are you sure you’re fine? You don’t sound fine,” she asked, worried.

“Yup. I’m perfectly fine.” I cleared my throat.

“Okay then, hon. So I am going to have a barbecue, and I want you to come—and James and Cassie!”

My heart dropped, and my eyes began to water again at the mention of their names. “M-mom… James and I aren’t together anymore… He cheated on me with Cassie…” I trailed off, my voice hoarse.

Silence hung on the other end. “I am going to kill that no good, immoral boy!”

My mom’s voice was replaced by my dad’s. “I knew he was bad from the minute I saw him. Same with her. That Cashew or whatever her name is,” Dad growled.

I laughed lightly. “It’s okay, Dad, I kinda just want to rest right now. I have a pounding headache. Can I call you back later?” I asked hopefully.

“All right, kiddo. Don’t stress yourself out too much, all right? Take care, Lexi.”

“I will, Dad, thank you.”

We said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I collapsed back onto the bed, feeling absolutely exhausted.

Everything I thought about linked back to James and Cassie. It was James and Cassie this, James and Cassie that…

“Ugh, I need a job. And a life,” I said aloud. I logged on to my computer and began to search.

The jobs I was searching were as far away from my hometown as I possibly could get. My mouse slowly glided over a job ad.

Wanted: A demanding secretary role located in New York City. Requires a bachelor’s degree. Preference goes to candidates who majored in Business.

Perfect. I had a bachelor’s degree in Law. A phone number was written on the bottom of the ad, and without hesitation, I dialed the phone number and waited.



“Hello?” A female’s voice came through.

“Hi. My name is Alexis Lee, and I found an ad stating you’re looking for a secretary?” I said, trying to hide my nerves.

“Ah yes, that is correct. Where do you live, Miss Lee?” I heard her typing something quickly on the keyboard.

“Minnesota.” I chewed my lip. What if they wouldn’t let me have an interview?

“Well then, could you please fax us your CV and your details, and one of our team members will give you a FaceTime call for an interview tomorrow?”

“Yes, that would be great! Thank you!” I smiled.

“You’re welcome. Goodbye, Miss Lee.” And the phone closed.

I sent everything she asked for and started preparing for the interview. I was nervous but excited. If I got this job, I would get to move out to New York City!


Tomorrow arrived really fast. Soon, the call came, and I began answering question after question as they were fired at me.

There were so many questions I began to question whether or not I actually had a chance at getting the job.

“Well, Miss Lee, looks like everything is all good. I have one last question though,” the man said.

“Yes?” I leaned forward, slightly scared.

“Mr. Steel is a demanding man. You will be needed seven days a week, sometimes at night, and will have to stay extra late too.

“Of course, there will be extra pay, but his previous secretaries have all quit or been fired. Are you up for the job, Miss Lee?”

I gulped. Wow. He sounded like such a douchebag if all those secretaries quit.

“Yes. Absolutely.” Anything to leave the interview.

“Then you got the job. Congratulations, Miss Lee. Please fly down here first thing next week. A fully furnished apartment has already been secured for you.

“I will send you all the details and mail you the keys. Report to the office at 7 a.m. on Monday and look for a woman called Felicity. I believe she is the woman you spoke to on the phone previously.

“She will show you around and teach you everything.”

I could hardly contain my grin. “Thank you so much! I promise not to disappoint!” I said happily.

“Good. You’d better not. Have a good afternoon, Miss Lee. We will see you soon.”

The phone call ended.

I squealed loudly, feeling happy for the first time since the horrible breakup. I jumped around my room in a small happy dance and screamed out, “I’m going to New York!”

My hands were shaking from the endorphin rushing through my body. I picked up my phone and immediately dialed my parents.

I quickly explained everything that happened, and they came over immediately, helping me to pack and get ready for New York.

We booked the ticket for me to land on Saturday, which gave me a day and a half to settle in before the first day.

Although my parents were happy for me, they were also immensely sad about me leaving. Their only child leaving for New York City just after she had been heartbroken.

I made my dad promise to not hurt James—or at least, not too badly, because where else do you think I learned to pack a punch like that? Like father like daughter, as they say.

My phone beeped, making me look down.

It was Saturday morning, and I was checking to make sure I was not forgetting anything. My parents were picking me up in ten minutes, so I wondered who was texting me.

(5) texts from Douchebag.

I sighed.

I couldn’t seem to locate the “block number” button on my phone, so instead of deleting him and having a number I didn’t know continuously texting and calling, I gave James a nickname.

And what a wonderfully suited nickname it was.

I swiped open the text messages and rolled my eyes.

DouchebagAre you moving to NYC?
DouchebagAre you crazy?!! How will you survive there on your own? Do you even have money?! Or a job???
DouchebagAnswer my text messages Alexis!!!
DouchebagLook I’m so sorry baby please reply

Ugh, could he just stop? He was literally going from nice guy to evil guy within a second. Was he bipolar? Or did he develop some mental issues after we broke up?

I should be the one to develop mental issues from how upset I was, not him! The only thing he should get is the shrinkage of his balls because of how much I hit him the other day.

Well, I was doing him and the world a favor by stopping the creation of little hims. One less James in the world equaled one more happy girl.

NO, I texted back.

Oh, wait. I just replied. Goddammit. That was an accident, WHOOPS.

I went back to checking my luggage and took one last look around my room.

Since the apartment in NYC was already furnished, my parents were moving all my furniture back to their house so they were prepared if I ever decided to come back and visit and whatnot.

I startled when my dad showed up at the door. “Geez, Dad, don’t sneak up on me like that! Please knock next time! I thought you were some killer!” I clutched at my chest in surprise.

Dad raised a hand in mock surrender, and we kinda stood there in awkward silence.

“So you got everything?” Dad gestured with one hand while tucking the other in his back pocket.

“Yeah. I double-checked,” I said softly.

“Ah, damn. I was hoping you wouldn’t so you would have a reason to come back and get it,” Dad joked.

I looked at him sadly. “You know you are not losing me forever. I just want a change of scenery, and to try and become successful in NYC. I’ll come back to you and Mom. I always will.”

“Come here, kiddo.”

I walked over to Dad, and he pulled me into a bear hug.

“Your mom and I are just not used to you being all grown-up. Living three minutes away from us is manageable, but we’ll have to work on you being a thousand miles away from us.” He patted my back.

“We’ll always love and support your decision no matter what. We love you. I love you.”

I hugged him tighter, feeling tears prickling in my eyes. “I love you too, Dad.” My voice crackled slightly at the end.

My dad pulled away and looked at me jokingly. “Are you crying, Alexis Lee?”

Well, he couldn’t talk; he was crying too.

“Uh, no. I just have a branch in my eye.” I nodded, a grin breaking out on my face.

My dad picked up two suitcases, and I picked up one, both of us heading down the stairs.

We met up with mom who was waiting by the car, and together, we sat in the back and pretended everything was normal and my parents were not driving me to an airport.

We reached the airport, and we all got out. My parents wrapped me in a tight three-way hug.

“I love you guys. I promise to call every day,” I said, tears now freely flowing down my face.

“You’d better, Missy, or I will come to New York and hunt you down!” my mom joked, her own eyes bloodshot.

I nodded to my parents and kissed them both on the cheeks.

I turned around and headed into the airport, forcing myself to not look back. I feared I might run back into their arms and not go to NYC after all.

It’s for the best, I convinced myself. With a deep breath, I walked toward the terminal.

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Loving Mr Steel
Loving Mr Steel

After having her heart broken by her cheating boyfriend, Alexis decides to mix things up and move to New York City to start a new adventure. Unfortunately, to have an adventure in NYC you need to have a job. Enter Hunter Steel, CEO of America’s biggest hotel chain—and classic billionaire bad boy. Alexis takes a job as his new secretary knowing full well what kind of person he is…but Hunter Steel is full of surprises!

Age Rating: 18+

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