RomanceScience Fiction & Fantasy

The Luna's Secret


Bellona has a dark and terrifying secret she’s been keeping from almost everyone in her life. She thought she could hide it, until the day she met her mate… or, should we say, mates! Now she has to face the fact that things are going to change forever, whether she wants them to or not.

Age Rating: 18+

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The Luna's Secret - Book cover
RomanceScience Fiction & Fantasy

The Luna's Secret


Bellona has a dark and terrifying secret she’s been keeping from almost everyone in her life. She thought she could hide it, until the day she met her mate… or, should we say, mates! Now she has to face the fact that things are going to change forever, whether she wants them to or not.

Age Rating: 18+

1: Prologue


Two years ago

“Bellona enough!” My fathers’ Beta shouts from across the training field. I look up and see Ty has begun making his way to me. Everyone stops training to watch the commotion.

My father looks from Ty to me. Anger radiating off him in waves.

Belle let the boy go. My father mind-links me, and I hear the humour in his voice. “Everyone back to training. NOW!”

At that moment, I knew that he was not angry at me. Instead, he was mad at Ty for not letting us complete our training.

Micca is laid face down underneath me, with his arm pinned against his back, and me straddling his hips, he has nowhere to run. I can see the shock and maybe a little terror written on his face. Micca is your typical eighteen-year-old male, 2m tall, biceps as big as logs.

Broad chest with wide shoulders, abs and a v-line that have all the she-wolfs drooling. His black hair plastered with sweat to his forehead and the most beautiful hazel-eyes looking at me through full lashes.

A lock of my white hair falls from my ponytail tickling Micca’s face. “Submit to me Mic, and I will let you go,” I say defiantly looking up at Ty whose made it across the field and now standing in front of us.

I will submit any way you want me to Belle. Mic looks up at me grinning, terror now replaced with amusement. Ignoring him, I continue my staring contest with his father.

“Belle let him go he has lost the fight, no need to humiliate the poor boy any further.” My father says, amused.

Keeping my eyes trained on Ty, I smirk at his comment. “Sorry Alpha, but we both know he needs to submit first. He will learn nothing if I just let him go, and I need my Beta strong. As strong as I am, if I am going to trust him with the lives of my pack members.”

“I submit, Bellona. Just let go before you break my arm.” Mic chuckles. I look away from Ty, to grin down at Mic. Letting go of his arm, I stand up and reach out my hand to help him stand. He takes my hand without hesitation, smiling softly at me.

“You will be an amazing Alpha, my sweet child. Ty, I expect you to train Micca harder, he is a year older than Bellona. And yet she can take him down. She made herself clear today, Micca will be the next Beta.” Father says roughly.

“BELLE!” I hear mothers singsong voice calls from the houses back porch. Scanning the training field. Her golden-brown orbs flickering from wolf to wolf, her eyes finally land on me, skipping down the steps as she makes her way to me.

“That is my cue to leave, Ty, Micca, come we have matters to discuss.” My father starts to walk away, Ty following close behind. Micca looks at me, hesitating before winking at me, running after the Alpha and Beta.

“Beeeelllle my darling, I have been looking for you everywhere. Come we need to discuss your eighteenth celebration; all the Alphas and Lunas will be here. Let us not forget the handsome unmated Alphas will be here too. You need to tell me whom you would like to invite.

“We must invite your friends; this is for you, after all. You can go back to training when we are finished. I promise my darling.” My mother smiles at me softly tucking a white lock behind my ear.

Chapter One

Present day

I stand in front of the mirror looking at my reflection, the woman looking back at me, fearless, confident and above all, ready to kick ass.

Barefoot on the mahogany floorboards, I scan my body, low cut white faded denim shorts hug my hips and the curve of my ass, they cover only a third of my toned thighs. My exposed midriff accentuates my cinched waist and olive skin.

The only tattoo that I have, running up along my ribcage. Anubis was hidden slightly by my shorts. His right-hand hauling his sword, his wings hidden by my seamless lilac sports bra. With a cross-back design, it makes my breast look fuller than usual.

I look up and follow the slender neck to a strong jaw, looking up to my reflections full lips, an upturned nose, with lilac eyes staring back at me, with almost black eyebrows, white hair hanging loosely, tickling my lower back.

Mic, Lila, the time has come. I mind-link my friends. Almost instantly, I hear the tremble in Miccas' response. ~Yes, Alpha, please do not kill him. As you said, you still need his council.~

Sighing, I turn away from the mirror, walking out of my room. Down the stairs to the training grounds. I hope it does not come to that; I think to myself.

It has been a year since I came of age, and I found my mate or I had smelt him a long time ago - pine trees and rain. His scent was sensational - close to a place I promised I would never go back to, so I ran before he could scent me.

But I know he is in that pack, I didn’t know who he was, and I don’t think I want to know. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not scared I just don’t want to go near that place.

We threw a celebration two days later, my mother hoping he would attend, but I knew he wouldn’t be there. My mother invited nearly every single pack. Nearly - being the operative word here. I managed to convince my mother to let the alphas bring some of their packs members, their choices, of course.

My father, stubborn as always, made things harder for me, he decided to go by the old ways of our people, whereby he will not pass on the Alpha title to his heir. But it must be taken from him by the wolf worthy of the title. Many have tried, and many have failed. Today I will take my rightful place as Alpha of the Black Moon Pack.

Alpha Jaxon Williams, I Bellona Freyja Williams, challenge you for the Alpha position of the Black Moon Pack. I send through the pack link. Finally, reaching the last steps of the staircase, before turning to leave the foyer.

I accept your challenge daughter. I will be waiting for you at the training grounds. His response comes through just as I open the door and step out into the humid evening breeze.

I make my way across the field to where the pack, highlighted by the twilight that's closing in fast, stands waiting, leaving an opening only wide enough me to see where my father, the Beta, the Delta and mother stand in the middle. Mic and Lila are waiting for me at the gap in the circle. They pause until I pass before falling in line behind me.

“Alpha Jaxon, Luna Tabitha, Beta Ty.” I nod in recognition of the pack leaders ignoring the Delta.

“Bellona, Micca, Delilah,” my father nods back at us.

“I see you have already chosen your Beta and Gamma. Strong warriors. If you win, Beta Ty will step down unless you choose otherwise daughter.”

“Enough of the niceties, father. I am not here to talk, only for my title.” I turn to Mic and Lila, “no matter what, do not interfere.”

Nodding their heads in unison, they turn around to tell the pack ahead of them to move back. I let my gaze fall back on my father, behind him, his Beta and Delta are doing the same.

I watch as my mother looks at my father with sadness in her eyes, and he kisses her lips softly. Go easy on him, my sweet girl. My mother mind-links me, giving a single nod in her direction before turning back to my father.

Darkness is starting to settle around us, out the corner of my eye, I see torches placed in the ground and then lit. The air has become chilly with a light breeze blowing my hair.

I watched as my father begins to shrug off his clothes, and starts to shift. I waited patiently while the pack admired his wolf, his dark brown almost black wolf the size of an adult Great Dane. His hair thinning slightly from age, tail still a little bushy as it was in his youth.

When his shift was complete, he licked his muzzle and nodded once, golden eyes trained on me.

Tonight marks the first time my pack, and my parents will see my wolf in four years, I have kept her hidden, waiting for the right moment to show how powerful and beautiful she is.

Are you ready for this? He is family, so we cannot kill him, but we can hunt after to curb the bloodlust. I question my wolf while keeping my face emotionless, and my eyes trained on my father.

He will not see this coming, my Belle. Her response sending adrenaline coursing through my veins.

I let her come forward, pushing my bones to break as fur as white as snow breaks through my skin. My skull, contorting and ears lengthening to sharp peaks, before being covered by hair.

A crescent-moon forming on my right ear the shape filled with pitch-black fur, a blessing from the Moon Goddess herself. It's the only colour I have on my beautiful white pelt. My eyes change from their usual lilac to Ice Blue, keeping my eyelids closed so that no one can see it, not yet.

I was patient as I felt my back break and reshape until my large paws hit the ground with a loud thump, I open my eyes, looking right my father and then allow my gaze to look around the pack.

I hear the collective gasps from the pack and watch as they take a step back.

My wolf stands two sizes taller than my fathers. As I set my gaze on him again, the tiniest whiff of fear finds its way to me, and I realise it came from my father.

I understand now why you never revealed your wolf, why you always went hunting on your own, or in your human form with us. She is a stunning wolf, Bellona. His voice travels through the pack link so everyone can hear what he says in his wolf form.

Enough talking, it is time old-man. I send back through the link. I did not have time for talking. I was ready to bathe in blood.

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