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A Werewolf Love Triangle Book That Will Have You Obsessed

byBy Lena
Feb 19, 2023

Werewolf romance readers are hailing viral hit, The Alpha’s Call on the Galatea app, the hottest paranormal love triangle…ever. The series has divided its millions of adoring fans into the most heated literary rivalry since Twilight. (cough, cough… #TeamJacob). And here’s why…Keep scrolling to read the first chapter, or read the full books on Galatea.

What if you had to choose between the love of your life–and your fated mate? Meet Lyla, a young werewolf with an impossible decision...



The full moon was high in the sky when we stepped through the last of the trees into a clearing in the forest.

It shone down hard, illuminating the growing mass of bodies as they formed into a circle. 

“I don’t know if I can do this…,” I murmured, taking a few steps back.

As a werewolf it was my right to allow my animalistic instincts to take over—to run wild and become one with nature and the world around me.

But I couldn’t help cringing at the thought.

I looked around at the numerous bodies, and my gaze caught on Caspian, a few yards away. What if he found his true mate, and I was left to suffer alone until I was wrinkled and old and no one wanted me?

My chest tightened and breathing grew more difficult.

This is a mistake. I should have run away with him when I had the chance… 

But it was too late to go back.

The crowd grew even more silent, save for a few hushed whispers. Then I saw two massive werewolves move into the center of the circle.

I was looking at the royal alpha and royal beta.

“The taller one is Caius,” Theresa said, beside me. “The one with the black fur... that’s Sebastian.”


He was absolutely gorgeous—and the most imposing wolf I’d ever seen.

The fur covering his body was like darkness incarnate, and the white patch over his right eye shone bright like a star in the midnight sky.

I had barely realized that the others, one by one, were beginning to shift. 

I could only feel fear and uncertainty take hold as we stood in the circle, ready for the next part of the ritual.

Beta Caius stepped forward, raised his snout to the sky, and let out a harsh howl that shook me to my core.

The Summit had begun.

Ready or not, my destiny was calling me.

The strength of my wolf propelled me like a missile through the darkness as I soared through the wilderness around me.

This was a part of the ceremony as well.

We were supposed to wander alone through the darkness of the woods, away from the light of the moon.

When we could bear the loneliness no longer we would howl, and we would hope that our call would be answered.

It was all very dramatic.

I guess the Moon Goddess is a drama queen.

I wandered through the brush, and I actually found that I was taking comfort in the silence.

A twig shifted high above me and I flinched as I looked upwards, checking for threats.

A howl cut through my thoughts, one that was surprisingly close. Not a moment sooner, a howl answered, and a swell of happiness surged through me.

Someone found their mate.

Another howl sounded out into the night.

And then another.

I listened carefully, my heart pounding in my throat.

I could feel a howl bubbling up within me, unable to be suppressed.

I belted out my own call into the night, hoping it would be met with a reply. I put my soul in it, howling so all the wolves in the world could hear.

Will I receive a call in return?

Will it be Caspian’s?

I waited for a breath.


I counted the heartbeats until I would hear my mate calling out to me.

I was just about to give up and shift back into my human form when I finally heard it…

A piercing howl…

It was more powerful than I could have ever imagined—it shook me deeper than any other call.

Out of instinct, I howled in return, my voice stronger than I realized.

The howl came once more, and hope flared to life within me. The despair I was feeling melted away into pure joy.

I wasn’t imagining it. That was my mate.

And they were waiting for me.

I sprinted through the woods, my body moving purely on instinct. I ran faster than I ever had in my entire life. I dodged trees and leaped over bushes. I was a heat-seeking missile about to connect with my target.

Who is it?

My mind raced.

Is it Caspian?

Another man’s face flashed into my mind, and my eyes widened.

Is it…someone else?

I broke through the trees into another, smaller clearing and dug my paws into the ground to halt my progress.

There he was.

My mate.

Waiting for me.

And I couldn’t believe who I was looking at.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I looked at my mate, my eyes wide with shock.

I could only see his back, but the color of his fur was unmistakable… Black like the night enveloping us.

He turned around, and my heart skipped several beats.

My fears were compounded as I noticed the white patch of fur above his right eye.

He was my complete opposite.

My wolf had white fur, and a black patch over my left eye.

I was the yin to his yang.

Our eyes met, and in that moment, I began to understand…

The ritual had worked.

And because of it, my life and everything I had ever known would never again be the same.

Sebastian, the royal alpha.

Leader of the werewolves.

He was no longer just the royal alpha…

He was my mate.

What if you had to choose between the love of your life–and your fated mate? Meet Lyla, a young werewolf with an impossible decision...

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