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Fairy Godmother INC: The Elven Crown

The fantasy romance series, Fairy Godmother Inc., spans over 7 books and has been read over 125 million times on the Galatea app. The app has received recognition, as many notice Fairy Godmother Inc. is selling faster than A Court of Thorns and Roses. The epic FGI Universe books can be read in any order, with 7 unique fantasy worlds and love stories. Below is an excerpt from FGI: The Elven Crown--a enemies-to-lovers adventure in a dangerous, futuristic world ruled by Elves.

Chapter 1

“Big Red! Who’s tonight’s lucky guy?”


“Big Red! Wishing for someone special on your birthday?” 


I roll my eyes at the paparazzi lining the entrance to the nightclub.

As IF a badass, self-made, power woman like me needs a man. 

All I need is tequila and my girls. 

And probably a one-night stand. If I feel like it.

But only if he agrees to be gone by the time I wake up. 

With the cameras devouring my every breath, I plaster on a grin and begin my runway-walk with my squad behind. 

This scene should be shot in slow motion. 

My brilliant red Donatella Versace club dress hugs my body in all the right places, and matches my ruby red lips and sky-high stilettos to perfection. 

My long legs are toned, perfectly tan, and looking killer tonight.

My breasts are large and perky.

And my golden, fire-colored hair flows down my back like a slow current of lava.

Tonight, I own Las Vegas. 

The Palms Casino Resort is holding a giant birthday bash for me, in my honor, for all my selfless donations.

It’s good to give back to the little people, or whatever. I will have to ask my assistants which foundations they donated to. 

I am greeted like a queen and led to VIP, feeling everyone’s awestruck stares.

This party is insanity.

Shots are pouring down my throat, and I’m dancing, flipping hair, hot men everywhere. The D.J. is screaming into the microphone, that is my birthday, and everyone shrieks, lights flickering from the strobe.


My name–my celebrity name–pulses through the air. 

The club is spinning. My head is spinning. 


I am laughing, stumbling my way to the bathroom, when I bump into a guy. 

“Excuse you!” 

The man turns around, and I pause.

Even in my drunken state, I can tell he’s handsome. His blonde hair is styled perfectly, and his pretty blue eyes are striking. And the guy’s got some serious bone structure going on.

He looks like Prince Charming–but in a pinstriped suit.

My Prince takes my hand and raises it to his lips. 

“Happy birthday, Crystal!” he yells over the music.

Crystal? Hardly anyone calls me by my real name these days… 

“Do we know each other?” I ask, trying to place him in my foggy memory.

I feel like I would have remembered a face like his… 

“I have a birthday present for you, a once in a lifetime experience!” he yells with a dashing smile.

A present?


And from the looks of this one… 

I eye him up and down. 

He’s got to be a stripper, right? 

What? We’re all thinking it, aren’t we?

“Did my girlfriends put you up to this?” I yell–no, slur–back with a wink. “Yes, show me!” 

He chuckles, then leads me away from the loud swarm of people and into a private lounge.

Once we’re seated, my very naughty prince reaches into his pocket and takes out a letter. I clap excitedly.

“Ooooh! What is that?!”

“An offer.”

“For what?” I lean in close to see it more clearly. Am I hallucinating, or is it…glowing? 

The foreplay to this striptease is ELABORATE, I must say. I hope I remember to thank my girls later–those thoughtful bitches.

“This is an offer for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure,” the man says carefully.

“I’m sure it is,” I say with an over-exaggerated wink. “I’m in!”

“You’re in?” His eyes widen in disbelief. “Once you sign the contract, there is no going back. Don’t you want to know the details?”

I laugh hysterically, feeling the room spin again… 

“Give me…” I hiccup. “The…pen…”


“Oh sweet mercy,” I bury my head into a very fluffy pillow in my top-level suite, trying to drown out the searing sunlight coming in through the windows.

OMG, I didn’t even take off my heels

I think I passed out in a very awkward position.

“Uhhhhh,” I whine into the crisp, white down comforter. 

I lie there trying to fumble through my hazy memory. 

I remember talking to a handsome blondie, but I definitely didn’t get laid. 

What a disappointment. 

The end of the night seems so distant… 

I peel myself out of bed and manage to take the sparkling red dress off, flinging it to the side with a stumble. I make my way into the massive bathroom and walk into the large shower, turning on the hot water. I spin around and catch a glimpse of my reflection. I gasp.

I look like a hot mess. My gorgeous hair is in knots and my eyes resemble a raccoon. 

My body still looks killer, though.

I smirk at that.


The hot shower revives me to a certain, manageable degree. I put on a large fluffy bathrobe and wrap my hair in a plush towel.

Much better.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

“Did I order room service?” I wonder out loud. “I don’t remember ordering…” 

Yep, definitely still drunk.

I fling open the door–then yelp. 

It’s the man from last night.

He smiles at me, and I just awkwardly stare at him. He looks fresh in his gray suit, white shirt unbuttoned a bit at the neck.

“You,” I say, swallowing hard. “What are you… Can I help you?” 

I’m really weirded out right now. What is he doing here? 

“Oh good, you’re showered. I was hoping I was not too early,” he says casually, leaning against the door. “We should be on our way soon.”

How bizarre.

“Um… On our way?” I ask. “To where?” 

He chuckles. “How much of last night do you remember? You were a little tipsy...”

“Oh shit,” I say and cover my mouth. “I signed something, didn’t I? What did I sign?!”

The man–Prince Charming, I remember calling him–glances over his shoulder and then says, “We need to talk, like now. Can I come in?”

I am starting to panic. “Did you blackmail me?”

What have I done? Surely, I would not have signed anything that would get me into trouble.

Did I sign away millions? How could I be so careless? These are not the actions of Big Red!

The door shuts and the strange man sits on a plush couch, arms stretched wide on the low back like he is having a great time. 

“Just…tell me,” I say, and cautiously sit on the opposite couch. “What happened last night.”

“Well, you signed a very binding contract.”

“Fuck.” I am breathing hard.

“You may call me Pierce, by the way.” He winks. “We will get to be quite good friends.”

“You took advantage of me. I need to call my lawyer,” I stammer.

Pierce leans forward. “I do not think that will do you much good, I’m afraid. And yes, I did take advantage of you. I did not have a choice. You’ll forgive me later. They always do.”

“You bastard. What did I sign?!” 

Pierce chuckles at me. “You will not believe me when I tell you, which is to be expected. I have to show you in person.”

“Try me, asshole.” I am seething with anger.

He shrugs. “Very well.” He takes a breath then looks at me. “You signed an official, binding contract with Fairy Godmother Inc.”

Fairy Godmother Inc.?

“What the hell is that? Is this some kind of joke?” 

It’s almost laughable.

I am almost relieved.

Pierce’s blue eyes study me intently. “You must compete against other women to try and win the heart of a prince.”

I just stare at him. Waiting.

This guy can’t be serious.

First of all… Big Red does not compete for men. Big Red does not need men!

And yes, Big Red does occasionally speak in third person. No, she does not give an F!

Or in this case, a royal F. 

Which Prince is he talking about, anyway? 

William? Taken. 

Harry? Also taken. 

I can’t think of any single princes worth my attention. 

Pierce clears his throat.

Apparently I zoned out. 

He leans forward. “You signed the contract confirming your involvement in our next mission,” he says.

“And what exactly is this mission?” I say, rolling my eyes. 

“Fairy Godmother Inc. is a secret corporation that keeps the balance of good and evil with true love’s kiss. We send women out on missions to change the hearts of men, saving worlds one love-match at a time.”

He smiles and leans back, likely reading my expression. “I am very serious. This is no joke, and we are very good at what we do.”

“Yeah…” I eye him up and down. 

He doesn’t lookcrazy… 

But then again, neither do I. And I’ve been known to dabble…

“This is the first time I was able to pick a player,” Pierce continues. “The target in this mission, the prince… He is proving to be quite a challenge. I needed to find someone with a strong personality, a very high opinion of themselves, and extremely arrogant.”

“Someone who will not back down and has an ego that will lead them to do things that people would not normally do.”

“Did you just insult me?”

“On the contrary, you are my secret weapon. I am going to need you to come with me so I can prove everything to you there. All questions and details of the mission will be answered, fear not.

“Time is of the essence, and the other girls are already packed and waiting patiently for the last player. ”

“You are really serious.”

He’s crazy.

“I am.”

I stand, feeling my anger boiling. This guy is a complete nut job. 

“In case you didn’t know, I have a multi-million-dollar business to run. Stocks to watch. Important people to meet with. Please get out of my room. I have shit to do, and I don’t have time for this.”

He stands with me, frowning. “I had a feeling you would say that.” Then Pierce pulls out his phone. 

This guy is off his meds! 

Wait, who is he calling?!

“Hi, Zora. I am going to need to be extracted with the final player. This will be a code B12,” he says and looks at me. “You might want to do it fast.”

He hangs up the phone and smiles at me.

“Wh-who did you just call? Where are you trying to take me, you crazy person?!”

“I told you, Crystal,” he says slowly. “I’m taking you to Fairy Godmother Inc. Headquarters.”

He pauses, eyes flickering to mine. “And shortly after, you will be transported to the planet of your target. The home of Prince Ajax Leocaryn.”

My heart is pounding. My knees are suddenly starting to feel weak… 

And it hits me.

“Did you just say PLANET?!”

Then everything goes black.

Chapter 2

Where am I?

When I come out of my brain-haze, I am standing in a large, beautiful office. I can hear phones ringing and faint voices.

The bustling space is stark white, almost so bright I must squint, with accents of light blue.

Am I dreaming?

Did I die?

“Welcome to Fairy Godmother Inc., Crystal,” says that awful man Pierce. I spin around to glare at him.

“You have got to be joking,” 

He points to the big sign across from us that says Fairy Godmother Inc. over a large reception desk.

“I can assure you, this is very real.”

“I want some answers, now,” I threaten. Then I look down and realize that I am still in my bathrobe. The color drains from my face.

“And I need clothing, Pierce,” I hiss. People are looking at me like I just escaped the asylum.

He laughs and glances at me while we start walking.

“As a matter of fact, I can help you with that.” He waves to passing people in white doctor clothing. “I happen to be in charge of the design department, but I will get into that later.”

I look at him. “What?”

“Right this way, you will meet the other women,” Pierce offers before I have a chance to tell him I am not meeting other women in my bathrobe.

They might know me—well, everyone knows me, unless you live under a rock.

I don’t even have makeup on.

I walk into a large spacious room with college-like seating and a desk at the front. It’s then that I notice five other women, very pretty women.

They all stare at me, eyeing me up and down. 

“Ladies,” Pierce says, “meet the last player, Crystal MacLeoir, and please forgive her clothing. We left in a hurry, and she didn’t really have a choice in the matter.”

“No, I didn’t,” I say with a frown. “I can’t be here.” I feel a wave of panic hit me.

“Aren’t you Big Red? The day trader?” one of the girls asks.

I roll my eyes at her. “Of course.”

Pierce motions for me to sit down.

I sit in the nearest chair—not because I am obeying, but because I want everyone to stop staring at me.

“Let’s introduce everyone. It will be smart to know every player, for they will be your competition.” He points to the first girl sitting in a chair.

A Black girl raises her hand, tossing her long blonde hair to the side. “My name is Angie Williams.”

The girl next to her says, “Delon Knowles.” Her dark eyes and dark hair do not intimidate me in the least. I nod and roll my eyes.

“Lila Matthews,” the next girl says as she eyes me with a smirk.

I already do not like her; I have a great sense of character. Her skin is an olive hue and her dark eyes are just that—boring. I think she would look better as a blond, not her chestnut-colored hair.

These women are pretty, just not on my level, I note with pleasure.

Not that I am going to play this game, but if I did…

The only blonde raises her hand. “Tany Glanville.” I nod at her and the only description I can think of is ordinary.

Then the last girl seated next to me, a petite Asian woman. “Yada Shizu.”

Pierce claps his hands. “Great. I feel a lot better now. It’s time to get into the deeper stuff.”

He waves his hand, and suddenly the area behind him is not there anymore.

I scream with the other women, my hand on my mouth.

It’s the solar system.

What the ever-loving hell?

“Calm down, it’s an illusion. Now pay attention. The world you will be going to is the Crown Province of Thunia. Remember that, please, I hate to repeat myself.

“Long ago an elite race of elven people took over the land from the human race. This is going to be a very difficult mission, I cannot stress this enough, so I need everyone sharp.

“The elven race is the elite—they view themselves as superior, naturally. They have technology beyond most worlds, very futuristic. Flying cars and ships, that sort of thing.”

He pauses as he walks around the desk. “Who here has seen The Hunger Games?”

All of the girls look at each other, not liking where this is going. I hear a few girls murmur something about loving that movie.

“Well, this is very similar to that movie, which is why I bring it up,” he says and sits on the desk. “You will all be competing in… a tournament, of sorts.”

I snort. Is he serious?!

“Now, remember you all have three lifelines.

“This is important. If you are about to die, you may use them by saying, “Lifeline activate.” Simple. On the fourth use, you will be ejected from the game entirely, too much of a liability.”

“Now, the people of this world live for the games. There are six nations that compete against each other in these games, almost like the Olympics. It’s very important to them, and televised for the whole world to join in on the fun.”

He pauses as what I would describe as a very intimidating woman enters the room. She is my height, chin raised, and very elegant. Older, with her graying hair styled in short waves around her shoulders.

“Ladies, allow me to introduce the Fairy Godmother.” Pierce does a slight bow in her direction, and she nods to everyone. Her white dress is so white it hurts my eyes. Though that could be because I am hungover as hell.

Wait… Is he trying to say the Fairy Godmother is a real person?

That’s it. We’ve all officially lost it.

“These missions are dangerous,” Pierce continues, “and you can die if you’re not careful. But we must intervene in this world because if we do not, it might turn out as dire as the actual Hunger Games. That would tip the scales of good and evil in the universe.”

Oh. No big deal.

The Fairy Godmother looks at all of us.

“You all will place your hands into the Bowl of Destiny, to see what role you will be playing in the next three months. 

She chuckles suddenly, and glances at Pierce. “But first, we almost forgot the most important information: The man in question.”

Pierce rolls his eyes. “I was getting to that part.”

She puts on some black cat-eye glasses and reads off a paper.

“Okay, the King and Queen of Thunia are the dominant rulers; currently the biggest nation of the six. Theodluin and Myrrh Leocaryn. Their son is the man to snare. Ajax Leocaryn, the eldest son of Thunia.”

The Godmother adds, “Ensnaring Ajax will be difficult, as elves do not mingle outside of their race, viewing humans as beneath them.

“But they have not dealt with Fairy Godmother Inc. before.” She smiles and glances at Pierce.

“Now, the Bowl of Destiny!” 

I gasp as a large birdbath bowl appears behind the desk—like, just appears out of thin air. It sparkles and shimmers as if enchanted. I am very nervous; my palms are sweating.

I do not want to get married, especially to some alpha elven dude. 

Suddenly, it hits me.

If I use all my lifelines, then I am ejected from the game.

I get to go back to my life.

I’m brilliant!

“I’ll go first!” I exclaim, shooting up from my seat.

All eyes turn to me in surprise. 

“Right,” Pierce says, his blue gaze sparkling with mirth. He gestures for me to approach the bowl. “Go ahead.”

I take a breath and place both of my hands in the metallic waters. The cool substance makes my fingers tingle. I glance behind me and see words being written on a screen behind him.

I hold my breath and read: Competitor of Thunia: Team - Ajax Leocaryn.

Pierce claps. “Perfect position! Nice job, Crystal.” He motions for the other women to line up for their turn. “Chop-chop, ladies!”

I roll my eyes and sit back down, ignoring looks of jealousy. 

Angie is next, sinking her hands in the substance with an excited look. The screen reads: Competitor of Broyrus: Team - Raibyn Enkas 

Delon is next, and the screen reads: Competitor of Sescesh: Team - Sarya Eilquinal

Lila walks up to the bowl and closes her eyes before putting in her hands. The screen reads: Competitor of Thunia: Team - Ajax Leocaryn. This makes her yelp in satisfaction, high-fiving Pierce.

Oh perfect.

Like she won’t be annoying to watch. “Ajax, can you help me stretch my vagina? I think I pulled a muscle…

Tany is next, and she giggles, eyes bugging out of her skull with excitement. She places her hands in the substance, and the screen reads: Competitor of Ebrad: Team - Nym Kearen.

The last girl is Yada. She places her hands in the water, and the screen reads: Competitor of Ebrad: Team - Nym Kearen.

There is collective talking at once, with the girls asking Pierce questions and conversing amongst themselves. 

“Crystal, follow me. We are splitting up to go to the briefing rooms,” Pierce says.


We enter a white room with some sort of large pod in the center. 

What on Earth is this? 

I almost jump when I see a petite man sitting on a marble table, sucking on a lollipop.

Pierce nods to him. “This is Flix Darkcup, your agent. He will be traveling with you and will serve your personal tool for anything you need in the game. A perfect shape-shifter.”

Flix’s large purple eyes assess me. He is very strange looking, almost like a real, living anime character. His dark hair is spiky with a white stripe on the side.

Flix looks at my outfit with an indifferent expression, then takes out his lollipop, sighing. “What’s with her clothes?”

Pierce clicks his tongue. “You know this is not my design. Did you read over her file?”

“Yes, file confirmed.”

“Great, then I will leave you two to discuss her three transformation wishes.” Pierce winks at me then leaves, whistling as he shuts the door.

Weird man.

I sit at the table, feeling incredibly awkward. 

“So,” I say and lean back. “Tell me what to do, I don’t care. Let’s just get it over with.”

His eyes grow wide. “Are you serious?”


Girl, have you seen this guy?”

“Of course not. But I don’t care what he–”

“Fairy Godmother Inc. alpha-males make bitches go cray-cray,” Flix interrupts. “You are going to wish you picked wisely, trust me. I read his profile, he sounds insanely hot.” He gives me a pointed look.

“Well, if I have to pick, then which ones?”

A thick book manifests on the table, which he opens. “Ajax. Hmm. He had a fling with Sarya of Sescesh. She sounds like a total bitch.”

“Maybe we will get along.”

“No, she is on a different level of bitch. Like ‘I’ll slit your throat with my nails’ kind of a bitch.”

“Huh.” I lean forward, feeling mildly interested.

“It says he is a leg and breast man.” He flips through some papers, then examines me with a frown. 

“I don’t see anything in your appearance we need to address, which is a first for me. But you need to be in the best physical shape. It’s a must with this mission.”

“Okay,” I say, “what else?” I try not to sound interested.

“Did Pierce tell you how humans are picked for the games on Thunia?”

“No,” I say, curious.

“Think of it like the X-Men. Some humans have certain abilities. It’s very rare to have abilities— that’s how these games got started in the first place.”

He flips through the book again. “I think having the ability of the Spirit Valkyrie would be beneficial, and super awesome. I read that it’s really rare and might draw attention.”

“What is that?”

“I am not sure. You must find that out yourself, I guess, but I think you can create these spirit animals—like, ghost-type things—to help you.”

Very interesting.

Well, I’m not interested, just merely going through the motions.


He nods. “Anything else you would like to help snare the man?”

I laugh. “Nothing comes to mind, I don’t care about the man. I always wondered how it would be to have an amazing voice.”

He claps and laughs. “Girl, you trying to be a siren?!”

“This is for me, not him,” I say with an eye roll. “I play the piano a lot and have always had the voice of a dying horse.”

He laughs, which makes me smile.

Flix has a cute little laugh.

Not that I care.

Pierce barges in. “Sorry that took so long. Okay, into the pod you go, my dear.”

I swallow and walk over to the pod, stepping into it. If someone would have told me last night that this is what I’d be doing for my birthday, I’d have said they were on crack.

The pod closes around me, making me tense. Oh shit. Pink and blue lights flash around me, and I can see a computer screen in front of me.

Okay, first trait?” Pierce asks through the intercom.

“Uh, best physical shape.”

I guess.

Perfect, always a favorite. Next?

“A Spirit Valkyrie?”

An interesting choice. I’m guessing that came from Flix.

“ Something like that.”


“A badass voice. Like with low husky tones, I don’t want no opera crap,” I say. This is fulfilling a little fantasy of mine.

Okay, I think I know what you mean.” He continues, “Take a deep breath for me, please.

I hear this loud ringing and my skin tingles. I gasp, feeling hot. But right before I panic, I hear the machine shutting down.

I am breathing hard, my body shaking.

I step out on wobbly legs. “That. Hurt.”

Pierce nods. “You look great, though!”

“What?” I say, and glance over to my left. I see myself in a large mirror and my mouth drops open.

“Fairy Godmother airbrushing. It’s a given, it’s in the contract.”

“Well,” I say. “Holy shit.”

My skin is golden-goddess status, no blemishes. I’m in shock—like, my mouth is still hanging open. This is insanity. My body feels tight and toned, my ass has some additional inches of muscle.

I look like a goddess. Like I have been photoshopped.

“Alright,” Pierce says as he touches his earpiece. “We are two minutes out.”


“Spin for me, we need you dressed for the part. Flix, you will be the waterboy, staff member. You will have to be in shape-shift form at first.”

He nods.

My heart is beating wildly. I spin. This is so crazy, I repeat to myself as I feel my whole body buzzing.

I look down, and I am in white, shiny skinny jeans, weird light-up sneakers, and a half-fishnet white top. The top is very sexy, showing some cleavage and making my tan look killer.

I look insanely hot.

Very future-y.

My hair is shiny, flowing down my back, almost glowing like fire.

“Dang, girl!”

I glance at Flix. “I don’t even recognize myself, and that’s saying a lot.”

Pierce nods. “Go give him hell. Flix will explain everything when you arrive. Telepathic talking at first would be advised.”

I am so nervous.

This is too real.

“And 5!”



And then…

Big Red is out.