The next best werewolves series for 2023

19-year-old werewolf Aarya doesn’t consider herself to be a hopeless romantic, but when her childhood sweetheart, the Beta of their pack, asked her to wait for him four years ago, she did. Happily. Aarya was positive that Hunter was her mate, and that when he returned from boarding school and they both saw each other for the first time as adults, their mating bond would snap into place. 

But when Hunter returns on the eve of the Alpha King’s Engagement Ball, and Aarya rushes out to meet him… she’s devastated. Because he doesn’t come back alone; Hunter has found his fated mate, and she’s perfect. 

Shocked and heartbroken, Aarya vows to focus on medical school and to swear off love and mates. So she isn’t exactly thrilled about the fact that she must attend the Alpha King’s Engagement Ball the following day. After all, everyone in the kingdom knows that royal balls are just excuses for single male and female werewolves to mingle in hopes of finding their mates. And Aarya is really not in the mood… 

As Aarya circulates the ballroom, trying to avoid her ex and his new mate, and all of the annoying males who keep trying to flirt with her, she catches the latest Royal Court gossip… The Alpha King, Dmitri Adonis Grey, is apparently being forced to marry and mate the high-born werewolf female he’s engaged to. Everyone knows that King Adonis has been searching every last corner of the kingdom for his fated mate for years, but what they don’t know is that without a mate, his wolf has begun to lash out beyond his control–turning him into more monster than man. And so, the Council has declared that he must mate a female of their choosing to appease his wolf. 

Aarya can’t figure out why the notion of a forced mating makes her skin crawl. She’s never even met the King! But… it bothers her. A lot. 

That is, until the King makes his appearance, stepping out onto the balcony to address the crowd. As her eyes roam his body–his powerful frame, curly black hair, and perfect bone structure–she can’t help but feel a pull to him. Which she resents, because she just vowed to steer clear of all males.  

And then the King lifts his gaze, and when his glowing amber eyes collide with hers… She feels her stars realign, and her soul bind itself to his. 

And she gasps.

“This CANNOT be happening…”