The Most-Binged Dark Werewolf Romance Book Since 50 Shades

With millions of die-hard fans anxiously awaiting Book 2, readers are hailing werewolf-smash hit Kidnapped By My Mate, on the Galatea app, the hottest dark romance series since 365 Days–and here’s why…


Audiobook - Chapter 1


Book 1: Belle wakes up in Paris next to a gorgeous stranger in a room she’s never been to before and she doesn’t remember how she got there. Trying to process the last 24 hours, Belle remembers her flight to the city of love… and the dominant Alpha male she shared a moment of passion with in the plane bathroom. What she doesn’t remember is him abducting her… or being marked by the possessive wolf. Even worse? Belle doesn’t know werewolves even exist… but she’s about to find out.