New Books Similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses

Looking for Books similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses? Here is a handpicked selection from Galatea’s exclusive collection. Galatea is an immersive reading platform available on iOS and Android.

Budak Sang Naga

Berkelana ke masa lalu untuk reinterpretasi abad pertengahan dari Kota Requiem yang panas! Madeline telah melayani siluman Naga yang kuat dari Kawanan Requiem sejak dia masih muda. Pada ulang tahunnya yang ke-18, Hael, Raja Naga, menatap Madeline dengan mata hijau zamrudnya. Dia memiliki rencana lebih besar untuknya. Apakah Madeline akan menjadi budak seks yang dibutuhkan Hael? Atau dom yang sangat seksi ini telah menemukan tandingannya?

Rating Usia 18+

Penulis Asli: C. Swallow

Catatan: Cerita ini adalah versi asli penulis dan tidak memiliki audio.

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Estrela D’Alva

Para Andra, o vínculo com um dragão parece um sonho impossível. Mas quando ela cruza com um belo Cavaleiro do Céu, Andra experimenta um novo mundo de possibilidades. Com um pouco de magia, ela pode até acabar voando pelos céus…

Classificação etária: 15+

Autor original: Erin Swan

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The King Without a Queen

Moving back to her hometown after years on the road, Phoebe just wants to live a normal, stable teenage life: school, friends, boys, pizza. But after meeting handsome and mysterious stranger Silvic, it’s clear that life has other plans for her. Phoebe finds herself irresistibly drawn to the werewolf alpha, but he is haunted by memories of another woman. As danger threatens the pack, Phoebe has to come to terms with her past—and her feelings—in this new world.

Age Rating: 16+

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Ang Prinsesa ng Dragon


Madilim pa din nang dumating si Dad sa bedchamber ko. Tulog pa ang araw, kasama ang lahat ng mga ibon.

Pupunta siya sa isang adventure, sabi niya, at naisip niya na baka gusto kong sumama.

Syempre gusto ko.

Tumalon ako galing sa kama. Sinuot ko ang sheepskin coat ko. Summer ngayon, pero ang mga umaga ay malamig pa din…

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A Highlander’s Faith

A dark, intriguing cavern. A strange mystery. An almost impossible love. Emily and her kilt-wearing, horse-riding, Greek god look-alike Highlander are caught up in a tangled web. What does destiny have in store for them?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Domestic Violence, Extreme Violence/Gore, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse Violence Against Women)

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The Blue Wolf Diana

Sarah, a forbidden hybrid whose parents are a werewolf and a warlock, has lived her whole life in exile with her mother. On her eighteenth birthday, she meets her grandfather for the first time when he invites them to return to the pack. She also meets her mate, the pack’s beta. But when she joins the pack, Sarah quickly learns of secrets about her grandparents, her parents, and herself—secrets that could cost her life and the lives of others.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Rape)

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To Love An Alpha

In Oprela, the alpha kings from eight nations battle to take King Thaksin’s crown and marry his omega daughter, Arya, but only one will succeed. When Princess Arya discovers that her husband is to be King Kohl, whom she despises, she must do everything in her power to endure this ill-fated bonding. But when she discovers Kohl’s tainted past, suddenly, her future becomes about much more than simply enduring.

Age Rating: 18+ (Child Abuse, Extreme Violence, Mature Content)

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Demon’s Artifice Series

As the daughter of an elemental witch and a battle magic-using hunter, Sarah is already a force to be reckoned with. But as she approaches her twenty-first birthday, she discovers she has an ability long thought extinct: she is a dream walker. To summon the power she needs to fulfil her quest, Sarah will need to bind herself to the demon Leondris; an act which awakens sexual fantasies and desires she never knew she could realize.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Sexual assault/abuse)

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My Very Own Pirate

Erica has a boring job and bad taste in men. Her only adventures come from her books about the ocean, sailing, and pirates. But an idle wish in the middle of a dramatic storm brings her exactly the right kind of man, and he’s ready to take her on adventures she never could have imagined.

Age Rating: 18+

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Primal Fears

When renowned paleontologist Robert D’Graive goes missing, three friends go searching for him in the mysterious Scottish Highlands. The trio discover that there is a far darker secret to Professor D’Graive’s disappearance than they could have ever imagined—a secret old and nearly unfathomable…

Age Rating: 18+

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