New Books Similar to Beautiful Disaster

Looking for Books similar to Beautiful Disaster? Here is a handpicked selection from Galatea’s exclusive collection. Galatea is an immersive reading platform available on iOS and Android.

Die Echte Evie Chase

Die siebzehnjährige Evie Chase hat alles: Ruhm, Reichtum und die Gesangskarriere ihrer Träume. Aber nachdem sie mit Ängsten und dem Druck des Superstars zu kämpfen hat, kehrt Evie in ihre kleine Heimatstadt zurück und muss sich alten Tyrannen, neuen Freunden und dem Jungen, den sie zurückgelassen hat, stellen …

Altersfreigabe: 16+

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Keily la grassona

Keily è sempre stata sovrappeso, ma, anche se aveva le sue insicurezze, non ha mai permesso che questo fatto la ostacolasse. Le cose sono però cambiate quando si è trasferita in una nuova scuola, dove ha incontrato il più grande stronzo di sempre: James Haynes. James non ha mai perso l’occasione di prenderla in giro per il suo peso o di sottolineare i suoi difetti. Ma il fatto è che… le persone che dicono le cose più cattive spesso lo fanno per nascondere i loro problemi e James nasconde infatti un enorme segreto. Ed è un segreto che riguarda Keily.

Età: 18+ (Attenzione ai contenuti: molestie sessuali, aggressioni

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Kara jest przeciętną licealistką, nie jest popularna, ale nie jest też samotniczką. Ma chłopaka, Adama… dopóki nie przyłapała go na zdradzie. Teraz chce o nim zapomnieć, ale on wciąż się pojawia. W końcu na imprezie zaczyna być agresywny. Niestety dla niego jest to impreza Jasona Kade’a. Jason, po tym jak skopał tyłek Adama, ma na oku Karę i nie lubi słowa „nie”. Teraz Kara i Jason są uwikłani w grę w kotka i myszkę, ale które z nich jest którym?

Rating wiekowy: 18+

Autor oryginału: Mars

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I’ll Fight For You

Claire Walker is an undefeated street fighter and a straight-A student. Blake Johnson is a stereotyped bad boy who has a secret brain. To know her reason for fighting, you’ll have to strike into her past; to understand him, you’ll have to duck beneath the surface. There’s one question left: are these two ready for the fight of their lives?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Kidnapping, Suicide)

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Katie: A Love Story

Katie’s world changed forever at the age of nine when a car accident claimed her mother’s life and left her unable to walk or speak. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think and feel like any other girl her age. And her dad Adam has taken care of her every need.

Now Katie is nineteen, and Adam realizes that there are some needs that a dad can’t help with. But when Katie meets university student Peter, Adam wonders if Katie may actually get to live the life that he always envisioned for his little girl.

Age Rating: 18+ (Ableism)

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Mommy To Be

Kiera Johnson grew up in a Christian family with strong moral values—particularly with regard to premarital sex. But after a flirtatious night at camp goes too far, Keira finds herself pregnant—and the father is none other than Matteo Santiago, the hottest and most popular guy in high school. As her due date moves closer, Kiera struggles to come to terms with not only her future as a mom, but also whether she and Matt will survive as a couple…

Age Rating: 18+ (Stalking, Sexual Assault, Teen Pregnancy)

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Risking it All: Jason’s Story

Kara and Jason have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. High school drama, a big breakup, and finally their problematic reunion later in life. It’s been pretty easy to see everything from Kara’s point of view, but what about Jason? He’s not as cut and dry as you’d expect!

Age Rating: 18+

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Coast to Coast

It was supposed to be a simple road trip, but you know what they say about best laid plans. Now, a little sister who couldn’t keep her hands to herself and a friend who should know better than to sleep with his best friend’s sister will face the consequences or crash and burn.

Age Rating: 18+ (Trigger Warning: Assault, Kidnapping, Miscarriage, Attempted Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, and Stalkers.)

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Tied to the Moon

Alistrine and Orion couldn’t be more different if they tried. Orion lives the luxurious life of an Alpha, never needing for anything, while Alistrine struggles to survive in a world that deems her unworthy of life. It isn’t until fate brings them together, that they realize they’re both destined for something much greater than themselves. Will passion win or will darkness envelop them forever?

Age Rating: 16+

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Mafiawere Brothers

Rose had been married for a while, and couldn’t understand why her husband didn’t seem to care about her anymore … then she found out he’d been cheating on her the entire time! Angry and heartbroken, she thought she was through with love. Until, she met her best friend’s brothers. Now she’s right in the middle of the sexiest situation of her life. After all, it’s not often that the three hottest guys in the world are all vying for her attention… and body. Just wait until she finds out they’re all werewolves!

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Attempted Rape)

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