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The Emma Series

Emma Taylor has just left university and is ready to make something of herself. She’s tired of being a virgin, and even more tired of being considered a pushover. Diablo is feared by everyone who knows him, and as a top-level gangster, he’s used to getting what he wants. It turns out, what he wants is Emma. Will Diablo change her, or will she change him?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Drug Use/Overdose, Kidnapping, Miscarriage, Rape, Violence Against Women)

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Meeting My Abductor Again

From the author of The Bad Boy Wants Me.

Talia is only seventeen years old when she’s kidnapped by Mafia boss Axel. She manages to escape, but not before discovering just how cruel life can be. To protect herself, she runs far away and changes her identity. Within a few years, she’s a strong businesswoman with no intention of looking back. But then something happens that forces her to strike a deal with the devil who abducted her… And now that he’s found her, he won’t be letting her get away again!

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Rape)

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Trinity Weld is the only known wolf in her pack who can’t completely shift. Only her family treats her like an equal, which has made the omega wolf suspicious of everyone outside of her trusted circle. Jason Collet is the oldest and strongest of Alpha Clayton’s three sons. Short-tempered and ruthless, he cares about nothing except his pack’s well-being. In this violent world, mates are a rare find for only a lucky few. What will happen when these two troubled souls find each other?

Age Rating: 18+ (Abuse, Sexual content, Violence)

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

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