Find Great Gilded Age Books

Looking for the best Gilded Age themed books to read? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a handpicked selection from Galatea, an immersive reading platform available on iOS and Android.

Destined To Love

Emma hates all men, including Edan…until she gets to know him. Can she overcome her traumatic past and let herself love again? And can Edan learn to treat women with the respect they deserve? This couple could be destined for failure, or destined to love.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violence Against Women)

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The King Without a Queen

Moving back to her hometown after years on the road, Phoebe just wants to live a normal, stable teenage life: school, friends, boys, pizza. But after meeting handsome and mysterious stranger Silvic, it’s clear that life has other plans for her. Phoebe finds herself irresistibly drawn to the werewolf alpha, but he is haunted by memories of another woman. As danger threatens the pack, Phoebe has to come to terms with her past—and her feelings—in this new world.

Age Rating: 16+

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A Chama nos Une

Em seu aniversário de dezoito anos, Lydia descobre que está destinada a se casar com o rei Gabriel de Imarnia, e sua vida inteira vira de cabeça para baixo. Usando seus raros poderes de fogo e anos de treinamento, Lydia tenta resistir ao destino a todo momento.

Mas o rei Gabriel tem outros planos…

Classificação etária: 18 +

Autor Original: Suri Sabri

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Ang Kapalit

Kakatanggap lang ni Jessica sa trabaho na buong buhay nyang pinapangarap, siya na ngayon ang second-in-command ni Scott Michaels. Ang tanging problema ay si Spencer Michaels, isa pang CEO—and the man she was hired to replace. Kapag nalaman niya ang tungkol sa kanya, hindi titigil si Spencer para matiyak niyang alam niya kung saan siya lu-lugar… At kahit na Si Spencer ay bulag, going through a divorce, at isang total dick, hindi mapigilan ni Jessica na mahulog sa kanya.

Age rating: 18+

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Dla Ciebie wszystko

Trinity gra w piłkę zawodowo, ale to nie znaczy, że zawsze jest jej łatwo. Po ciężkim dniu w biurze, poznaje w barze Stephena Gottiego: dżentelmena i niezaspokojonego w łóżku mężczyznę. Szybko się w sobie zakochują, ale Stephen skrywa wielki sekret. Czy to odstraszy Trinity?

Rating wiekowy: 18+

Autor oryginału: Luci Fer

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Liés par les Flammes

Lorsque Lydia découvre le jour de son dix-huitième anniversaire qu’elle est destinée à épouser le roi Gabriel d’Imarnia, sa vie entière est bouleversée. Grâce à ses pouvoirs de feu uniques et à des années d’entraînement, Lydia tente de résister au destin à chaque instant.

Mais le roi Gabriel a d’autres plans…

Age Rating : 18+

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Mafia Entanglement

Shay is a beautiful young woman who works in a high-end night club with her best friend. Zane is a ruthless mafia leader with a terrifying reputation who always gets what he wants. When Zane sets his sights on Shay, she tries to avoid him at all costs. Will she see past his dangerous reputation and consider giving him a chance—even if it means her life will never be the same?

Age Rating: 18+ (Drug Use/Overdose, Extreme Violence/Gore, Homophobia, Kidnapping, Miscarriage, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Stalker, Torture, Violence Against Women, Violent Death)

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The Emma Series

Emma Taylor has just left university and is ready to make something of herself. She’s tired of being a virgin, and even more tired of being considered a pushover. Diablo is feared by everyone who knows him, and as a top-level gangster, he’s used to getting what he wants. It turns out, what he wants is Emma. Will Diablo change her, or will she change him?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Drug Use/Overdose, Kidnapping, Miscarriage, Rape, Violence Against Women)

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Nimfa i Alfa – druga szansa

Adelie jest przyzwyczajona do trzymania się w cieniu i zwykłego życia swojej wilczej watahy. Ale wszystko się zmienia, gdy zostaje odrzucona przez swojego partnera, Alfa, i musi znaleźć nową sforę. Nowy dom znajduje w stadzie Alfy Kairosa.

Kairos, wilk znany ze swej nikczemnej natury i szalonego temperamentu, okazuje się być drugą szansą Adelie na partnera. Ale czy może im się udać, jeśli lęki z przeszłości uniemożliwiają mu otwarcie się a Adelie odkrywa, że posiada, umiejętności o których nie marzyła w najśmielszych snach?

Rating wiekowy: 16+

Autor oryginału: Miss_Toria_blue

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La sostituzione

Jessica ha appena ottenuto il lavoro della sua vita, come seconda in comando di Scott Michaels. L’unico problema è Spencer Michaels, l’altro amministratore delegato, l’uomo che deve sostituire. Quando scopre di lei, Spencer non si ferma davanti a nulla per assicurarsi che Jessica sappia qual è il suo posto… E anche se è cieco, sta attraversando un divorzio ed è un cazzone totale, Jessica non può fare a meno di innamorarsi di lui.

Età: 18+

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