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Chance Montgomery is a normal seventeen-year-old girl—if you count having visions as normal. But when the visions show her a young boy who is being abused, Chance knows she has to find him. With the help of her best friend and the mysterious new boy at school, she begins to realize that her visions aren’t the only thing that needs to be explained.

Age Rating: 13+


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Chance Montgomery is a normal seventeen-year-old girl—if you count having visions as normal. But when the visions show her a young boy who is being abused, Chance knows she has to find him. With the help of her best friend and the mysterious new boy at school, she begins to realize that her visions aren’t the only thing that needs to be explained.

Age Rating: 13+

Original Author: Krissy

Sitting at the kitchen table with her face down, her head throbbing like mad, a blurry scene popped in her head.

An image of a distraught, angry woman with a small, little boy cowering in the corner. The little boy tried covering his eyes, crying he yelled out, “Mommy, don’t!”

The woman yanked the boy’s arm and pushed him back down. Chance’s heart raced as a lump formed in her throat.

Fear took hold of the boy as he stood waiting in anticipation. His heart thumped in his chest, ringing through Chance’s ears.

Cold beads of sweat formed across her forehead, perspiration dribbled down over her eyes. Chance wiped her hand across her damp hair thinking, Why do I keep having these visions?

Covering her eyes, she couldn’t bear to witness any more of what was happening. It was too much to watch.

She saw and felt everything the boy did. She was looking through his eyes and reliving every moment of terror he experienced.

The boy wailed louder, kicking and screaming on the floor while the woman held him down with one hand and slapped him across the face with the other hand leaving a deep, red welt.

Chance’s body then shook, convulsing as the woman dragged the boy up with the shirt of his collar, tearing the fabric.

Yanking him like a lifeless doll, she struck the dark-haired boy again, this time with so much force the boy flew across the room. The boy lay cold and stationary trying not to make a move.

The last thing he wanted was to entice her. He hoped and prayed the punishment would stop and she would leave. The blonde woman stood up almost toppling over with a wine bottle in her hand.

Tossing it in the trash, she cursed out loud at the boy, “I don’t know why I ever had you!” She continued assaulting the child as she walked out of the room slamming the door behind her.

Chance saw the weak boy crawl from where he lay back to the corner. He sat there wrapping his arms around his body trying to form a protective cocoon from the world.

He rocked himself back and forth humming softly trying to forget what just happened, although that was impossible.

His eyes brimmed full of tears, red and bloodshot, the hopelessness and fear etched upon his face. Every single emotion the boy held flooded Chance.

Just then blackness took over, she raised her hand to her head. Light-headed, the room circled around her, leaving her in a dizzy state of mind.

Her head grew heavier as she collapsed flat on the table, sweaty hair matted, tangled about her face with a hint of blood dripping down from the corner of her nose.

“Chance, are you all right, hun? You look upset. You look like you’ve been running a marathon with how sweaty you are,” said Alexia, unaware of what just happened to her daughter.

Chance’s mother had come walking in the kitchen sophisticated as always with her blonde silky hair smoothed back in soft shiny waves.

She was wearing a chic chocolate skirt, cream blouse, a diamond necklace, and matching diamond earrings and bracelet.

Chance didn’t respond to her mother’s voice. She sat at the table with her arms outstretched and face down. Panicking her mother shook her daughter’s body.

“Chance, what’s wrong? Chance!” She shook Chance harder trying to jolt her daughter awake.

Chance gasped for breath, wiping her hand across her nose to clean the bits of blood that had dribbled down.

Surprised to see her mother staring at her with a perplexed look on her face, Chance mumbled, “Oh sorry, I didn’t notice you come in. I was just sitting here. I guess I got lost in thought.”

“Something just happened and I’m concerned. You collapsed right here at the table. I will take you to the doctor for a full checkup. Don’t try talking yourself out of it because you’re going.

We haven’t talked much anymore. It seems here lately you’ve been lost in thought a lot. Is there something on your mind you want to talk about?”

“No, not really. I’m all right. I need time to myself for a while,” Chance said, wondering why her mother was acting interested in her life right now.

Never did she care what was going on with her. Her mother was always too busy with whatever social event she had to attend.

Appearances were important with her mother. Appearances and her interior design business she ran.

Chance’s mother, Alexia Montgomery, was from a well-to-do family, prominent and powerful.

With Alexia, everything had to be perfect, and sometimes caring for a family was not high on her priority list.

What mattered to her was how she appeared to her friends, wearing designer clothes and entertaining socialites at her house. She wanted to be a better mother, but she was clueless as to how.

She thought often about how her own mother abandoned her when she needed her most and the promise she made to herself to not put her own daughter through that.

And here she was doing what her mother did to her.

Alexia felt a failure in every sense and seeing her daughter suffering and going through something so emotional brought back some painful memories, memories that were unsettling and something she cared not to think about.

She wanted to get closer to Chance. God knows she was not close to her own mother. But how could she get close to her daughter when her daughter always shut her out?

From the day Alexia laid eyes on her she knew deep in her heart that Chance was different, something special and set apart from the rest.

Alexia looked at her daughter with a warm caring in her eyes. “You know Chance I do care about you, whether you see it or not. I want the best for you and I want to be a better mother to you.”

“If you want so much to be a better mom then you should start by not being so self-absorbed and wrapped up in your little world where everything has to do with superficial, meaningless things that matter nothing to me.

I don’t care about money or social status, only you do. How about for once you see me for me, accept me for the person I am, and actually spend time with me.” Chance said with strong conviction.

That felt good, Chance thought to herself. To tell her mother what she felt about her, even if it meant it hurt her feelings.

Sometimes the truth hurt and her mother needed to hear that. Her mind slipped back to the vision she had earlier.

She searched her mind trying to figure out what the images meant, who these people were, and if they meant something to her.

All Chance knew was that she would not have any kind of normal, peaceful life until she found out the reason for her visions.

If it was the last thing she did she would set out to find out why these visions were occurring.

Snapped out of her thoughts and brought back to reality by her mother, “I would like if we spend a bit of quality one-on-one mother-daughter time. That would be nice.

We could spend a day shopping and go to the spa for beauty treatments. Your father is supposed to be back Sunday night from his business trip.

How about we go Saturday afternoon before he gets in, would you enjoy that?”

“Yeah, Mom, that sounds nice.” Chance said with a grim solemn voice, “I’m sure it will be a day I’ll never forget.

We can plan on something Saturday, that is if something else more important in your life doesn’t come up.”


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Veronica sat on her bed, flipping through the pages of a magazine when her mother called her to come downstairs. “I’m going out again tonight. I have a date with Ben and he’s picking me up at 8.”

Veronica thought, yet another date and another night out for her mother. It seemed her mother ran all hours of the night these days like a rebellious teenager.

Sigh, she didn’t know what she would do with her mother. She felt like their roles had switched with her playing mother and her mom being the kid.

Her mom swung around the room glowing with a big smile on her face, fingers flicking her hair.

She wore a tight black mini skirt with a matching halter top, her hair down in soft pin curls.

Her cheeks flushed from a pink coral blush, and light blue shadow over her lids, dark berry lipstick painted spread over her lips.

“Mom, you look fabulous as always, but you know how I worry about you. Ever since you and Dad divorced you’ve been dating so many guys and you’re never home at night.

I miss the times we used to spend together. You never seem to have time for me anymore.”

“I’m sorry, pumpkin,” Jenna said as she pinched her daughter’s cheek and pulled her in an embrace, wrapping her arms around Veronica to hug her.

“How about this weekend, just you and me, we’ll order a pizza and sit up having girl talk. Does that sound good?”

“Okay, that sounds good. I hope you don’t go back on your word like you always do.”

Somehow Veronica knew despite her Mom’s promise she could not count on her. Her mother as of late was not dependable and she thought her mother to be having a mid-life crisis so to speak.

She was always out dating men much younger than herself.

Although it still seemed like yesterday and so fresh in her mind, in a calm voice her mother told her that her father wouldn’t be coming back home.

Her parents divorced five years ago. She remembered when her mother sat down to tell her the news.

It felt like someone put a knife in her heart, she never expected her parents to divorce. This just didn’t happen, not to her.

Veronica remembers every day thinking her mother must be wrong. She thought her father would not leave her. This had to be a mistake.

How could her father leave her and not give her some explanation? She felt so much anger towards her mother and blamed her for pushing her father away, for pushing him out the door.

Even still today a part of Veronica holds her mother to blame for her father leaving. That day felt like the last day of her life. She cried and cried, she cried until there were no more tears to cry.

She remembered telling Chance, her best friend since childhood. If it wasn’t for Chance, she didn’t know what she would have done. Chance has always been her rock.

More so here lately with her father gone and her mother’s erratic, irresponsible behavior, it felt good to have someone to lean on, and right now Veronica needed Chance.

Chance was the only person she felt close enough to open up about her problems. They understood each other.

They had an unspoken language sometimes where they knew what the other needed and felt without saying a word.

She picked up the phone to call Chance knowing her best friend could help her deal with another sleepless night while her mom was out partying.

Chance answered the phone with a shaky voice, “Hello.”

“Girl, what’s wrong, you sound upset. I’m glad I called you. What happened?”

“I’ve had another one of those visions again, even more intense and disturbing. I collapsed this time and my nose bled.”

“Oh my God, are you all right?” Veronica exclaimed with sincerity in her voice.

“Yea, I’m all right, but my mom witnessed my episode and now for once in her life she’s showing concern and is insisting on taking me to the doctor. No doctor will be able to help me.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, I must come up with some excuse to get out of going to the doctor. I’m hoping my mother will get sidetracked with one of her parties like she normally does.

What is going on with you? Is your mom out painting the town red again?”

“Oh yes, of course. What night isn’t she out living it up? How about you come over and keep me company tonight?”

“Sure that would be great, I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

With that Chance gathered up her things and went downstairs to inform her mother of what she was doing.

Her mother seemed distracted as she was leafing through a catalog with some sample prints and fabrics. She signed a new major client and this could skyrocket her business.

Not wanting to interrupt her mother’s work, Chance just scribbled down on a piece of paper that she was going to Veronica’s house to spend the night.

Chance needed this night out on her own to just try to forget out what happened and concentrate on being a kid, just having fun and nothing else.

She knew it wouldn’t be long before the visions returned to haunt her. Veronica kept asking Chance about the vision she had.

She wanted to hear details, not just some summary, but juicy gritty details. It wasn’t every day your best friend had a psychic vision.

“You know Veronica it isn’t no big deal. I told you all I know. I wish I could tell you more. I honestly don’t know who the people are.

Although I feel some connection to them both, especially the little boy. At one point it was as if I was looking at myself like I was staring at my reflection in a mirror.”

That revelation creeped Chance out, to see her own face staring back at her, but in the eyes of a small frightened little boy.

There was something peculiar about the place that Chance couldn’t shake as if she had been there, sort of like déjà vu.

She knows it sounds crazy and this is why she has only told one person in her life, the one person she can trust with everything and that person is Veronica.

“That would freak me out too if I saw that. It makes you wonder though. Do you think you are seeing something from the future maybe? Or somehow you know these people from a past life?

I believe in past lives…mmm…despite the flack I get from all of my family. You can say all my family members are non-believers when it comes to anything out of the ordinary.”

“That is what I don’t know, but I do get the sense I somehow know them or have been at this place in my vision. I can’t put my finger on it though.

Something else happened the other day at school during lunch period.”

“Okay, spill it,” Veronica said, tapping her fingers against her leg nervously. “You know how I hate to be kept in suspense,” she said with a giggle.

“Well, I was walking through the cafeteria to look for a place for us to sit when I saw that new exchange student, you know that girl named Elly.”

“Elly, oh yes the girl from Czechoslovakia with the long dark hair, I know who you’re talking about.”

Chance went on, “I had brushed past her with my hand by accident when I felt a sudden jolt of electricity shoot through my body.

The feverish sensation almost felt intoxicating. It made me feel a little weak throughout my body. Then I saw colorful images of what looked like from her past.”

Chance never had that happen before, never did she see a vision from touching another person.

All the visions she encountered were about the woman with the boy. Now her visions are involving other people.

“What all did you see with her? How long did it last?” Veronica questioned.

“It was a brief moment. It happened so quick. You would have never noticed. I would say it was only a few seconds, but it felt so much longer.

I saw her as a child swinging and laughing with her mother, then a little older I saw her alone in a room with a much older man.

This man was touching her in a way he shouldn’t be. I felt her terror and I felt her shame.

“From then on out, she has tried dealing with the shame, but she hasn’t been able to deal with the abuse.

This must be why she is so standoffish with people and untrusting because of what she has been through.”

“Oh man, now I feel bad for giving her a hard time the other day. I had no idea,” Veronica said with sympathy.

“Yeah, I know, no one knew or had a clue. I feel bad for even seeing into her thoughts. I feel so wrong for knowing her secrets.

I wish this would stop and I wouldn’t have these visions anymore. It feels like such a burden now.”

Ever since the visions happened Chance felt like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, like a heavy load she carried. She didn’t know why this was happening to her.

It seemed like a punishment to Chance. Maybe God was punishing her for something but for what? She racked her brain over and over thinking what had she done wrong to deserve this?

Oh God, she thought, what can I do to make you take this away? It is too much for me to handle.

Then in the soft stillness of the night Chance thought she heard a voice speaking to her. She didn’t know maybe she was losing her mind.

But she heard a voice say, “Chance you are strong. I have picked you to give this gift to use wisely. In time you will see My plan and understand what you are to do.”

Chance sat there with Veronica and asked Veronica if she believed in God.

“I suppose that I believe in God. I mean I believe there is a higher power up there. That someone greater than us created all of Earth and the universe. Sometimes though I question things.

Like when you hear of a senseless death and then you wonder why God would do this.

When my parents first got divorced I blamed God and my mom for a long time but I realized that God can’t make people stay together.

My parents divorced because they didn’t get along anymore and fell out of love. God has nothing to do with that. A part of me, though, still holds a grudge against my mom.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I do sometimes wonder if there is a God. I like to believe God is there and looking down at us and hopefully is there to answer prayers.”

Chance hoped God was listening to her tonight. God needed to hear her. She was only seventeen years old and could not handle any more of what she was going through.

Alone in the dark, she sat while Veronica slept and said a prayer to herself hoping God would answer.


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