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My Sexy Devil

Mars Mejia

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Days after breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Kara meets her dream boy, Jason Kade, at a house party. The only problem is she can’t stand being in the same room with him. As the weeks go by, Kara tries to ignore her unwanted feelings for this sexy but infuriating dreamboat. But then he asks her the last thing she’d ever expect: to start over. Faced with a sweeter version of the boy she loathed, will Kara risk her heart to try and find true love?

Age Rating: 18+

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118 Chapters

Chapter One


“Come dance with me,” my best friend Jess tugged me toward a crowd of dancing people before I could say no. Jess loved to dance. It’s a part of our Mexican roots, she liked to say.

She dragged me to my feet, and I groaned; I was feeling very antisocial tonight.

Ignoring my protests, Jess dragged me farther into the middle of the active crowd in the living room. Bodies bumping against me, the strong scent of alcohol, and the overwhelming amount of perfume were a deadly combination of things that were suffocating me.

I watched my tipsy friend begin to move her body along with the loud party music. Her thick black hair was cascading down her back, and the blue dress she was wearing made her dark brown eyes pop.

I stood there awkwardly at first, closely watching as everyone else danced and swayed their bodies to the beat of the music, seeming carefree. I somewhat envied them; nothing on their minds but the beat.

Jess leaned forward and brought her red lips next to my ear. “Dance, Kara. Stop thinking about Adam.”

My heart instantly ached at the sound of his name. I wanted to never hear that stupid name again, but I knew that it was inevitable.

When your boyfriend cheated on you and the whole school found out, you were bound to hear his name everywhere you turned.

Another popular song began to play and Jess squealed loudly, causing me to laugh at her reaction. I started to slowly dance along with the beat, pushing Adam out of my mind.

As I began to get more comfortable, I danced wildly with Jess and adrenaline spiked through me. It was nice to finally feel the slightest bit of relief.

The rush of freedom and feeling carefree took over, and my mind was at ease for the first time in weeks. Thank goodness for Jess and my other best friend Layla, who’d dragged me to this party. Without them I’d still be curled up on the couch watching Supernatural.

As I swung my hips to the music, I felt myself bump into somebody.

“Watch where you’re going,” I heard a deep voice growl from behind me.

When I turned around, my eyes met intense blue eyes. Jason Kade. I had just bumped into Jason fucking Kade, the quarterback of our school’s football team. Great.

His blond hair was a mess from dancing, and his blue eyes bore into my brown ones until I had to look away.

“Sorry,” I said quickly. The alcohol was making my face heat up, and I hated it.

I grabbed Jess’s hand and pulled her deeper into the crowd, feeling Jason’s narrowed eyes following me as I left.

Well, that’s just great. Now the most popular guy in school hates me.

We’ll worry about that tomorrow; I promised myself as I turned my attention back to the music.


“I’m going to go get us some water,” I shouted to Jess when the song ended.

She nodded in response and continued to dance with another friend who showed up as I exited the dance floor. That girl could literally dance the night away.

My throat was dry, and I desperately needed something to cool me down. My once-straight hair became a frizzy mess due to the uncontrollable heat, and I felt like throwing myself into a pool of ice.

I quickly glanced at myself in a mirror and cringed when I saw how flushed my face was.

I walked into the kitchen only to find a long line of people trying to push their way through. The small kitchen was crowded, and I huffed in annoyance while standing at the end of the line.

“Kara!” a muffled voice called out for me over the music and chatter. I frantically searched around the busy hallway to see who had called my name.

I scanned the faces in the crowded area, and my body went stiff when my eyes met a pair of very familiar green eyes. My heart lurched into my throat, and I felt vulnerable being completely caught off guard.

The last time I saw those green eyes was when I walked in on their owner making out with another girl.

Panic took over, and I tried to control the whirlwind of emotions rushing through me.

“Fuck off,” I snapped, sending Adam a heated glare. I had to get as far away from him as possible. My heart raced as I searched for one of my friends.

Multiple emotions began to overwhelm me; I had to bite back tears. This couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t prepared to face him just yet. It was too spontaneous.

“Kara, wait!” Adam shouted after me.

“Don’t you dare follow me,” I shouted over my shoulder.

I grimaced at the thought of having to talk to him. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t know what to say or do.

My feelings for him weren’t as strong as before, but they were still there.

I thought I was moving away from him pretty quickly, but I was stopped when a firm hand gripped my elbow and spun me around.

I gritted my teeth in irritation. I had no patience to be around him right now.

“Please don’t run from me,” Adam begged, staring down at me. I curled my hands into fists, trying to re-collect all my emotions. I couldn’t let him know how much of an effect he had on me.

My grip was so tight that my knuckles began to turn white.

Maybe if I punched him he’d get a clue. But before I could make up my mind, I heard a familiar voice from behind Adam.

“Is that how you treat your girlfriend?”

I felt my face burn as Jason Kade appeared, glaring down at Adam. My body stiffened.

“Watch it,” Adam said in a low voice, trying to sound threatening.

Honestly, it didn’t sound that scary. He was just trying to be macho about it, and I almost scoffed. Adam wasn’t fooling anyone; he was just causing more of a scene.

I tried my best to pull away from his grip but failed. We were still too close to each other, and it was driving me crazy.

“I’m not his girlfriend,” I spat venomously. Jason’s words sent rage through my entire body that I couldn’t explain, and I ripped my hand away from Adam’s tight grip.

Adam turned to me in disbelief, anger in his green eyes.

“You’re still my girlfriend,” he snarled at me, emphasizing girlfriend through clenched teeth, taking a step closer to me.

My eyebrows furrowed, and I shook my head in disbelief. Over time, I’ve realized how toxic Adam was and is. His true colors were shining brightly.

“No, I’m not your girlfriend.” The whole situation was making my head spin.

Adam cheated on me, called me many terrible, hurtful words, and expected me to get back with him after not talking to me for weeks?

That was never going to happen. I’ve finally realized that I deserve way better.

Adam grabbed my arm tightly, and I winced. I’ve never felt so terrified of him, let alone seen this side of him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I heard Jason growl. “You’re hurting her.” Fear ran through me. I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end well.

“Mind your own business.” Adam turned his head to his side to speak to Jason.

I wanted to disappear as soon as a few bystanders gathered around the two enraged guys. A small crowd was forming, and my skin began to boil from embarrassment.

If only I could dissolve into the floor and disappear from this mess.

“I’m not just going to stand by and watch you lay your hands on a girl,” Jason snapped and grabbed Adam’s arm in an attempt to stop him. Adam immediately turned around and threw a fist at Jason’s face.

Jason scoffed and dodged it. Adam growled and lunged at him, letting go of me in the process. They both fell onto the ground, landing with a loud thud. Everyone’s attention was now on them.

Jason stood back up within a second and hovered over Adam.

“Get up,” he snapped and gave Adam a rough kick to the side, causing him to grunt.

“If you can lay your hands on a girl, then you can try to lay your hands on me.”

Wetness pooled between my legs. Fuck. This, of all situations, was not one where I should be getting turned on.

Jason’s chiseled arms flexed and I trailed my eyes down his muscular body.

Adam’s eyes darkened as he stood up and threw another punch at Jason. This time Jason grabbed his arm and twisted it.

Adam yelped as his arm was tucked behind him. A loud crack echoed throughout the room.

My jaw dropped in shock when I saw Adam’s eyes roll to the back of his head and he dropped to the ground.

Holy shit. I stared at Adam’s unconscious body with wide eyes full of shock. It all happened so quickly I could barely process it. This was something I hadn’t expected.

My night of having fun and being carefree was over. The drama had taken over, and now my ex-boyfriend was lying on the floor with a visible mark forming on the left side of his face.

I glanced up at Jason and I was surprised to see his gaze already on me. The intensity of those bright blue eyes made me feel weak in the knees.

He was breathing heavily, and I could see each rise and fall of his massive chest through his paper-thin t-shirt.

“Thank you.” My throat was dry, and I swallowed back the lump.

He cocked his head to the side, and for some reason, my face started burning again.

What the fuck, face?

I couldn’t tell what was happening behind those mesmerizing eyes of his.

Then, all of a sudden, he took a step toward me. I stumbled backward and hit a wall.

His muscular arms landed on either side of my head, and he took a step closer.

I could feel the heat radiating off of him in waves.

“W-what?” I asked, unable to keep the tremble from my voice.

He looked down at me, and that’s when I realized…

Our bodies were only inches apart.

What was he about to do?

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