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Sierra Carson. My best friend’s little sister. She pouts at me from across the counter with that teasing look in her eyes, hair cascading down her back like a dirty blonde waterfall that’s begging me to run my hands through it. God, she’s so fucking hot…

Crane is back in town for his best friend’s wedding and Sierra is the bridesmaid. Which means he has to find a way to be civil, despite how maddening she is. Will they be able to stand the temptation? Or will they throw all caution to the wind?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Domestic Violence)

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Chapter 1


Cinnamon and whiskey.

That’s what the guy tastes like, and I can’t help but wonder if I like it.

He moans against me, and I try to enjoy it, but I’m pressed up against a tree, and it’s digging in my back.

I’m drunk, and this dude is my company for the night, by the looks of things.

I’ll be okay, as long as my brother doesn’t show up.

Seriously, he better not.

“Man, you’re so sexy.”

I drag my tongue across his lips, grinding into him as he chuckles.

“Oh, it’s like that, huh?”

“Mmm,” I gasp against him, moving so his lips drag across my jaw, finding their way onto my neck.

I feel myself get into it, my eyes rolling back in my head when he sucks on the soft spot near my ticklish spot, his teeth skimming it lightly.

“You like to bite?” I whisper, capturing his lips with mine.

“Only bad girls.”

“Sierra? What the fuck are you doing?”

I freeze, but the chap between my thighs doesn’t get the message, his tongue still stroking my collar bone as he pushes my dress straps down.

“So fucking sexy.”

“Um, one second,” I mumble, trying to focus on the two trees in front of me.

Trees that folded their arms.

Wait, trees don’t have arms.

“Sierra, who is this fucking creep?” The tree thunders, towering over us.

“Is it me,” I say, untangling myself from what’s-his-name. “Or is that fucking tree talking?”

“Tree? Are you stoned? Great, she’s fucking high.”

The tree beside him stares at me with golden eyes, shaking its head. But this tree has black hair and a sexy jawline that could cut glass.

“Do you know these dudes?” What’s-his-name asks, his hand still around my waist as he examines the trees.

I blink, leaning forward to squint at them, wondering if I did know them after all.


Stepping forward, the tree turns into my brother, startling me further.

“Kai, how did you do that?” I stare at him in awe. “You’re a wizard, Kai!”

My brother gazes at me, my Harry Potter reference falling on deaf ears.

“Sierra, I asked you who the fuck this is.”

I frown, lifting a hand to the stranger I’d been making out with against a tree.

“I honestly don’t know. Kevin?” I guessed, crossing my arms.

I’m too unsteady, and I lose my balance on a random twig, for fuck’s sake, but I manage to style it out by leaning on the tree, except I don’t, because the next thing I know, I’m flat on my face.

“It’s Jerome.” Random guy says, not offering to help me up. “You didn’t say you had a boyfriend.”

My brother strides over, all long limbs and broad chest, hauling me to my feet in a most unladylike manner.

“I bet you didn’t even ask,” growls a voice, and I sober up ever so slightly.

“Is that Crane?”

My brother rolls his eyes, pushing me forward gently as Jerome storms off, muttering something about a tease.

“Excuse me, Jason, you’re the tease!” I yell back before the golden eyes narrow at me, pinning me to the spot. “Oh, you got something to say, Crane?”


I stumble further, cursing my brother as he grabs me by the arm, steadying me.


The golden eyes follow me, and I try to focus, but I’m pretty sure my veins flow only with vodka.

And pot.

But hey, I’m eighteen, a girl has to live.

“His name was Jerome, not Jason.”

The voice is pissed.

“Aw, you jealous, baby?” I coo, giggling when we emerge from the trees, the burnt orange light of the bonfire attracting my attention.

There must be at least twenty people standing around it, one of which I notice as Jeremy.

“No, I’m not.” Crane rubs his neck, avoiding my drunken gaze. “Are we taking her home?”

I snort, pulling out of my brother’s grasp as I spot two blondes approaching us from behind Crane.

“As if Kai is gonna miss out on these hotties.” I nod behind Crane, who turns to throw a disinterested glance over his shoulder.

“Sierra, who are you here with?” Crane sighs, staring past me with boredom.

I pause, wondering how I even got here.

“I came with Kayne, but he had to get back to Kim and the kids.”

Crane closes his eyes, shaking his head as one of the girls eyes me, like I’m an ant that needs squashing.

“God, there you are! I thought you’d left already.” Pouts one of the girls, clearly addressing Kai.

My brother is well built, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and a complete stick in the mud.

I’ll bet the only reason he is here is to drag my drunk ass home.

“Yeah, brother duties and all that.” Kai rubs my head like I’m a fucking chihuahua, and I glare at him.

The girl looks at me like I’m the key to the rest of her life, and I roll my eyes.

“I’m going to find John.”

Crane reaches out, stopping me with a surprisingly firm grip.

“No, you’re not.”

“Hilarious, like you can tell me what to do. Go and let one of these girls suck your balls or something.”

Crane glares at me, something flashing in his eyes that makes me shiver.

I love pushing his boundaries, and my crudeness is something he can’t tolerate.

Something he has in common with my brother.

“I’d rather not.”

The girls go from being offended by me to gaping at Crane in disbelief.

I can’t help but laugh, and this only infuriates my brother further.

“Sierra, I’m taking you home. Sorry, ladies, some other time, perhaps?”

I groan as Kai glares at me, pointing to the top of the hill where I know his car will be parked.

“No, let’s stay and get smashed!” I suggest, spotting my best friend sitting on some guy’s lap, her sharp black bob accentuating her stunning features.

“Ah fuck me, she’s here with Kiki.” Crane yawns, stretching his arms up so his top lifts with them.

I don’t mind me a bit of eye candy, but when Crane catches me looking, his hands tug it down.

“Are you in heat or something?” Kai snaps at me before waving in Kiki’s direction. “Does she need a ride or what?”

“Kiki!” I yell, waving at my friend, who seems oblivious to me, her lips locked with some Kid Rock lookalike. “Kiki, my brother’s here, and he wants to know if you want a ride.”

I fall to my knees beside her as she turns to me, a dreamy smile on her beautiful face.

“Hmm? Kai wants to know if I want to ride him?”

“No,” I stifle a laugh. “I’ve got to go.” I sigh, turning to see Kai lifting his hands in exasperation.

My eyes flicker to his best friend, and my stomach lurches when he meets my gaze.

“I’m okay. I’ll get a ride with Mal here.”

Kiki winks at me, her fingers disappearing into the guy’s dreadlocks before they lock lips again.

This is so shit.

“Be safe. If you do anything, I’ve got your number, pal.” I snap a photo of the two of them making out and turn away before I can see anything more.

Crane is shaking his head at Kiki; then he scowls at me.

“You’re as bad as her.”

“I could only dream of being as bad as Kiki,” I sing, aware I’m annoying them both.

“You’re a dick, Sierra.” Kai stomps towards the car, lifting his seat forward so I can fall into the back. “But I’d be a shit brother to leave you here. That guy was all over you.”

The boys climb in, and I yawn, letting my head roll back onto the headrest.

“I know, and then you ruined it for me. Cockblocker.”

Kai grimaces, glancing at me as he turns to reverse, his hand on the back of Crane’s seat as he does.

“You haven’t got a cock to block, sis.”

“I owe you. You’ll have blue balls like your friend here.” I declare, nodding at Crane, who stares out of the window like I haven’t said a word.

“Ha, Crane gets more action than you and I put together,” Kai laughs, glancing at Crane with amusement.

“Do you, Craney?” I tease, nudging his arm with my foot.

“Can’t she go to sleep or something?” Crane says to Kai, ignoring me altogether.

I huff, but he’s got a point.

I’m so fucking tired.

Partying from two in the afternoon does that to a girl.

I watch Crane silently from the backseat, wondering if it was true that he got more girls than Kai.

I doubt it because, despite my brother’s holier-than-thou attitude, he’s still managed to sleep with half of the girls in our county.

Crane lifts his hoodie, so I can’t see him anymore.

I nudge him with my foot again, and he grips it with his hand, keeping it still.

My skin heats up from his touch, and as I attempt to wriggle away, he holds it tighter.

What the fuck?

I know I could kick off and yell at him, but I like the feeling of his hand on me.

And just like that, like he knew I was gaining pleasure from his touch, he drops my foot like a hot potato, not even bothering to apologize when it hits the cupholder.

“Dick,” I mutter, rubbing my foot.

It’s only when we get home that he turns to me, a smirk on his lips.

“Try not to think of that all night, Sierra. You’ll never sleep.”

I climb out of the car, following my brother to our house as I wonder if I just imagined that.

Crane ignores me, heading into the den to watch the game with my parents, as Kai waves me up the stairs.

“Go to bed. I’ll cover for you.”

“I owe you. Oh, but you cockblocked me, so…” I shrugged, smirking to myself.

Kai grinned, shaking his head.

“Night, Sierra.”

“Night Cobra Kai.”

“Such a loser.”

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