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Mate's Pleasure

Shanti Aventurin

Part 1 No. two


Once it passes, I feel like I need to find the nurse and check my heart. It feels like someone keeps stabbing at it.

The doctor tells me it is a ‘normal’ feeling. Jeffrey and I will need to keep a distance from one another for at least a week to complete the process. Once Jeffrey does that, the pain will go away.

I find myself asking about Jeffrey. Thankfully, she does not answer my question.

She also informs my family and friends to do the same. Thus, my sisters are my bodyguards for an entire week. I’m grateful to them because it is not easy.


Two weeks later, Jeffrey is named Alpha of Red River Pack. Jeffrey will claim Alley as our Luna at the Marking, on the night of the full moon. Another two weeks away.

And let me tell you. It is the longest two weeks of my life.

It is mostly weird. I constantly feel as if someone is staring at me. When I search for who it is, I always find him to be the culprit.

I do not know if it is from my side or his or part of the mate bond is still in effect. All I know is that he needs to hurry up and mark Alley.

Another reason why these two weeks are long is that Alley keeps glaring at me. She often corners me and tells me to back off from him. I always repeat the same thing.

“He is no longer mine, and I do not want him,” but she never believes me. Why? Because he’s always staring at me!

Weird and frustrating!


Finally, the day of the ceremony arrives. I do not want to attend it. My crush turns out to be my mate, rejects me for Alley, then keeps staring at me. It just feels safer in my house.

However, I am forced by my mom to go—something about building a bridge and getting over it.

So, I sit in the crowd with my fist clenched and my heart ripping apart all over again. As I watch, my ex-mate marks his new Luna. The icing on the cake is I congratulate them with the best of wishes. It is genuine. Strangely.

After the ceremony, a party is held. I stick around for the free food and drinks. After some time, Jeffrey comes to my table. I am the only one sitting there while everyone else mingles, dances, and drinks.

“How are you?” I have to swallow hard. His hand is on my thigh. What can I do?! I surely do not want to offend my alpha. But at the same time . . . Get your damn hand off of me.

~“I’m fine. Thanks for asking,” I stand up. It is the only thing I can think of. “Congratulations again.” I give him a small smile before leaving. I do not dare to look back.

I link my family, letting them know that I am going out for a bit. I go to my happy place. I stand along the bank line and strip to my underwear.

Looking at the river, it is peaceful and welcoming. The moonlight shines so beautifully against the river. The wind that blows through the frost is cold, yet comforting. It wraps around me like a cooling blanket.

After admiring the reflection of the moon for a while longer, I dive into the dark red river. The water feels warm against my skin.

Don’t you guys find it weird that the water is warm at night, and in the morning or afternoon, it’s cold?

It is truly dark. Even with my wolf vision, I cannot see anything in the river. I stay under the water, letting my body move and flow along with the still current.

I am at peace, I find happiness, and I am no longer bitter about being rejected. In fact, I feel much better.

Soon enough, my body is asking for air. I calmly kick toward the surface. I look up at the moon, letting my body float like a corpse.

I could stay in here all night. It is so peaceful. It’s times like these that I wish I was a mermaid.

My wolf is in high spirits tonight. She has been heartbroken and sad about the painful rejection, but she is happy today. Confident and full of life.

She is sure that our second mate will accept us, love us, and explore our sexuality. I agree with her one hundred percent!

“Scarlett?” Jeffrey’s voice startles me a little. I splash around a bit before turning around to face him.

“How did you know I was here?” I ask him, kicking my legs under the water to keep myself afloat.

“Your mom said I could find you here.” I kept quiet. Even if she told him, he didn’t need to come here. Why is he even here?

What’s important is the great mood my wolf and I were in is now gone. We are looking at the cause of our pain and trying to figure out how to be respectful toward him.

Thanks for that.

Without saying anything, I point to my clothes, and he moves them for me, resting them near the edge of the bank.

I swim to the edge and give a pointed look before he finally turns around for me to get out and get dressed. I can’t believe I actually got away with that.

“Why were you looking for me?” I ask him. Jeffrey turns around slowly, cautiously, and gives me a weak smile.

“Just to say thank you for accepting the rejection... I wanted to know if you were okay; after all, it was painful. And again to say thank you,” Jeffrey says.

I frown for a quick second. Again. Doesn’t he know that after a while, it starts to feel like he is rubbing it in my face?

I nod and rub my hands up and down my arms to warm myself a bit. I might be a wolf, but a wet dog also gets cold. He takes a step forward before stepping back. I cock my eyebrow. It’s a reflex. I can’t help it.

We stand in awkward silence before he finally breaks it.

“Uhm . . . I-I do hope you find your second mate.” I nod again and tell him a soft thanks before walking past him.

From the corner of my eye, I swear he is checking me out. Or I could be feeling myself. Then again, my skin is wet, and the dress is thin and soaked.

Either way, he marked Alley as his Luna, so . . . No.

It’s whatever. I stop, turning around and bowing. “Good night, Alpha Jeffrey.”

I hope he understands that I am putting a thick line between us. He wants to say something, but I guess he comes up empty because he goes with a simple goodnight.

That wasn’t awkward at all.

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