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The Professor

Mary Olajire

Chapter 2


Noah’s breath ghosted over my lips as we stared at each other, and I realized that he was starting to lean in when he cupped the side of my face.

The way he gazed at me, it sucked the air from my body and made every nerve ending tingle. His look was intense—wild.

His hands were like embers against me, and before I could form a thought, I tilted my chin up to meet his while he lowered his mouth to mine.

His gentle kiss roared loudly through my body, drumming above all other sound, and I answered back.

I opened my mouth to welcome his seeking tongue, and he inhaled sharply as the kiss deepened. The hand on the side of my face moved to my back, urging me into him while his tongue slid against mine.

Holy shit.

When we finally broke apart, we were both breathless, and he stared down at me with hooded eyes, not removing his hands from my body.

“Wow,” I said after I slowly inhaled, and a wide grin grew on his face.

“What do you think about spending more time together? Somewhere…private.”

“Oh, how presumptuous,” I replied, a smile playing on my lips as I kept my eyes fixed on his. “You think I’m going to end up in your bed?”

He lifted his hand to tuck one of my braids behind my ear before it slid down to caress my cheek and his thumb ran softly across my bottom lip, making my breath hitch.

“I know you’re going to end up in my bed.”

I inhaled sharply and couldn’t stop myself from picturing him on top of me…holding me down…pinning me under that hard weight.


“My place is at least thirty minutes away though, and I’m afraid I can’t wait that long. I want you now.” He leaned in, brushing his lips just beneath my ear and electricity zipped down my spine.

“But…do you want me as much as I want you?”

Honestly, I had never had sex with a man before. I’d been too focused on school to have time for boyfriends and the only sexual experience I had was with a vibrator, but I couldn’t deny I wanted Noah.


He leaned back and looked at me with a smirk. My heart rate quickened before he took my hand, his warm fingers closing around mine.

“Come with me,” he said as he gave my hand a tug, and I instantly followed him.

We skirted around the gyrating bodies on the dance floor and Noah positioned me in front of himself, keeping his hands on me at all times.

He got in front of me after guiding me into a hallway that was filled with mirrors and lights, and my ears were grateful because the music in the club could barely be heard here.

“Where are we going?”

“There are VIP rooms on the third floor, and luckily…” He glanced at me over his shoulder as a smile played on his lips, and a shiver ran up my spine. “I’m a VIP.”

“Cocky,” I said, returning his smile, before he snorted, and I followed him up to the third floor.

The security guards standing at the double doors that led into the hallway where the rooms were located gave Noah a nod and opened the doors for us.

The handles of a couple of doors were red while the rest were green, and when Noah stopped in front of one with a green handle, I assumed the red ones meant the rooms were occupied.

“Wow,” I muttered when Noah opened the door and I stepped into the dimly lit room.

It wasn’t cut off from the rest of the club at all. On the left side of the room, there was a small balcony with a railing giving a bird’s-eye view of the entire club.

Since the private rooms were located only on the right side of the building, there was no way anyone could see who was in the VIP rooms or what they were doing in there.

I doubted anyone looking up from the dance floor could make out anything in the dark either.

A huge leather sectional covered an entire wall, and in front of it was a big leather ottoman.

The chandelier that hung from the ceiling was the only source of light in the room, and in the far right corner of the room was a small bar that was fully loaded.

“How old are you?” Noah asked, and I turned around to see him locking the door with his gaze fixed on me. He looked dark…dangerous.

Excitement and anticipation rushed through my veins, and my tongue darted out to wet my lips. “Don’t you know that you should never ask a woman her age?”

The dark expression on his face didn’t change. He stalked toward me with the grace of a large predator.

“Twenty,” I whispered when he stopped in front of me. Goose bumps exploded on my arms as he ran his fingers down them, and my phone dropped to the ground, but I didn’t bother to pick it up.

“I’m thirty-one.” There was an eleven-year difference between us. “Does that bother you?”

It honestly didn’t bother me, but if it did, I had a feeling he would show me how much it didn’t matter. He’d show me age was simply a number.

“It doesn’t.”

He inhaled sharply, and my skin prickled with awareness before he said, “Good.”

He lowered his mouth to mine, and the moment our lips touched, every inch of me exploded with longing.

The kiss started tentatively, controlled and aware, but I was engulfed by it and the sensation drove me crazy.

His lips were pliant against mine as I matched him and charged forward, slipping my tongue into his mouth.

The kiss was passionate and dangerous, and it built, layer upon layer, until we were both breathless and urgent.

He sighed softly when I slipped my hand under the hem of his shirt, resting my fingers on the warm, hard ripple of muscles across his stomach. The sound of his affected breath shot straight through me.

He broke the kiss and inhaled sharply before staring into my eyes. “I’ve been thinking about doing that since the moment I saw you,” he uttered while I caught my breath.


“I really want to do it again.” He moved fast, sealing his mouth over mine again and stealing all the air in the room.

While the first kiss had been controlled, this one was explosive. Heat flared from where his lips met mine, spreading outward like wildfire and engulfing me.

Everything went weak inside me, and I caught his neck with my hands, stabilizing myself.

He pulled at the knot of my dress, untying it, and the fabric fell open before he pulled off my dress, leaving me in my bra and underwear.

I had no time to feel self-conscious because his hands were on me the next moment, his fingertips tracing the lines of my bra.

The fabric of the bra was all that stood in his way, but he seemed to enjoy touching me like this. Skirting the edge before diving in.

His tongue slid into my mouth and caressed, and my hands instinctively grabbed a fistful of his hair. I wasn’t going to be able to stand it much longer if he kept kissing me like that.

His fingers then worked the clasp of my bra, and it popped loose before he tossed it aside. His hands immediately cupped my breasts, slightly lifting their weight up as if he was sizing them.

I groaned into his mouth when he gave them a not-so-gentle squeeze. My heart picked up speed and my brain tingled as he traced, plucked, and twisted my nipples, causing me to whimper.

Somehow, between our passionate, greedy kisses and his wandering hands, I found myself backed up to the bed.

He lifted me up, seating me on the edge of the bed, and with a light shove, he pushed me down on my back.

The comforter felt cool against my heated skin as I watched him take off his shirt and then his jeans.

Those abs...

He then went for his briefs, taking them off, and my eyes widened while I pressed my lips together to stifle a whimper when I saw his dick.

It was long and thick, so hard it had a slight upward curve to it, and tension tightened in me.

He stepped between my legs, his hungry eyes full of longing, and proceeded to climb on top of me before pressing his lips to mine, making me relax.

His kiss was savage, and we completely devoured each other, taking as much as we could give.

I thought it couldn’t get any better, but then he broke the kiss and began to nip and suck his way to my breasts, which felt full.

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