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M. Syrah

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Arya is the alpha heiress of her pack. By the time she finishes high school, this strong, fierce teen discovers that she is mated to her first love, Jason. However, Arya is determined to take her time and enjoy college life before completing the mate bond. Jason is hurt by her decision and decides to make her pay for it. In the middle of their conflict, a mysterious enemy threatens the young pack members, and both Jason and Arya have to face up to their future. Will they be able to save their relationship? Will the mate bond bring them together to protect the pack?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1

The day you find your fated mate is supposed to be the best of your life. It was for me. When I turned eighteen, I discovered that the Goddess had mated me to one of my best friends.

Jason. He was the son of my father’s beta and they both were so happy for us. We were so happy already.

But there was one issue. In a few months, we would go to college, and I wanted to have the full experience. We were holding each other on my couch when I raised my head to look at him.

“Jason?” I said.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can we wait until the end of college for the ceremony? I want the full experience, and I feel like it won’t be easy for both of us if we get mated right away.

You’ll be busy with your football scholarship, and I took so many classes I feel like it would be too hard on us if we add the mate bond in the mix.”

“Are you…rejecting me?”

“Of course not! I love you, truly, but I want to wait until the end of college before completing the mate bond.”

He was hurt, and I hugged him tightly to try to ease the tension. I was right, and he knew it.

It would be complicated for us to meet with all the college activities, and that would hurt us both if we completed the mate bond.

In addition, I would probably get pregnant, and I was not ready to be a mom. He nodded, but his blue eyes were cold as ice as pulled out of my hug and looked at me.

“All right. We do it your way.”

He stood up and walked away from me, but I didn’t follow. He needed the time to adjust, and I would leave him alone.

We started college, and it was all I had ever hoped for. Classes kept me busy, but thankfully, I was in a dorm with my best friend. She was also a werewolf from my pack.

We were studying with humans, but the pack had a fraternity for all pack members to be able to justify our proximity and the need to be always together.

To keep the numbers high enough to justify us having a fraternity, we would accept humans that we would eventually turn into werewolves. In that spirit, we would always admit a boy and a girl each year.

As the next alpha, I should have been president, but I didn’t want the job, so I left it to Jason.

He would be my alpha mate, so it was fine by me, and it was good training. As a beta, he was more than capable of doing that.

The ancient members were happy to help organize our first party on campus. I was glad to be surrounded by my friends, but then I saw Jason with a human girl, and they were touching!

I shivered; my wolf felt disgusted to see our mate with another female.

I soon learned that Jason resented my decision and had started dating human girls and fucking them to make me pay. To get back at him, I did the same.

That went on for two years, and I was slowly reaching my breaking point.

I was eating breakfast with my best friend Kristen when I saw Jason walk by with his teammates from football. I glared at him, and he glared right back.

It was the first day of college, and we had to go to recruit new members together. I was so not looking forward to it.



“Are we going for a run tonight?” Kristen asked.

I shrugged. “Yeah, sure.”

She saw me glaring at Jason and sighed.

“When are you two going to stop acting like idiots?”

I frowned. “Never. He started it.”

“Arya, grow up, please. The pack will feel better if our leaders start to love each other instead of fighting.”

“I know… I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way they did.” I sighed.

“I know, girl, but Jason got hurt pretty badly by your decision. He may be acting like a dickhead, but he loves you deep down.”

“You know I love him too, but I won’t yield.”

I heard a growl nearby and raised my scowl to meet his glaring ocean-blue eyes. He passed a hand through his sandy blond hair to try to calm down enough to talk.

He was holding the sheets of the potential pledges. Great.

“Here is your sheet,” he said, handing me and Kristen a sheet. “I also wanted to tell you that I got a call from your father.”

“Yeah?” I scoffed.

“Arya…,” he warned.

“What do you want?” I snapped.

“It’s about the next hunt. You’re in.”

“What?” I gasped.

“That’s final.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Who did he think he was?

“Don’t talk to me like that!” I retorted, using my alpha voice. “Remember where you stand.”

He recoiled and growled in submission. He didn’t like it, but I was the alpha.

“Thank you for the information. I’ll talk to my father.”

He growled again before leaving. Chad, my best friend, looked at me apologetically before walking behind Jason. He was the gamma and on the football team. Kristen looked at me.

“Well…that was intense.”

“That idiot, he won’t disrespect me just because he is my mate. I am the Alpha here.”

She sighed. “You high-ranked people. Stop acting like stubborn idiots.”

“I’ll think about it. First, I need to call my father.”

She nodded. The hunt was our trial to incorporate human pledges into our frat. We would chase after the humans in wolf form, and if they managed to not get caught, they would join the frat.

I had never participated before because as an alpha, I was too dominant and scared the humans away.

It would be dangerous for me to join; my wolf was full of rage because of our mate. I called my father, and he picked up right away.

“Arya, everything all right?” he asked.

“Why am I to join the hunt? You know it’s not a good idea.” I got straight to the point.

“You are ready,” he answered in a neutral voice.

“Are you saying that because you want me to mess up and realize I need to complete the bond with Jason?”

He sighed. “Your ridiculous idea of having a normal—almost human—life in college is of no concern to me. You do what you want.”

“So why am I joining the hunt?”

“The wolves need their alpha, and for now, that is you. Accept your responsibility.”

It was like a slap in my face. My father was good at that. He was upset that I did not mate right away with Jason and was still fighting it.

He did not understand that I wanted to take my time. It wasn’t normal for werewolves to wait so long.

“Fine, I will,” I retorted, almost growling.

“Good, you are finally learning. I’ll be waiting for your report.”

We hung up, and I needed some air. I left the cafeteria in a hurry, my best friend hot on my heels.

“Ary…you all right?” she asked.

“Not at all. He is treating me like a child. He wants me to recognize that I need Jason to balance my wolf, which I don’t,” I growled.

“Honey, I know you, and I’m like you. You need him for that, just as much as he needs you.”

I gritted my teeth. I knew that, but it was my choice to live the full college experience, and an alpha never goes back on her word.

It was childish, but I had determined that as soon as Jason got in bed with his first human that I would not back down. He would be the one to come and apologize first.

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