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The Lycan's Queen - Valentine's Special

L.S. Patel

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Part of the Lycan's Queen-Universe: Valentine’s day. The time of year most couples use as an excuse to spend quality time together. With both Adonis and Aarya trying to surprise the other, it’ll either end up a disaster or a miracle if their plans actually come together.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


“Just one more week and then I’m out of here. Just need to hang in there for one more week and Adonis and I will finally be left alone.” I took a deep breath and sighed.

“This is a first, you're not planning on murdering anyone.” The familiar voice of my mate made me roll my eyes.

I turned to face my mate who stood there with his arms crossed. Plastered on his face was that smirk that I loved and hated all at the same time.

“Would you rather I start planning your murder, my king?” I smiled sweetly, causing Adonis to chuckle.

“Oh my little mate, my life was so dull without you.” He pulled me towards him and I breathed in his addictive scent.

“Should I be worried? You’re not buttering me up to tell me bad news, are you? I swear, Adonis, if we don’t have time to ourselves I’m going to go…” I started to say, but Adonis pressed his finger against my lips.

“Always so skeptical, Aarya. Nothing is wrong, we are still going to have that Valentine’s escape. I just wanted some affection from my mate, seeing as it’s the month of love and all.” Adonis sighed.

Honestly, Aarya, you could be such an idiot at times. It was almost Valentine’s Day and, as Adonis pointed out, it was the month of love. I needed to get a grip.

“I’m sorry, Adonis. It’s been a tough few months for the both of us and I guess I’m just on edge.” I apologized.

Suddenly, that smirk was back on my mate’s face and I knew exactly what he wanted.

“On edge, huh? I can fix that, you know?” He ran his finger down my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps.

I couldn’t help my body’s reaction to his touch, it was like it knew exactly when Adonis touched me. I immediately felt on fire. His eyes darkened as he smelled my desire.

His finger traveled further down my body and I waited in anticipation as it edged lower and lower until…

“Mama, Mama.” A cry from the baby monitor snapped us both out of our lust.

“What fucking perfect timing,” I sighed. Meanwhile, Adonis couldn’t help but laugh.

I pressed my face into Adonis’ chest to calm myself down.

“Our daughter is our biggest cock blocker.” I rolled my eyes.

“And this is why our little break is much needed,” Adonis replied.

I nodded my head and left our room to calm our daughter down.

Devi had started trying to talk just after Christmas, but so far the only words she could say were “mama,” “papa,” and “no.” The first two, very cute, but the last one, not so much. I had to be patient while my daughter screamed no at the top of her lungs, thinking it was hilarious. Too bad I didn’t share her enthusiasm.

“Mama,” her little hands made grabby motions as I walked into her room. I smiled and picked her up, breathing in that scent.

She was the perfect mix of both Adonis and I, and I knew she would be a firecracker as she got older. Like mother, like daughter.

“You love disturbing your mama and papa, don't you darling?” I tickled her, smiling at her laughter.

I decided to take her back to our room, so she could spend some time with Adonis too. We’d been so busy lately that Devi hadn’t been spending enough time with us.

As soon as she saw her father, Devi shrieked. Adonis, who was sitting at his desk, immediately got up and took Devi out of my arms.

“How’s my favorite little girl? Did you have a good nap?” Adonis kissed Devi on the cheek.

“Oh, I’m sure she did, the little hellion knew exactly when to wake up too.” I tickled Devi again.

Adonis smirked, “anyone would think you didn’t have a handle on your body, Aarya. You should work on that.”

Of course he’d say that. He’s not the one who got all worked up. If the roles were reversed, he wouldn’t be saying any of this.

Before I had a chance to respond, Devi let out a little cry of protest. She wanted to be put down.

Adonis sat her down. We watched as she crawled everywhere and explored our room.

“We need to childproof this room. Devi will get into everything otherwise.” I said, just as she pulled out one of my lipsticks.

“Oh no you don’t. There’s still plenty of years left before you can wear makeup.” Adonis stepped in.

I snickered, “it’s only lipstick, don’t be so dramatic.”

Adonis glared at me, “I don’t want my daughter wearing makeup till she’s older, let her enjoy being a child.”

I totally agreed with him but it was time for a little fun.

I picked up Devi and pouted, “is your dad being overdramatic?”

Adonis growled, “overdramatic? Seriously?”

“Say papa, you’re taking this too seriously.” I winked at Devi, and whilst our daughter found this situation hilarious, Adonis’ growl was a clear indication that he did not.

“Aarya.” There was a warning in his tone. He was telling me to stop.

I had two options, I could listen to him, or I could completely ignore him. The latter always resulted in amazing sex, but realistically, we would never get around to it. Plus, who would suffer the most? That’s right, me. Again.

So I put Devi on the floor and kissed my angry mate on the lips, “Lighten up Adonis. I was trying to get a reaction out of you, which was way too easy.”

Adonis tightened his grip around my waist and whispered in my ear, “if Devi wasn’t here right now, I’d have you on the bed at my mercy.”

A shiver went down my spine and I glared at him. My plan had backfired on me. While Adonis looked completely calm, it was me who was facing an inner turmoil.

Maybe Sophia would be free to look after Devi for a few hours? Or Lexi? Maybe Elijah and Devi could have a playdate?

“I see that brain of yours working overtime Aarya.” Adonis chuckled.

I muttered under my breath, “I wonder whose fault that is.”

“Aarya!” Lexi’s voice traveled up to our room.

I looked at Adonis, who picked Devi up as we headed out of our room.

I glanced over the staircase to see Lexi, Gabe, Niya, Evan, Sophia, and Luke all standing there.

“Why does this feel like an intervention?” I asked as we made our way down the stairs to meet our friends.

“Not an intervention, silly. We’re all here to help the two of you get all your tasks done before your Valentine’s Day trip away.” Lexi smiled.

Adonis raised his eyebrows in question, “what ulterior motives do you lot have?”

I elbowed him in the side, as if to say “what the fuck is wrong with you,” but he just stared at our friends.

It was Evan who scratched the back of his neck before saying, “not ulterior motives, but if you guys finish your tasks before you leave, then it means we can…”

“You guys can celebrate Valentine's Day without having to pick up our tasks.” Adonis finished off Evan’s sentence.

“I don’t know though… I still haven’t had my revenge after you decided to blindfold me for my bachelor party. Maybe I ought to set you guys more tasks for when I’m away; work never stops.” Adonis said.

Evan’s eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “oh come on! There is no way you’re still mad about that! You liked our surprise. Besides, that was so long ago.”

Niya rolled her eyes and pulled Evan back, “he’s just messing with you, Evan.”

“Let’s move on from Evan making a fool of himself… yet again. Dimitri, we have a meeting in 10 minutes, and then right after, Luke wants to go over his plan for some new training program he wants to introduce.” Gabe jumped straight into work mode.

“Aarya, we need to meet with a lady coming from the orphanages to discuss the children coming here for the day. You also need to organize the menu for your event before you leave.” Lexi took over.

Adonis and I looked at each other. I kissed him on the lips, “just four more days.”

“Four more days.” He kissed me again, handing Devi to me before leaving.

“Miss Devi has a playdate with Eljah, so Amanda can take her and look after her.” Lexi tickled Devi’s cheeks.

I reluctantly handed my daughter to Amanda and walked away while Lexi chatted with me about the agenda.

About 4 hours later, I was finally done with everything for the day. Having the girls help me was a blessing. I was glad to be done quickly.

“I’m so tired, I don’t know how you do this every day, Aarya.” Niya complained as we walked out of the office and towards Adonis’ study.

“She has good reasons.” Sophia explained.

“Yes, of course. It begins with d and ends in k.” Lexi snickered.

I playfully hit her on the shoulder, “like you’re any better. I still remember what you said to me when Adonis and I first mated.”

“Ahh yes, the wisdom I bestowed upon you.” Lexi put on a posh accent, making us all laugh.

“The same wisdom that helped you out though, am I right?” Sophia asked.

I sighed, nodding. “There is no denying that. It comes in handy even today.”

“I don’t know why you need it. I mean your mate is handsome and...” Niya trailed off as we came face to face with the guys.

Adonis had an amused expression, while Evan looked distraught.

“I never thought I’d see the day where my own mate calls another man handsome!”

I tried to hide my laughter as Niya looked at me and mouthed “drama queen”.

“Oh Evan, Niya was just stating a fact. We all think Dimitri is handsome.” Lexi tried to ease the tension.

“You all do, do you?” Gabe raised his eyebrows at his mate.

He turned to Luke and said, “This is news to me. Did you know Sophia found another male attractive?”

Luke shook his head and turned to Sophia. “I never knew you found Dimitri attractive. Guess secrets are coming out today.”

I looked at my mate who seemed to be enjoying his friend's discomfort. Of course he did, his ego was being stroked.

Sophia rolled her eyes. “Men. Lycan men. You’re a jealous, possessive bunch. We think of Dimitri as our brother, so calling him handsome has no sexual meaning behind it whatsoever. In fact, that makes us feel sick. We didn’t react the same way when Aarya said she found you two handsome.”

Adonis’ head whipped round to me.

Fuck, that was meant to be a secret. ~

It came out in one of our drunken truth or dares. I was asked who, apart from my mate, I found attractive. I answered both Gabe and Luke.

“Aarya found us attractive. Hear that Dimitri?” Evan smirked.

“Not you Evan, just Gabe and Luke.” Niya said.

I found myself slowly hiding behind Lexi, away from my mate’s piercing glare.

“Why not me?” Evan pouted.

“She said she found you cute, but like a brother cute.” Lexi replied.

These girls, they were going to pay for this!

“What happened to the girl code?” I hissed, and they each froze, seeing Adonis’ reaction.

Lexi moved out of the way, leaving me exposed to my mate who looked pissed, with a capital P.

“Well guys, this has been fun for everyone but me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an angry mate to run from.” I smiled and turned around.

“Not a chance.” Adonis said, grabbing me by the wrist and picking me up to throw me over his shoulder.

Not this again. ~

Although the view from here wasn’t half bad…

Snap out of it!

I was in so much trouble.

“If you’ll excuse us, I’ve got a mate to punish. You better make sure no one comes on our floor. Sophia, you’ll look after Devi tonight.” Adonis’ tone left no room for argument.

“Adonis, you know that was a joke right?” I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Don’t say a word. My lycan is so close to ripping your clothes off and taking you right here, right now.” Adonis growled.

Wow, so jealous. ~

I wisely kept my mouth shut because as much as I was turned on by his comment, I didn’t really want to have sex in the open.

I had to admit, it was funny seeing Adonis this riled up. He always said he was very level-headed, but I seemed to change that.

I squealed as Adonis threw me on our bed. The predatory look in his eye told me all I needed to know.

“Seems like someone is in need of a reminder.” Adonis smirked.

“A reminder?” I asked.

“Hmm… a reminder why you don’t call other males handsome.” Adonis raised his eyebrows.

“Adonis, you know you’re the most attractive to me. My words don’t mean anything.” I tried to pacify my mate.

Adonis grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the bed. I watched as he towered over me, his eyes showing his desire. I swallowed the lump in my throat as he buried his face in my neck. Just one simple action and my body was on fire.

When he finally kissed me, I couldn’t help but bury my hands in his hair. God, this would never get old.

I felt Adonis smirk as he held my hands over my head. I growled, causing him to chuckle, breaking away from our kiss.

“No touching my queen. You need to learn a lesson.”

I rolled my eyes, but decided against saying anything. I watched as he trailed his fingers lower and lower and pressed his fingers against my underwear.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked.

“Of course not, just making sure you know.” Adonis pressed his fingers harder against my underwear, causing me to gasp.

“Learn what?” I found myself trying to move my body away to get some relief.

“That I’m the only one who can ever make you feel like this.” He finally slipped his fingers into my panties.

He didn’t wait, plunging his fingers straight into my core.

“I’m the only one who can make you come so beautifully.” He smirked as he watched me fall apart.

I was so sensitive, it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar feeling of my orgasm approaching. I gripped the bed sheets, waiting for that feeling, but it never came.

The sensation of Adonis’ fingers had vanished. When I looked up at him, he was standing up, licking his fingers.

“Next time, don’t call another male handsome, then maybe I’ll let you cum.”

With that, he walked out of the room and left me lying there out of breath, equal parts angry and horny.

Oh, I was going to make him regret this. Bring it on, Adonis, but you should have known that I always win.

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