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Three. The Perfect Number - V-Day

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“Hold on a second.” Sam’s voice makes both Sara and me turn in her direction, even though I can already feel my eyes rolling as a stupid grin takes over her perfect, stupid face.

“You are telling me that the boys… the ones that couldn’t last more than ten seconds without touching you, are depriving you of sex?”

The shock on her face would be almost cute if it weren’t for the fact that we’d been having this conversation for the last 45 minutes straight.

“Like nothing. Nada. Nisba. No touching, no funny business… no games… nothing?”

“Remind me why are we friends again?” Rolling my eyes at her, I start laughing the moment one of her slices of bread hits my chest.

And I swear if it weren’t for Sara awkwardly smiling at the people around us, I would have answered back. I’m sure my broccoli would be a perfect addition to her hair.

“Girls, please behave. I feel like I’m out with your brothers…which also includes your boyfriend, Sam.”

Since Liam and Sara have decided to move in together, we all have started to hang out much more than before.

We just clicked, the three of us, and sometimes I think she might have been the missing piece in this crazy puzzle.

She is older than Sam and me, and still younger than Liam, but that somehow doesn’t matter.

Yes, she might always be trying to stop all of us from arguing or playing stupid games, but she is just as fun and crazy as any of us, really.

“You are no fun, Sara.” Sam chuckles before leaning in my direction again to keep down her question.

“But seriously though…”

“Oh, God, Sam! How many times does Mad need to tell you? It is clear that the boys are growing stupid!”

“Yeah, that might be the answer to this nonsense. “

“I mean… I don’t know. They keep saying it is for my safety and the babies’, but honestly, how can having sex be dangerous?

“I mean… I’m not saying they need to take me hard and rock my world or break every bone in my body… or split me in two or… you know, destroy me?”

Not that I would really mind anyway. And it’s too late for that anyway.

“But I mean… something. Anything. I’ll even take vanilla sex if they would give me that.”

“The problem is, my dear…”

Now my eyes are on Sara. When she calls me that, something interesting is about to come out of her pretty mouth. And I can see why Liam loves her so much.

“I doubt either of those two knows what vanilla sex is….”

A little smirk now shadows her lips.

“For all I know, you have no idea either. If you are anything like your brothers, Missy, vanilla sex doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. I mean, what can be vanilla-flavored when you are having regular sex with two men at the same time?”

I can feel my face light up like a Christmas tree at her words.

I mean, Sara and Sam have become quite acquainted with my sex life; nothing is news to them.

Yet now that Sara is putting me on the spot, a slight embarrassment rises up from my chest. Not in the wrong way, though.

“Well… used to. ” My hands come resting on my belly just as one more thought crosses my mind, and even before I can word my thoughts, I feel already stupid about it.

“It’s just… you know, my body is changing so much. I mean, look at this…” I say, pointing at the belly bump pressing against my cream jumper.

“What if they just don’t find me attractive anymore?”

“Madison. Blanca. Davis.”

Nothing is ever good when Sam calls out my full name.

“Stop this nonsense right now. I would personally kill you just for thinking that, but the babies here need their mum for a little longer.”


“First of all, there is no way Ethan and Levi will ever stop looking at you as if you were the most delicious thing. Not even if they were going blind.

“Second, if anything, this pregnancy only made you look sexier. You’re glowing from every angle, and honestly, you are carrying not one, not two...but three frigging babies!

“And look at you. Just stunning. I mean... If I were them, I wouldn’t be wasting any time, you know.”

“Mmm, is that an offer? Because I might take you up on that, you know,” I shoot back.

Running her hands on her face, Sara gives us a defeated look before taking her card out the moment the waiter comes to us with our bill.

“Seriously. You two are the worst, even though... I think I love you both.”

“We know, and ditto.”

We all take turns paying our part, and as the waiter leaves a few minutes later, we all stand up and head outside.

“Well, ladies. It’s been great, as always, but I’m afraid I’ve gotta run. My boss tends to be quite a pain in the ass if I show up late.”

“Yeah... Nothing that a swing of your hips wouldn’t solve,” I point out, knowing my brother too well.

“Davis siblings. All the same.” Indeed we are.

“Well, I’m gonna go shopping. I’ve got a set of twins to kill…”

“Uhhh, spicy. I’ll come along then. I might find something to entertain Ezra.”

“Well have fun, you two. I’ll see you Sunday.”

“See you, love!” Blowing kisses, we part ways. Sara walks in the opposite direction from where Sam and I are now headed.

“So, what were you thinking?” Sam asks.

“Mmm, I’m not sure yet. I need to do something else first, and then we are good to go shopping.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“I’m seeing Angie,” I tell her.

“Oh, I see. You do have a solid plan to get what you want, don’t you?!”

“You have no idea.” A grin spreads on my lips as the thought of tonight flashes in my head.

There is no way they’re going to resist me any longer. I’m going to break them before they're going to break me.

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