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The Greystone Ridge Pack

Arri Stone

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Meeting a stranger and falling for him was never on Alice’s mind when she came to Greystone Peaks. She had come here with the girls for one final trip before they all went their separate ways after high school. When she met Sebastian, her feelings were so strong for him that she couldn't deny the attraction. But Sebastian was hiding a secret from her. He was the beta of the Greystone Ridge Pack and had struggled with finding a mate. With the mating season nearly over, he would have to wait another year. That was until she arrived, and he knew she was his mate. But it wasn’t going to be easy as it was forbidden to have a relationship with a human. Would Sebastian pursue her against his alpha's wishes?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1: The Girls


The wild fantasy I had last night filled my dreams again. We were going to the Greystone Ridge cabins for a girls' trip away before we all separated for different universities.

I was meeting up with the girls to discuss the last-minute things we needed.

I arrived at the coffee shop and spotted them in the corner seats.

“Hey.” I slung my bag down and grabbed the chair as I tried to hide a yawn.

“Alice, you made it on time.” Tammy chuckled as she knew what I was like.

“I’m so excited about our trip.”

“Did you say you had the map of where we are going? Greystone Peaks is a massive place.” I tapped my fingers on the table, asking her to show me.

Cassie brought up the tablet and showed us the area. The breathtaking sight of the towering mountains and lush green forestry enveloped the screen. The wooden cabins stood out in stark contrast against the natural backdrop, accompanied by this. Their rustic charm adds to the ethereal ambiance. My heart raced with excitement, my mind still reeling from the vivid images of my dream now brought to life.

“They have a check-in point at the beginning; we will be given everything there. Don’t worry, I rang them and double-checked we were booked in,” Cassie said.

“We are in the Ridgetop cabin. It has two bedrooms, so we will have to share. But we are allowed campfires in the designated area.”

The thought of a campfire ignited part of my dream: a mysterious man, one whose face I couldn’t see.

Cassie clapped her hands as she continued reading some of the information. “Check-in is after midday.”

“If we set off at about 8 a.m., we should get there on time.” Bella sipped her coffee. “My dad has checked my car for us so that we will be safe.” She smiled, a little embarrassed.

Bella was useless with cars—I was surprised she even passed her test. I always wondered if it had something to do with her dad owning the only car maintenance workshop around here.

We had a laugh about who would be the last up and organized, ready to go.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a little later as long as we get there before nightfall. I don’t want to be driving up forest tracks in the dark.” Bella said, but my insides flipped.

Night time, in the forest. Would there be creepy crawlies? Or wolves? I got lost in my thoughts as they discussed what we needed to bring. Would there be wolves? My gray wolf I’d been dreaming about flashes in my mind. I’ve always had a fascination with wolves.

My parents have dismissed it as just a fantasy because I watched too many movies that had werewolves and vampires. My favorite being Underworld.

After we said our goodbyes, I walked the short distance back to my home.

My parents always kept themselves busy with building projects. Dad built these wooden outbuildings, as he called them. I called them sheds, which he hated. But, to give them credit, they were unique and varied in size.

“Hi, pumpkin.” He appeared from the lounge as I poured myself a chilled glass of water. “Are you excited for your trip?” There was that same worry in his voice as before.

“Yes, I just met the others. Could you run me to the shop tomorrow so I can get some things?” I really needed to learn how to drive.

Dad grumbled at me, asking him, but I knew he would give in. For as long as I could remember, I was terrible at getting up, mainly because I was a night owl and spent my time obsessed with drawing.

“Pumpkin, you are going to university soon.” He looked at me with concern on his face. I’ve never been away from home before, and this trip was giving him a heart attack as it was. Going to university had been a huge battle for them to let me go.

They both said my safety was important to them. I get it that I’m their only daughter, and they are afraid of losing me, but the over-protection as I got older has been ridiculous.

“You could always ring me?” I bit my lip and giggled as Dad pulled a face at me and waggled a finger before picking the bottles of water up and going back to join Mom.

No doubt to laid down some strict rules that I’d have to avoid any guy I met whilst there.

“Ugh.” I grumped and stomped upstairs so Dad could hear me. My bag was on the floor, half-packed. For two weeks, I’d be away with the girls in a cabin in the woods.

An idea sparked in my head, and I had to draw it down.

The rugged peaks of the untamed mountains towered above me. Their rocky edges cast eerie shadows against the star-filled night sky and deep green forest. The faint glow of a cabin’s light in the distance as I drew the campfire.

As I was drawing, I got lost in things, and a vision of a handsome wolf came to my mind. I added him to my picture.

I colored him in, and his amber eyes were amazing once I’d finished. The picture wasn’t big enough, so I started a new drawing of him.

Did wolves roam about the place we were going to?

Something inside of me fizzed up to the surface. Excitement and… “Oh my.” I squeezed my legs together.

Okay, so I read a lot of fantasy stories and lost myself in the worlds created by authors. There were so many times I’d wished that I was one of those girls whisked off by a handsome stranger—in this case, a wolf.

I didn’t realize the time as I was so engrossed in drawing my wolf. And I almost missed dinner.

My stomach growled as I wondered what to eat. Voices could be heard out in the garden, so I knew Mom and Dad had friends around. I went into the kitchen and saw a plate left covered.

Dad was an amazing cook, as well, and had left me some of his famous herb mozzarella-stuffed chicken in a creamy sauce, with a side helping of baby potatoes.

“Mmm,” I moaned, licking my lips as I watched it heat up in the microwave.

It finally pinged and sent me to an orgasmic heaven with the flavors. I was sure Dad made it for me as a special treat as I was going away tomorrow. Or perhaps it was to make me want to stay?

I planned not to read tonight and get my head down to sleep. But instead of reading, I couldn’t stop staring at the drawing of the wolf and the surroundings of the Greystone Ridge mountains.

My eyelids grew heavy, and I drifted back into my recurring dream.

A guttural growl of a wild animal made me shudder. I lay on the ground, my breath caught in my throat as a shadowy figure loomed over me. The rustling of the trees in the wind echoed through the forest, drowning out the pounding of my heart.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized the figure was not a wolf but a man. My heart raced, unsure of what was happening. The man’s hazel eyes bore into mine. His expression ignited something deep inside of me.

Then, a low growl shattered the silence, and as I blinked, a massive wolf stood over me instead. Its fur bristled, and its eyes glinted in the moonlight. I felt the hot breath of the beast on my face, and despite being afraid, I couldn't help but admire its tremendous power.

The dream I had felt incredibly vivid, as if the cold ground was really beneath me, and the scorching heat of the fire flickered across my cheeks.

The wolf that loomed over me seemed to pull me in, like a magnet drawing me towards it. I could see its sharp teeth glistening in the light of the flames as it growled possessively at me. I gasped, and my eyes flew open as I shot up from my dream.

It was only a dream, I told myself. Wolves are not that big, and they don’t eat you. Do they?

Would I really meet this powerful wolf that invaded my dreams or the mysterious man who sent my heart racing?

Something was awakening inside of me, and every moment seemed to bring me closer to the Greystone Ridge mountains.

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