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The Discovering Us Series

KL Jenkins

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What do you do when you’re trapped in a bad situation with the person that wanted to be a parent to you?

I agreed to rent out my womb and give two men the baby of their dreams whilst planning my escape from this bad situation. But things don’t go to plan, and my world crashes around me when Henry feels threatened enough to come for me. And all the while I’m falling in love with the men that I’m now living with. Will I survive?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Attempted Rape, Cheating, Child Abuse, Depression, Domestic Violence, Miscarriage, Onscreen Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Statutory Rape, Torture)

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Book 1: Violet


Tonight is the night. Zach has found a surrogate, finally.

And not in a conventional way, unfortunately, but that’s just him, never doing anything conventionally.

No, he found some sleazeball that uses the club.

He’s selling his daughter’s services, and she’s ours in every sense of the word. She’s coming tonight, and until she falls pregnant and feeds our child for a year, she won’t be leaving.

That’s our deal.

One hundred thousand now, the same at the end of the agreement, plus we will pay any medical bills for her until she leaves.

It’s not how we thought we would have a family.

Hell, we never thought it would come to this at all.

But after Rose died, it’s just been us two again.

Rose was special. We always knew we liked to play with women. Well, I knew I enjoyed making my dom happy, and he wanted me to fuck women, but until Rose, I found that somewhat tricky.

On the flip side, we also knew that we loved each other. It was confusing for us as teens. We’ve been together since we were fifteen. The gay couple. Never accepted.

But in reality, we are bisexual, and Rose let everyone know that, because we married her, we tried for children, but we lost everyone we fell pregnant with. Then she died in a car accident.

That’s another story for another time though.

It crushed us.

I check my watch for the fifth time, noting they’re late.

I hate late people.

My foot has been tapping to the beat of the soft melody playing on the Bluetooth speaker.

Zach’s on his third whiskey, I think because it’s been a few years since a woman’s lived with us, and I think we’re both nervous about getting this over with.

I can’t say I’m excited, but we both want our children, and this is the best way to go about that as two gay men, if we want to experience the pregnancy and the baby’s birth.

It’s within a fingertip’s length, almost able to grab with both hands, just one pregnancy away from holding a little human that belongs to us.

Finally, they ring the doorbell, making us both check our watches. Nineteen minutes late.

Catherine lets them in and escorts them to us. Of course, she’s good like that, and Zach’s the first up as the man rounds the doorway.

“Well, about bloody time.”

He reaches to shake Henry’s hand. He’s probably not even five feet ten, has dark hair, brown eyes, and a few wrinkles from his age.

He’s much shorter than the both of us, because we stand over six feet, especially me being six-two and a bit.

“Hi.” He takes Zach’s hand tentatively, and I offer my hand straight after.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Maybe.

“You too.” His shake isn’t firm, which speaks volumes about his character.

“I haven’t got long. I have an appointment. You boys know how it is.

"As promised, my stepdaughter. She is still an innocent young girl. I think you will thoroughly enjoy breaking her in.” He smirks to himself.

Innocent, he says?

“Innocent?” I repeat his words, and he frowns, uncertainty flicking through his features.

“Well, she’s a virgin. But you’ve carte blanche. We’ve discussed that the price you are willing to pay is enough to cover any…well…um, well, whatever you like,” he stumbles over his words.

Shit, he knows what we like, and a virgin won’t even know our sexual preferences.

I look at Zach, and he looks at me with raised eyebrows. Fuck. Virgin. Where is this girl?

“Well, you skipped that vital information, Henry,” Zach scolds him, and rightly fucking so.

“Oh, well, I thought young boys like you wouldn’t mind training her. Oh….and… Well, while we’re on this topic. She’s a mute.”

Mute. Virgin and a mute.

Fuck, this will never do. I shake my head toward Zach once, like I would in a business meeting. This can’t go ahead.

How the fuck are we to play the way we usually do with a virgin? And one that doesn’t speak, for that matter.

“So where is this girl then?” I ask him hastily, unable to disguise my disgust at his deceit.

“Violet, get yourself in here.” He has a tight smile plastered on his face. Smarmy prick. I knew this was a stupid idea.

He waits a few moments while the girl doesn’t come, and I run my hand through my hair with agitation.

“Let me just go get her.” He nods to Zach. He can see this slipping through his fingers, and my temper simmers in my chest at his behavior.

“Hey, we only need to fuck her to get her pregnant. We’ll just have to refrain from playing with her,” Zach claims, making me frown. This is true.

“That’s a lot of money just for a few fucks, Zach.” Two hundred thousand and whatever her medical bills amount to.

But there will be a child at the end of this, and that’s worth much more, I tell myself.

“We will finally be a family at the end of it. Keep your eye on the bigger picture.” He’s standing in front of me now as he strokes my cheek, so I drag a deep breath in.

He’s right.

Taking a few more, I try to calm myself.

Yes. A family. Our own family.

Henry reenters the room a minute later, pulling a young girl by her wrist, and she looks as if she’s in pain.

It annoys me for reasons beyond my perception, and as she comes into full view, I take her appearance in.

I follow the long flow of red hair until it reaches her bottom, then looking back up her body, I appreciate her slim frame. The swell of her breasts arouses my dick.

I finally reach her face with a small intake of breath.

Her features are small and pixie-like, her lips plump and pink. Her eyes are a vivid shade of cyan blue.

She’s pretty, and my pants suddenly feel a size too small, which is weird because not many women arouse me.

I retrain my gaze to the man standing next to her as Zach’s hand finds mine with a squeeze, telling me he likes her too. Fuck.

“Boys, this is Violet. Violet…Zach and Tyler.” He points to each of us in turn, but she keeps her eyes firmly on the floor.

We’re not down there, girl. I smile at her disobedience, because Zach will address that promptly.

“Hello, Violet.” Her name leaves my lips like a talisman, and it does wonders for my libido.

Yes. I can just imagine sinking into her tight pussy.

But inwardly I sigh.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman…and Zach says nothing, so I look at him and notice his brows knitted together.

He looks troubled, which has me frowning as I look back at the girl.

Maybe it’s her hair? It’s redder than Rose’s was, but red nonetheless.

Maybe it’s bringing up memories for him?

I can’t say the slight resemblance to Rose hasn’t passed through my mind. No, definitely not.

“Well, boys, I have to get to my meeting. I’m sure you’re eager to get better…um, acquainted.” I snicker. He’s a fucker.

“Let me show you out,” I offer. The quicker he’s out of my home the better, because there’s something I don’t like about him, and though I can’t put my finger on it yet, it’s there.

I’ll do a background check on him later.

“I’ll check in on you in a few weeks, girl.” He pats her shoulder before leaving our living room, and I note she freezes momentarily, but I leave Zach and the girl behind while I walk him to our door.

“It’s nice doing business with the two of you. Please don’t hesitate with her, virgin or not. She knows what’s she getting into and what’s expected of her.”

I’m not sure she could take both of us right now, so I raise my eyebrows at him in question.

“Hmm,” I manage to say.

“Well, I’ll be going then.”

“The first payment will be with you within forty-eight hours.” When she’s fucked. He rubs his hands together. An evil smile crosses his face as he walks out the door. Bastard.

“I’m sure you will both enjoy her.”

I roll my eyes and leave him to Catherine to see out.

I run into our head of security in the kitchen while fetching a glass of water for Violet, and a thought flits through my mind.

“Can you do me a favor?” I ask Dante.

“Of course,” he answers immediately.

“Find out how old Violet Camber is. She’s Henry Camber’s stepdaughter. He’s a member of the club. On second thought, do a detailed background check on him also.”

She looks very young. I need to know, even if just for peace of mind.

“Of course. It will take around half an hour.”

I nod at him, leaving the kitchen and heading back to our guest in the living room, where the girl hasn’t moved an inch.

Zach’s helping himself to another drink.

Slow down. I eye him warily.

“Water?” I offer her the glass in my hand. It takes her a beat before she takes it gingerly, our fingers brushing accidentally, and I watch as she looks up at me for a moment.

She looks scared but reins in the emotion that flitted across her face.

You don’t need to be scared of me, baby.

“You agreed to this, yes?” She looks between Zach and me, then she nods. Thank fuck.

“You don’t talk?” Zach asks as he walks over to us. She shrugs.

“You can talk?” I ask only to have her nod again.

Hmm, then why don’t you?

“You don’t like to?” I clarify. She nods again.

How the fuck is this going to work?

I pull my fingers through my hair again in frustration.

“How will this work if she cannot even say a safe word?” Zach mirrors my thoughts, so I shrug because I think the same thing.

Fuck. He’s right.

We show her to the guest room immediately, needing time to talk this shit over.

She hasn’t packed much. One duffel bag, which surprised us, but we left her to acquaint herself with her room as we returned to ours.

I’ll have to get Catherine to do some shopping for her, but right now it’s late, and we have work in the morning.

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