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Bound to Vasiliev

Kiara Colón

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Gianna Moore is the youngest cardiothoracic surgeon in Chicago, with a powerful father who would do anything to grow his empire, including marrying his daughter off to a total stranger and moving her halfway across the world. Ilias Vasiliev is one of the most successful businessmen in Russia, and when his own father comes home with a contract in hand, stating that he has to be married Gianna for a year to maintain a business partnership, he wants to say no. But with a sick sister needing a doctor, and his young daughter needing a mother, his hands are tied. Will these two opposites attract? Or will they go their separate ways when the year is up?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


For years, William Moore had been the most influential man in the entire city of Chicago, if not the country. From a young age, he followed in his father’s footsteps in the business world.

His money would get him whatever he demanded. One of the pillars of the community, he was more than just a business mogul, he was the reason the city moved.

As the owner of Moore’s Tech, a company in charge of building plane computers and parts, he made sure no other company outweighed him, even resorting to bribes so they dropped their contracts with their clients, giving him the opportunity to add one more to his list.

As he looked out at the afternoon sky through his office windows, a snifter glass full of brandy in his hand, he conducted a very important meeting with his best friend, Andrei Vasiliev, a candidate to be his partner in business if everything went according to plan.

“I’m glad you accepted my invitation, my old friend,” he said, heading toward his leather chair before he sat down, his foot on top of his knee as he took a sip of his golden drink.

“I hope this offer is the path to a new chapter.”

The man exuded power. His tall figure, black hair with patches of gray on the sides, icy-blue eyes, and a dark chevron mustache were just enough to intimidate those below him.

“Well, your call seemed a bit urgent, so I took the first flight here to see what this was all about, my friend,” the short, overweight Russian man replied with a thick accent as he sat comfortably in the chair in front of William’s desk.

“Oh, it will be of interest to you, Andrei, and it will benefit both you and me in the long run. Or at least for a year.” He smirked, taking another sip of brandy before he put it on a coaster.

“We just need to wait for one more person to join the meeting.”

As if on cue, William’s assistant walked in, a man in a fancy suit following behind, confused as to why he had been requested in his future father-in-law’s office.

He had a very important date with his fiancée, and she was one for punctuality.

“Hello, Eric. If you could please sit down next to Andrei. There’s an offer I’m sure you won’t refuse.” William went straight to the point, gesturing to the other available chair.

“With all due respect, Mr. Moore. I have to pick up your daughter for our date, and if I’m late, you know she’ll have my balls,” Eric said, a bit nervous. That’s what his fiancée’s father always caused others to feel.

Eric García had been with the company for three years, falling for the owner’s daughter and dating her, despite his opposition.

But today seemed like the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted. The man out of her life. “I promise it will be quick because I want you to tell my daughter what I am going to tell you.”

Eric sat there, paying attention to William, but aware of Andrei’s presence by his side, his gut feeling telling him this would not end as well as he expected. But as a respectful man, he waited for William to continue.

“Now that we’re both here, I can suggest the offers at the same time,” he said as he grabbed a folder with a few documents inside and handed one to Eric, who frowned as he picked it up.

Reading the header, he opened his eyes wide, looking up at William.

“Official break-up contract? Is this even a thing? What kind of sick joke is this?” he asked, tossing the documents on the desk, disgusted by what the older man was suggesting.

“I suggest you read it all. There is a hefty compensation for it.” William smiled as he faced Andrei. “Your son is still single, isn’t he?”

Vasiliev nodded; the question sure piqued his interest.

“He is. The boy is too stubborn to settle down with a woman. Can’t say he’s a playboy, as you Americans call them, but he’s one grumpy ass.”

William chuckled and raised his glass in a toast, giving the man an approving nod.

Eric’s expression as he kept reading the contract was not one of joy, even if the sum he was being offered was as hefty as he had been told.

“Well, boy. What do you think of that? Would you be willing to break my daughter’s heart for that amount of money?”

He scoffed, tossing the documents once again before he stood up, looking down at William with anger in his eyes. “I won’t do this to her. Your daughter is everything to me, and I will not succumb to any threats you might have.”

“Very well.” William grabbed a black folder from his drawer and handed it to the young man, the smirk on his face indicating how influential he could truly be.

“There are pictures there. Very compromising, might I add, and if they were to reach my daughter, I’m sure you’ll regret not taking the offer. If it was me, I would prefer being hated for just breaking up with her, than cheating on her.”

As Eric grabbed the contents of the folder, his eyes opened wide and his breathing got heavier. He was caught, and no matter how careful he had been, William Moore was one smart son of a bitch.

“You can’t do this, Mr. Moore. Losing Gianna will break me.”

“Spare me your hypocrisy, Mr. García. Those pictures sure don’t show your loyalty to her. So either sign the contract, or I’ll make sure the company messenger takes this to her at the hospital.

“And you know when she loses focus she can’t perform her job well, now, can’t she?”

“No, sir,” Eric replied, feeling defeated as he extended his hand, asking for a pen. William, with an air of victory, picked his best pen and handed it to him.

Eric hesitated for just a moment before he finally put his name down, signing away his future with the woman he “loved.”

“Good job, young man,” Andrei said as he read his part of the contract. A contract that was not meant for him directly, but for his only son and the heir of his company.

Not sparing a glance to either one of them, Eric stomped toward the door, only to be stopped by William’s deep voice.

“Make sure you tell my daughter you have to leave her, and don’t you dare mention a word of this. That ten-million-dollar offer will not come around twice.”

Eric walked out of the door, his chest aching and his nerves getting the best of him. How was he supposed to tell Gianna he just couldn’t be with her?

William turned to face Andrei, both of them with smirks on their faces as the latter put the contract down on the desk, leaned against the back of his chair, and took a sip of the brandy.

“So, what are you going to tell your daughter?” Andrei asked curiously. William stared at him with a glint in his eyes.

“The same thing you will tell your son. There’s a contract to sign, and a wedding to be planned.”

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