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Wild Fantasy

Jessica Adams

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Lana had always considered herself Andrew Scott’s number one fan. The famous actor had been the highlight of Lana’s fangirling years. She dreamed of meeting him in person, kissing him deeply, marrying him. But she never once thought that reality could be even better than her fantasies. After a chance meeting and a night of wild passion, Lana makes the difficult decision to walk away. Luckily for her, destiny has its own way of reuniting hearts meant for each other.

Age Rating: 18+

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Prologue: I Want You So Bad

Book 1

It was late at night and Andrea was fast asleep in her room when Lana heard three consecutive knocks on the door.

Her eyebrows met, then she glanced up from her laptop at the wall clock hanging above the refrigerator.

“Who is this? It’s past nine o’clock. Who would even think to come by?” she whispered, then stood up.

Lana first peeked through the peephole of the door to see who it was. Her chest immediately trembled when she saw Andrew standing outside.

It took a long time for Lana to act because of that. So she was even surprised when Andrew knocked again, but this time it was more persistent and he seemed to be unable to wait.

“What do you need and why are you here? It’s late,” she asked formally after she opened the door for the young man. “Andrea is already asleep, so if you can leave and come back tomorrow?” She shooed the man away.

But Andrew ignored her and instead just lifted the corner of his mouth. “Can I come in?” he replied instead, bringing his face even closer to hers.

Lana quickly felt a wonderful shiver when the smell of alcohol on Andrew’s breath crossed her face. That’s what she saw as the reason why she didn’t seem to be her usual self, and she nodded.

“W-would you like some coffee?” she asked after closing the door once Andrew was inside the house.

Andrew’s faint laugh did not escape her hearing. “Sounds like a real wife,” he said, then started to step closer to where she was standing.

Lana automatically felt alarmed by what Andrew had done, so she decided to take action. She went to the kitchen to make coffee for the young man.

She didn’t think Andrew had followed her there, so when he spoke behind her, she accidentally dropped the teaspoon she was holding, which made a noise on the tiled floor.

“Are you okay, Lana?” Amusement was in Andrew’s tone as she looked at him standing just a step away from her.

Lana nodded one after another and then turned her back on the young man again to continue making his coffee. But her chest tightened even more when she felt both of Andrew’s hands on her waist.

“Lana,” Andrew whispered in her ear.

She sighed violently. “Andrea might wake up,” she said, trying to free herself from the young man’s grip on her.

She succeeded there, and walked away from Andrew, bringing his coffee cup into the living room and placing it on the center table. “Drink this and then leave.” She calmly shooed the man away again.

Andrew just stared at her then, as if nothing had happened, wet his red lips.

Later, the young man stepped closer to her again. She was immediately pushed back to the slightly open door of her room.

“I don’t like that,” he said, referring to the coffee he had mixed. He continued to take steps closer to her.

Lana swallowed. Since her room was behind her, she had nowhere else to go but in there. “W-what do you want?” she asked nervously.

The corner of Andrew’s lip lifted once again, and he finally grabbed her by both shoulders and gently pushed her into the room. He quickly pushed the door shut and then pressed the knob lock.

“Isn’t it obvious to you that I want you?” Andrew pulled her arm so that she ended up hugging him.

She struggled to free herself, but because the man was stronger than her, she wasn’t able to do anything when he pushed her against the wall and then bent down and kissed her hard on the lips.

It was as if Lana’s whole being was paralyzed as she once again tasted the lips that, for however many times, had made her lose her sanity.

The lips she had dreamed of since she had become a fangirl. Since she had become his fan. These were the same and very reasons why had Andrea come into her life.

She knew it wasn’t the first time Andrew had kissed her. In fact, the man was able to do more than that to her. But Lana could not understand why she was so weak at that very moment.

Was it because he himself admitted to her that he liked her?

She wasn’t sure. She didn’t understand everything.

Andrew kissed her long and hard. She could not handle the man no matter what struggle she made, especially when he held both hands even tighter and raised them above her head.

Andrew became even more aggressive at that moment.

Lana let out a violent sigh as Andrew pressed his body hard against hers as he continued to kiss her. She felt his one hand on her buttocks, then the next thing she knew, he lifted her up.

Lana’s eyes widened as she felt the hard object bulge in the front of Andrew’s pants.

“I want you so bad, Lana,” Andrew whispered as he released her lips for a moment, then claimed them again afterward.

At that moment, all of Lana’s restraint finally gave up.

Maybe that was also due to the fact that she, too, was always excited and looking forward to something like this.

No matter how hard she had tried to get out of the young man’s arms before, she was now the one who wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

She responded with warm kisses on his lips, which seemed as if Andrew had no plans to let go of her. And soon, she started to moan when she felt Andrew’s gentle bite on her lower lip.

What the young man did drove Lana back to sanity. She was even able to slap him, which shocked him so much that she was able to get away from the man’s seemingly iron arms.

“P-please leave. I don’t know what do you wanted to happen or why you came here, but it’s better if you leave now,” she said as her voice broke.

The man just stared at her. “I know you like me too, Lana,” he replied.

The truth was that Lana’s mind was very confused.

Maybe that’s why her emotions changed so quickly. And that’s also the reason why she gave up so easily and became vulnerable to Andrew’s simple kisses and hugs.

She shook her head, then wiped away the tears. “It doesn’t matter if I like you or not, Andrew. All I want now is for you to leave. I don’t want Andrea to see you here at this time of night,” she replied.

Andrew’s jaw tightened at what she had said. “You can’t take Andrea away from me,” he said emphatically.

“I’m not going to take her away from you. But for your information, I just want to remind you that we have lived just fine without you! I brought her into this world without you! We can handle anything, just the two of us!” she said in a low but firm tone.

“It all happened because you hid her from me!” Andrew’s strong response was also in a low tone.

“Because that was the right thing to do!” she replied.

Andrew laughed softly. “I’ll be back,” he said as he left the room.

When she heard the sound of the car leaving, Lana finally let out her tears. There were so many questions in her mind. Her concern was not only for herself but even more so for Andrea.

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